Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

My name is Benjamin

Hackney Pirates

I was born in London but went to Gurnsey a few months after. then I went to london again.

I have been to Pennsylvania to visit my mum's friend but i call her auntie.

She has xbox at her house and I was playing it like mad. 

I am very good at football, I play for my school football team, but athletics is my favourite sport. 

I have been to Jamaica and it was very hot! then I went to Kingston. The flight was very long. I was very tired but found it hard to sleep!

I went to the beach there and swam in the clear blue sea.

I used to write stories all the time but now I dont do it that much. 

My mum inspired me to write stories but I stopped because of my football training. I wish I had more time to write more stories but my football practice is a good thing as well for i dont want to just sit down and write all day.