Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Luke the Magician

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Today we meet a man called Luke and he show us some magic tricks. He told us that he was addicted to games when he was young. Then he quit at 14 then he stated a juggling career. He told us that if you want to be a magician you would have to practice 2 or 3 hours a day. If you like something you must you must stick to it like glue!

Paul the Storyteller

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Today we me was meet a guy called Paul and when he was younger, he was an actor. When he got older he stared writing because he said he was getting older and he real enjoyed telling stories. He is the oldest person we’ve met! His oldest student is 57 years old. Paul has a day job and a weekend job. During the day, he has to be nice to people and give ideas for their play. Paul was doing a play for Peachey and he asked some questions about what you do if you found 20 pounds on a bank.

Kate the Chocolate Maker!

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Today we meet Kate and she makes chocolate sculptures and we got to make some. Then we tasted chocolates. That’s when stuff got real!!

One of the best ones that I made was “The Toilet”. It was made out of marshmallow with a hole cut out of the middle. Next, I filled it with milk chocolate and white chocolate. IT WAS AMAZING AND AWESOME!!!

Nicole - Dancer

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Today, we met Nicole. She goes to a university called UCL and studies history of art.

Nicole was teaching us how to dance because if you enter a dance battle you might win in it. I learned a move called the ‘Baby Freeze’. It was easy. You have to bend over and crouch. Next, you put your elbow on your hip. Nicole taught us a dance routine that I picked up really fast. NICOLE IS THE BEST DANCER EVER.

Tony - Animator

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Today we meet a man called Tony. He told us about his job and he asked us what super power we would like have. We were also told that we would create our own animations. I told him that I would like to have super speed. I drew my character who was Captain America and then I made an animation based on CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Gary - Alternative London

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Today we met a man called Gary. His job was to bring people on tours around Hackney and Tower Hamlets. Gary plays the bass guitar and drums. He has ADHD which stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Because of this he wasn't able to finish his work at school and he finds it hard to concentrate. He likes walking tours as he gets to know people better and also he gets to enjoy the local culture .Gary has met and talked to many people from around the world, other people would not get such an opportunity!

Tom Mustill

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Today we meet a man called Tom Mustill. He lives near the Hackney Pirates around Queensbridge road. he was born in 1983.

Tom makes wildlife films. He's filed a kangaroo giving birth and loads of other cool things in the wild.

   Check out this video!