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Welcome to our new Young Pirates! 🥳

Rosanna HutchingsComment

We can’t believe we’re in our fourth week of the new term - it has absolutely flown by! We have loved welcoming our new Young Pirates aboard our Hackney and Haringey ships, and we are delighted to be working with our biggest cohort of Young Pirates to date!

The Young Pirates are set for a brand new year of learning adventures, and they will be supported by their Volunteer Crewmates. The Young Pirates' first project will see them become published authors, and over the next 12 weeks they will be writing poems and stories to be published in a special book titled Memories, Myths and Me.


Keeping busy…

It was a busy summer for the Literacy Pirates as we made sure our ships were ready for our brand new Young Pirates. When we weren’t tidying, the staff were having their own take on the Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge. We got stuck into some great books over the summer, and you can see a selection of what we read below! To see why we chose the books, hover your mouse (or thumb!) over each image.

We were also pleased to take part in the UN’s International Literacy Day on the 8th of September. The theme of the day this year was multilinguism, and as Hackney and Haringey are such multicultural areas this was an issue that was close to our hearts. We’d like to thank our corporate partners (shout out to Sunshine Company and Location Location) and also our volunteers that joined us in celebrating this day. To see the full selection head to our Instagram.

Welcome to the team!

We are thrilled to welcome aboard Duncan Exley, who has joined us as our new Volunteer Manager.

"Having spent the last three years researching and writing about the determinants of ‘life-chances’, I’m really aware that literacy levels have a huge effect on whether children struggle or thrive at school and in later life. I’ve been really impressed by how Literacy Pirates not only helps children catch up with reading and writing, but also helps them enjoy and feel confident about it. If you– or someone you know – would like to volunteer, please get in touch!"


We are delighted to welcome aboard our newest Crew member, Caitlin, thanks to a grant from the Jack Petchey Foundation.

Through their internship programme the Foundation aims to tackle the difficulty young people have getting into employment and help charities attract dynamic individuals who could become the sector’s future leaders.

Caitlin will be working across all of the charity teams on a variety of projects, getting a deep dive introduction into the charity world!

We can’t wait to tell you about how the Young Pirates get on! In the meantime, please follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates.