Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Alexandra Primary School


I was in a vessel called Glory, it was terrifying. We were in savage weather. The wind was wild, the storms were vicious. We were under attack. We had to stop. But straight away the bright yellow sun came.

We were still soaking wet after the rain.

When the lighting struck and we were all down. 2 hours later I woke up ...No one was there .What happened did they go to another ship?!

A day later I was on the beach. It was beautiful. I had to go up to the mountain.   I saw a tiger and he helped me go up the mountain. MY CREW WAS THERE! In another ship. “Wait!!"I yelled. Sprinting towards them. I heard captain Gan Ning shout "Come quick." I ran as fast as I could. I reached the ship. We regrouped. Now we have to go back to Alexandra. 


As the crew were stranded in the middle of the sea, one of the crew mates looked around only to see little bits of fog surrounding the ship. While the captain was on lookout someone shouted, “wave, wave, it's coming our way!" The captain tried turning around and went full speed but the wave caught up then wrecked the ship.

5 days later. As the captain woke up the sun light was in his eyes, (he just realised he was in the beach) and when the captain slowly stood up he saw a slivering snake sliding arose the sand. A few moment later he just realised that the crew mates were missing and he didn't know what to do, then he realised that he had no food and he might not survive so he built shelter with his surroundings (leaves, tree, sticks and lots more) and he went searching for food or fruits. 2 weeks later and he runs out of food so he searches again. 5 years later someone finds him and never came back to the island.


Out of nowhere came a terrible storm hitting The Revenge. The vicious wind was turning into a savage storm. Me and the crew were shivering we had cutlasses but they were no use against the weather. We had no time to think of a plan we just had to do our own plan ,but a few hours later the weather was drying .We knew the terrible weather was going to come back but we only had a bit of time and we couldn’t waste it on thinking about the weather.

We saw the bright sand and the view of the beautiful animals; lions, snakes, pandas and other beautiful beasts. We jumped off The Revenge and used our cutlasses to cut through the nature. Hector Barbossa was travelling next to me trying to figure out a way to get out of Alexandra Island.


As I slowly opened my eyes in the light of dawn, the first thing I could hear was the light storm coughing up outside. I couldn't sleep any longer so I, carefully and quietly, picked up my book from my bedside table. Outside, the storm was evaporating over the seas. This storm was terrifying me a bit because there was normally a light breeze in these part of the seas. Curiously, I closed my adventure book, hoping that I got something out of it, and I crept out of my packed, tiny room in the bottom of the deck and went out to explore the grounds and check if we are lost in a different part of the tropical seas. I could hear the growling and low thunder outside growing loudly to become high thunder.

As I went outside, the rain splashed over me and I got all wet and soggy. Beyond the breeze, the blurry outline of a tiny island can be seen- no bigger than a ship. I went to my parents' room to tell them what I found out but as I, silently, tiptoed there my heart pounded. The door was ajar and, normally, my parents leave it closed.

 As I peeped inside, my parents were not there. I checked all the rooms in the deck and all were empty. Terrified, I went up the stairs inside the common room and tea rooms, where other people were sleeping but nowhere were my mum and dad.

Right now, you wouldn't want to be in my position but, anyway, I didn't give up and I went to the ship's balcony and... SPLASH!!!

I was drifting in the water, flapping my arms and legs like a lunatic, trying to float, as I cannot swim. Luckily and thankfully, there was a shark. You would be bewildered to think that I am thankful but at night sharks cannot see and they cannot feel anything touching there fin at night so I cleverly held on and drifted away to that exact island.

Hours later, I was climbing an icy, savage mountain scanning the view of the black, misty tropical seas. I remember a line in my book, it said that if you are in an island that is all wet and soggy you have to collect a few twigs and branches and build a fire by rubbing them together. I did so. In the view, I could see a tropical rainforest - quite peculiar- and there were two people gathered together, warming up with a blanket over themselves.

I, mysteriously, ran up to them hoping that they will let me warm up with them.

What I saw was mesmerising! My mother and father were the two people! When the saw me, their eyes filled up with tears and hugged me. I could see this was not the first time they cried. I kissed and hugged them back and asked them where they were. They told me the ship was in danger of sinking as a storm in these places in the seas are rare.


We were in the middle of the ocean, and a terrible storm hit our ship [The Revenge.] The wind was wild, the sea was vicious and it was not a pretty sight. Me and the crew were shivering in our bunks and we thought we were doomed, but we had to take action or there would be no hope for us whatsoever.

A few hours later, the storm lost its wrath and we were safe. When the mist cleared, an island came into view and that was when we finally found hope. We attempted to sail to the shore of the island. We were closing in on the island when the sky darkened above us, we looked up and what we saw terrified us. It was a tsunami!

The hope we found had disappeared, as the giant wave crashed down on the deck and knocked us unconscious. The ship was submerged under the reckless waves and the crew were submerged with it.

Hours later I woke, lying in the sand with no one around me. Pieces of "The Revenge" scattered all over the golden beach. I felt like just lying there, vulnerable in the aftermath of the storm, but I knew if I did I'd have no chance of surviving.

I stood up and gazed at the world around me clueless of what to do?


Taken by surprise, I slowly sat up and remembered nothing but big crashes from last night when I must of been knocked out. I scanned the ship from the top of the mast to the deck of the ship. The whole ship was silent and I didn't like it at all.

Once I'd realised nobody would come back because they'd probably gotten back to shore, I jumped over-board and swam against the strong current to get to shore. Then I saw. A big wave was coming toward me and I needed to act fast. On instinct, I held onto a wooden plank that fell off the boat and into the sea. It hit.

When I opened my eyes again I was over the moon to see that I was on the glistening sand of the shore. In the distance, it was just about clear to see the mountain's canopy of trees at the bottom, then clearer as you got to the top. I ran over to the bottom of the great structure. Then I stopped in my path.

I stopped in my path to see a giant anaconda hanging off the tree about fifty metres away from me. I rapidly reacted and slowly tried to walk past it while not looking at it, attempting to leave it in its restful slumber. I succeeded and ran a couple of kilometres ahead, but only to see a huge eagle waiting for me, staring into my soul. I shielded myself, but when I opened my eyes I saw it was right next to me with its huge wing waiting for me to clamber on...

Swiftly as it was, it felt as if it was taking forever for me to get on. When I did in the end it took me to the top, to the top of my great quest to get to the highest point of this great piece of Mother Nature.

Once at the peak of this gigantic mountain, I scrambled off of the eagle's wing and said my thank you and goodbyes.

Yet, when I turned around I saw this majestic creature following after, I knew I'd created a precious bond with my new bird. I looked down at the beautiful land before me, trying to find my crew. Then a big fire caught my eye in-between the jungle.

A huge flame with a mix of smoke, so I mounted my eagle's wing and flew down toward it. I climbed off his wing and wandered toward the burnt orange blaze, exhilarated to find my crew sitting on logs all around the bonfire. Eating their cooked albatross they found lying on the jungle floor.


As I woke up the sun was shining on my face I’I couldn't see anything. Looking around the old, rusty, spooky ship nobody was there even the captain. I had no idea where I was and where my brave crew members where. I was a bit scared because I didn't know what was going to happen to me and my fellow crew members. So I thought that I should look for them so I jumped of the ship to the shinning, bright blue sea.

As I swam I saw a mountain, I can see everything but I didn't know how can I climb up there threw the spooky, scary forest. However, I saw a giraffe that can help me. I remembered that I learnt to speak with animals so I thought that if I swim up to the gold beach I can call the giraffe to me so I can climb on his long, patterned neck. As the giraffe came next to me I climbed on his neck, however, I didn’t know that he was a fast giraffe so the giraffe can take me up the mountain before the sun rose. One hour later I was half way through the mountain, however the giraffe was tired, luckily there was another animal, which was a dragon, but I didn’t know if he wants to help me to climb the rest of the high mountain. So I used my special language to speak to animals so I asked him and he said “of course.” So I climbed on the red dragon's back and of we went flying. It was so high that I couldn't look down. However we arrived there before sun rise. As I and the dragon searched for the crew members we saw something in the wavy water. So the dragon quickly flew across near the sea and he saw...

The crew members sinking down so the dragon quickly flies next to me. And he tells me that he saw my crew member’s .So I thought that if I tie a rope on his wings the crew members can climb one by one on his back. I tell him that we have to save them. So I climb on his back go near the sea and tell them to climb up the rope and on the dragon back and the dragon will fly to where I am. As the dragon flies all of them next to me they all started to hug me because I saved them.


“NO...MOTHER..FATHER..YOU..CANT .LEAVE ME,” Lisha screamed as her mother pushed her into a wooden box and then into the sea. The only thing that she could see through a tiny hole was a cutlass going through her mother and father. In the corner of her eye was neckless the shape of a heart and it glimmered as she opened the necklace. It had a poem in it that said “We love you with all our might you consume our hearts with joy, you inspire me and make me achieve and enjoy.” Before she could finish reading she felt a rumble. She peaked through the hole to see land. She kicked open the box to feel sand and she could see two vessels. One belonging to her father and the other was his enemies: Morgan Adams. He was in love with my mother, however, he had all the money in the world but my mother still didn't love him she loved my father Demetrius of Pharos. Courageously she strolled towards the jungle. She heard a gunshot...


It was past midnight, when I opened my pale eyes I gazed around the deck and saw a mysterious looking animal. As I crept closer it started to look a lot like a snake. I was brave enough to go even closer. I felt a gentle breeze blowing through my spine. As I got out of bed I started to hear sounds that made my veins twist.

When I got dressed I scurried through the sand, as I picked it up and let it run through my fingers like a waterfall. As I carried on my mystical journey I saw seals splashing around the salty sea.

Then I finally reached to the top of my journey I was finally at the Sugarloaf Mountain. First I took some pictures to prove I have been to the top. Then I took my telescope out of my back pack and started to look for different things I have never seen. Just then I spotted what I’ve been looking for years. I spotted a TREASURE CHEST!

I ran down the Sugarloaf Mountain to get the treasure chest and I opened it to see what I never had. I saw...  saw...  TREASURE! And what was there was the Queens gems especially emerald gems


I close my eyes then I woke up .I saw an elephant. It looked blue and it had a long nose. The elephant made a loud noise. Next l saw a panda and it had black and white fur. It was massive. l saw a kangaroo. It had yellow and brown skin and it had a long neck. It has a small ear. Finally l saw a dinosaur with green skin and it roared, showing it had big, sharp teeth. Then I went on a massive black bird and the wing was big and it took me to a mountain. Then I was there and there's treasure.


SPLASH! The ship crashed onto a rock, I looked around and the deck was empty. As water filled the deck I rushed up stairs to see the boat torn apart, the sails had holes ripped inside of then and holes which filled the deck with water.

Suddenly, the boat rocked side to side pushing me of into the emerald green water, Pieces of wood floated in the water and I grabbed one and paddled my way towards the island. A few hours later I spotted a rainforest with grass the height of me I used my sword to get through the long grass, when I was cutting the grass my sword hit the tree and broke. I reached the beginning of the mountain and made my way up to a mountain which was covered in snow. Minutes and hours later I finished traveling to the top of the snowy mountain. I saw a hunter tribe with weapons which looked deadly. Out of nowhere an eagle grabbed me and took me to the bottom, as the eagle flew back to the top of the mountain the tribe men threw the spear in the air and hit the eagle and ripped it into pieces and cooked its meat and ate it.  


I woke up after the storm had ended. I saw that my crew had left the ship. I thought that they swam away to an island. I decided to do that too.

*2hours later*

Oh I finally found the island! OH! There's a mountain. let’s climb it maybe I will see my crew or a village or a ship, oh I see a village but how I get down there... oh that's a dragon I can fly down to the village with the dragon I just need to ride it

*After trained dragon*

 Finally I trained the dragon to be mine. Okay let’s fly down

*After I flew down to village*

Finally I’m here in the village, let's ask some people, maybe they know where my crew is. “uhm hi do u see pirates village?”

“No sorry I didn’t see any pirates,”

“Oh okay I just trying to find them because they are my crew but thank you for helping villager,”

“You're welcome bye pirate,”


 Oh well let’s go find.....



Suddenly, I opened my eyes, which had been shut for so long. All around me I scanned pieces of splintered wood. Above me the sail that had once been up was now lost in the never-ending turquoise sea. Quickly, I rushed to my feet and hurried to the bottom deck however, there was nobody there.

A gentle breeze whizzed past my pale face, causing my hat to tilt slightly. Minutes later, I realised that there was nobody to help me and it was every man for himself.

My heart pounding inside my shivering chest, I scurried through the broken pieces on the wooden floor, like a rat in a maze for cheese however, I was looking for something that would save my life.

There was no lifeboat. Frantically, I jumped off board and into the emerald ocean.

A day later of swimming, I arrived at this huge mountain, swarming with a plethora of exotic beasts. As my dry hands touched the silky shimmery sand, steam evaporated from my soaked clothes. In front of me, vines were hanging from the tall palm trees. The aroma of sweet nectar filled my nostrils.

In the distance, I could spot a toucan, its wings jet black and its beak dark orange. Noticing all of the foliage, I grabbed my cutlass from my scabbard and started to slice through the long vines.

A few days later, I arrived at the base of the enormous looming mountain. An eagle flew by however, it turned back around and sat in front of me. Up close, you could notice all of its separate wings, each of them different. "Hello! You look quite stressed and...Why are you staring at this mountain? If you need to get up there, I could give you a hand...or a wing!" the eagle said, flapping its flanks.

At that moment I couldn't believe that first of all the bird was talking and it was sitting in front of me. It was even offering to help me.

Slowly, I climbed onto the eagles back, trying not to hurt its feathers. It ascended into the air and within a few minutes I was already standing on top of the mountain.

The sun was setting on the horizon for miles but there was nothing but the sea and me...                                                  


Floating in the sapphire seas, the remains of our ship drift in the salty, wavy ocean. During this period of time I looked around only to see nothing but the open seas. The howling wind was rocking the boat from side to side, at one point it must have been at a 45 degree angle. I had a decision to make, should I stay on the ship, where there was no food, or jump into the freezing sea and swim to sandy shore.

The decision was made I prepared myself for dive into the crystal sea, I dived in.

SPLASH.I was 15 feet deep into the 7 seas. Now it was a 10 mile trip to land.

2 hours later.

"Finally, I've reached land! “I stepped on the glorious sand. I looked around myself and saw nothing but, countless mountains. Most of them were covered in snow and boulders. I figured I should probably get of the damp beach before night fell. I walked into a horribly thick forest. I pulled out my sword and started slashing and swiping at the thick forest.

"2 days later."

I reached an enormous mountain...I looked up as much as I could, however I could not see much because it was so incredibly steep it looked ALMOST impossible. The climb was hard...Very hard...However I kept going no matter how hard the distance was I kept going the distance. It got hard I knew it would, however I met a tribe who gave me weapons to help me through the horrible green, evil brush.  


I was engulfed with apprehension, as I opened my pale eyes. I felt isolated and I was in deep pain. I had nothing left, but me and my ship, all alone in the deep.

I scanned the terrifying wasteland, looking for a long piece of wood, to help me drift back to shore. A sudden chill went down my spine, which caused me to have a small shiver, zap through my body.

A few minutes later, something in the corner of my eye made me stop, abruptly, making me gradually turn my head. I started to rapidly swim through the aqua blue water, back to shore, leaving a long trail of waves behind me. A large figure loomed over me, its enormous approach dragged me in. In an instant, my eyes locked at the huge mountain in front of me, my legs started shaking. I dashed from the animal and continued to sprint towards the magnificent mountain. I could not believe what I was seeing. Using all my strength, I tore up the tremendous mountain, stopping each time to take in all the mesmerising views.


Be wise because this adventure will be a wobbly wobbly JOURNEY. As I woke up my crew had VANISHED. I searched frantically to see if there was any help, or a life boat. I could see brown burning pieces of wood lying on the golden sandy beach. My heart was beating in my mouth. I started building a boat with the burnt wood. I could hear the ocean waves hitting the side of the boat, causing me to become sea sick. I felt a breeze shiver down my spine. A few hours later I see the sun shining on the emerald sand. As I looked around I could see beautiful horses that galloped across the sea front. Never have I seen before. I panicked looking for things to help me follow the patchy soft horses to the crown of the mystical mountains.


As the sun shone, I slowly opened my eyes and stood up. I looked around but my ship mates were gone. I was alone. Maybe they left me and swam to shore. I got my telescope out and looked around. I saw an island so I jump into the cold, crystal water and started to swim.

Beneath me I saw golden fish, a pure white seal and a big blue whale. As I got to shore, I saw a steep mountain. It looked like pure gold!

Once again I took my telescope and scanned around me. I saw a koala munching on some leaves, I saw a monkey eating a shine yellow banana and I also saw a panda climbing up trees.

As hours past, I finally reached the top of the mountain. As I looked down I could see the sparkling sand and the waves splashing onto the grey shine rockets.

Then as I looked up I saw the white clouds making different shapes and sizes. The air was clear and fresh that I could smell the green grass and soggy seaweed.

The fresh wind whizzed past me and I felt the cold breeze going up my spine. And so I was stuck up in the steep mountain. With no one around me. No one, but me.


CRASH!.. The storm had hit the ship as all the shipmates panicked. The storm was violent and deadly causing many men injured.

It wasn't a pretty sight but they still have to fight for their survival. Luckily none of the pirates were cowards or they would've been dead... The anchor had been dropped off the bottom of the depths. Savage, the exact word to describe the large squid as it laid tentacles on the deck. WHOOSH.. The winds weren't the same as before when it whooshed the ship forward, piercing the waters of the ocean. The lighting struck, blinding all the men as they passed out...

The storm ended...Only one person was left on the deck.. The crew had abandoned him just so they can escape to get to the lifeboats and escape..

Later on in the shadows, the island started to appear.. Treasure and pure gold was on the island with wild Lions and more... The anchor had been obliterated by the squid, luckily he wasn't dead... But there was a mountain in the middle of the island and as the man knew he would climb that mountain to search for his crewmates and get back to the Alexandra land. He got off the boat and start to travel along the island to explore.

Making sure he was going the right direction, he made it to the mountain and fetched his telescope out of his pocket.. He was safe! At last as he saw his crewmates traveling across the Island..

He travelled through the forest with dense fog, making it hard to see. But he finally made it back to his crewmates, got on the lifeboats. And headed to shore.

Captain James Hook the name of the survivor started to mention that the journey is going to take weeks, It did. The men were hungry and some were starving. All they can eat is canned sardines, they made it to shore as the shore workers had seen the lifeboats and lend them a hand, pulling them onto the deck. Finally the brutal adventure had finally been accomplished.


It was midday, and the ship was rocking and rolling side to side in the clashing waves. The weather was unbelievable. While the ship was having the worst time spinning around the dangerous ocean, lightning struck the ship. Immediately, the ship was knock over by the unbelievable waves.

Abruptly, two pairs of eyes opened on the deck. One of the crew mates was all alone on the vessel. She was wondering what just happened just now? Where was her crew mates? Where have they all gone to? A few hours later, the crew mate that has been left alone the broken down ship, was sinking. The crew mate didn’t even know one bit of how to swim, now she was blaming herself for not listening to the swimming teacher. Now she was worried, worried if a shark came at her way ready to gobble her up and let her crimson blood envelope the ocean. The crew mate was starting to feel lifeless that any moment now a vicious animal (monster like) will surge towards her.

In a split second, her eyes caught an island. An island that might have life or one that has been obliterated by animals or humans, but vicious ones. Ones that wants to get revenge on something that happened to the past of their own ancestors. Which has been slayed or vanished into the unknown.

“I hope I’m not the only one in that forest and I also hope there’s no poisonous creatures,” exclaimed the crew mate which has been left behind.


As I woke up the sun stunned through my face. I was scared.  No one was there my crew left me all myself or they have forgotten me. They have probably used the light blue boat to rescue themselves. The boat was all torn apart into 10 pieces. I have to get out of here before sun set. My hair was soaking wet I wished the sun came out so my hair dries; my clothes were soaked. I had to find a way to get on top the mountain. Should I go up the mountain with animal or should I stab my sword up the mountain to get there faster until the sunset.

One hour later I figured out   I should do the sword one because maybe   the animal would not be tall. It was hard. Sweat was all over me but I finally climbed up the tall mountain. I started to spot the crew, they were all like ants they were far away.  They forgot me. They were all on a boat. The island was all rocky but the other side it was all colourful. My sword was sharp like a crocodiles teeth and hard for me to carry up the mountain. I stabbed and slashed until I went up the mountain but I finally went up the mountain. It was a hard work. The island was called Alexandra. I had to call them I made a megaphone and shouted the crew's name (fight adventure.) They all saw me and tried to come next to me and they manged to come next to me and we had to figure out a plan to fix our ship.


Abruptly, I sat upright. As rays of bright sunlight blinded me, I hesitantly stood up. I could hear the tranquil salty sea waves splashing under my ship. Everything was oddly silent… I scanned my surroundings however, I saw nobody. Where was everyone? What happened? Then I remembered, it was a great, giant horrifying tsunami that hit our ship! I began to scramble to my feet, I needed to find my crewmates. Slowly, I looked down. Planks of old wood floated on the emerald, blue sparkling sea and there were small brightly coloured fish that swam calmly under the waves.

A few hours later, I arrived safely at a deserted island. I swam a long way to come to this isolated sandy beach. The soft golden sand crunched under my feet, and the palm trees swiftly swayed to the rhythm of the wind. In the distance, I saw a tall rocky mountain looming over me. I had to go through the thick dense rainforest to reach the mountain.

A day later, with help from a few of the animals I was at the bottom of the mountain that looked as enormous as Mount Everest. I looked up and saw the peak of the mountain and I then just realised how tall and big it was. It was going to be a huge challenge but I was still going to give it a go. Swinging my cutlass into the rocks, I began to climb and climb. At last, I arrived at the top! I breathed in the fresh cool air and below me was the turquoise glistening sea. It was an amazing once in a lifetime view. Suddenly, something sparkly caught my eye… As my eyes flicker to whatever caught my attention, I spun my head around. There was something red that was buried beneath the snow, I ran to it and began to dig it up. I was holding an ancient ring, in the middle there was a crystal. The shimmering crystal was ruby red and it looked extremely expensive.

I gently slipped the treasurable ring onto my finger and admired how it looked. Unexpectedly, I heard a shout! My head twisted to see what caused that shout. A group of people were standing at the bottom on the mountain. They were my crewmates! Ecstatically, waved at them and they signalled back gleefully too. After a few hours, I gradually climbed down to greet my fellow friends. Finally, my foot made contact with the ground.

My crewmates told me all about their adventurous thrilling stories and how they reached the abandoned island. I also informed them on what I did and how I found the precious, exquisite ring…


Long ago, as I woke up one   morning the sun was shining bright up in the sky. As I stepped out my door step I saw grey clouds hovering above my head …. I started to worry, thunder lightening whizzing through the sky, it was the strangest morning I ever had!

The wind was wild, the rain was dripping faster and faster, my hair was soaking wet as if I was in the swimming pool 24/7. I was starting to regret saying it was such a lovely day….  A few hours later, my ship started shifting one side to another, as the storm settled down, my ship started floating. I decided to have a little bit of sleep at the bottom of the deck as it was safe now that the storm has settled down.

The next day I woke up, I found myself on the other side of the ship… I looked out of telescope to see if any of my crew are around, but... No sign of anyone!! As I looked around to see where I was located I spotted an island. I decided to go and discover what was around, and in that way I was going to have a chance to explore the sea.

I looked forward once more with my telescope to see if there was anything new around, I spotted different types of animals herded in one spot , I could see snakes, sharks , whales , elephants and lots more exiting animals . As I was looking around I saw a huge mountain sitting on the middle of the island. I decided to climb up, but there had to be another way of getting up rather than walking through the hail storm up in the forest. I looked around to see anything in new, a few seconds later… I spotted a beautiful golden brownish lion, I got on his soft back and we settled of, the lion couldn’t carry on waling up in the awful storm.


I was woken up by the smell of burning, I found the jackdaw Burnt and the sails torn. I saw an island and there lay a mountain, there was a ship on top. I thought that it can help me rebuild the Jackdaw. So I swam as fast as a shark to the island.

I finally arrived but fate made my journey hard. I had to venture through a huge jungle which made me pull out my cutlass which belonged to Edward Teach. I hacked the vines rapidly. A poisonous toad which was red and black jumped on my shoulder I dared not move, one scratch and you're are a dead man in seconds. So I managed to kill it before it killed me. A few hours later, I set camp and got so of the food from the boat. A day later, I went through the jungle and started heading up the mountain.

After a while, I found a camp but it was empty. I wandered what happened, but then I realized this was attacked by mermaids they may have looked beautiful but they are worse than the devil. So I quickly ran away like a gazelle escaping from a lion. I started to get tired but I still climbed and I was dying from hunger. After hours, I made it I went in to realize I found a map to the fountain of youth. But then I found captain of the Jackdaw.

I asked what happened that night he said the ship was taken not lost they were peppering with cannons the water under the ship began to royal the regna came to life our on ship turned against us the rope tied my leg but my hands were free and my was with me so I cut my leg and I survived the rest were dead. Then me and him built a raft and sailed away. 


SPLASH! I was on the soaking deck alone. All by myself .Pieces of wood, which were part of the ship, fell in the water. As I searched for food, my belly grumbled with hunger and tears started falling from my eyes. Suddenly, I could see a coconut filled tree which made me lick my lips.               

A few hours later, I made it to shore, shivering from the cold water. I saw the food shaking from the tree except I saw the mountain, so instead I climbed it, taming a tiger so I could ride it.

The tiger was strong, but still was getting weaker and hungrier. I felt it was going to eat me, but it was loyal. I and the tiger found a juicy filled apple tree. Once I and the beast had a wonderful lunch, we climbed the mountain with a second try and succeeded.

As we rested I felt horrible because the beast had faded away to a much more phenomenal paradise. I was alone. Again. I berried the loved, loyal tiger, knowing it will be missed. I lay down and rested, knowing I wouldn’t survive…


I open my eyes to find my- self on a mystical island an eagle suddenly flew out of my wet, soggy arms into a vast paradise, the sun glistening on the soft sand and the animals fighting over fruit, monkeys and lions and wolfs and so trying to win and have glory I watched the wolfs as a pack and I saw me and my crew as if we were them without each-other we would fail with each-other we would win if some of us are apart... But there was a feeling inside me that I wanted for decades I could feel treasure hiding in the depths of a miles away mountain. I am a pirate I know what things taste like, the past tastes like the future the future taste like the present the present taste like passion but love taste like treasure. That mountain a mountain up high that will take me a while to get there has treasure I tell you.

Whatever it takes whatever it needs I will get there because as I used to tell my good old peoples don’t let your instinct down just because it looks too hard just because it looks dangerous, inside you there is something that will take you to the finish and that is courage. So in my head I thought why shouldn’t I go with the things I said to them if they were here, if they were alive they would want me to go with what I said to them so of I went with such passion and such confidence I know it is hard but I may just go with it but on the way I saw eagles massive eagles they flew against the wind and came and sat in front me. I got out my sword and was ready for the fight but instead they turned around and put their wings gently on the floor