Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Bridge Academy

I was flying in the air like an amazing hawk. Suddenly... I dropped into the warm blue sea which had an amazing view. I swam for my life I didn't have anything else to do so I kept swimming and swimming and swimming until I stopped. I saw a beautiful sandy beach. The weather wasn't good so I looked for a place. I said to myself where would I find a house on a beach. I looked everywhere but out of luck I found a mansion but it looked haunted. I walked towards the mansion and getting the leaves out of my way. Finally I went inside the mansion and I shouted “Anyone there" but all I heard was the door slamming, a loud roar and someone screaming "HELP!”. I went upstairs to see what happened and when I did I saw a terrifying dragon so then I screamed "ahhhhhhhh". I just woke up and there was no mansion, no dragon and no one screaming it was just my imagination.
I rubbed my eyes to see and I was just on a boat with wings as normal. I had wings just incase the boat in sinking; I was correct the boat was sinking and so I used the wings.  

It thought I was dead, not alive, just plain old dead me! It soon came to me that I wasn’t on my ship, OLD BETTREAR her name was. The beach was so blue, deep blue was what Captain said, but it was funny enough that Captain wasn’t there; NO ONE was there. I looked down to see my crystal dress was reattached, head to toe. I stood hard and long, I said to myself, "HOW IN THE HECK DID ME GET HERE?" It all came to me that I was on MANS ISLAND the trees were rich with emerald-green, the sand thick, sun-gold dripping off my head, but it wasn’t sand, it was ruby-red blood oozing from my head, thats when i saw "IT..." IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE IT WAS GONE... 

The monster.
I  was gone and dead, all i saw was me crew...

After the dreadful waves I jumped off the boat and started swimming towards land. When I reached land I started to look for food and build a headquarters. After I did that I started to look for my team but there was no sign of them. Then I went back to my h.q. knowing that they were pirates and they will be safe. The next day I went into the sea looking for fish to eat. It was hard because my feat was bleeding because of the hard rocks and glass. Meanwhile I was going to the centre of the island where there was a temple with boobytraps and inside the temple there was over 5 treasure chests. Every pirate has dreamed of coming here. When I arrived I did not think anything of it but the islands name was ... Dead Man Island. So I give up because this Island has killed thousands of pirates in the past and I would rather give up than die. 

Michael the pirate and his friends Ali and Lamar landed on the beach. Some bad guys lots of bad guys were there, they were called Steve Haram and Mark. Then Frankfurt who was an enemy tried to steal the treasure from Michael and the pirates, the treasure that they found on the beach after the storm. They started to have a battle with their sharp swords. People were jumping around they kept trying to stab each other. Michael swiped his sword across one of the rubbish pirates neck and then Frank tried get the good pirate Michael back.  

Frank cuts his neck and his head fell down on to the sand. Blood goes everywhere. Then a new captain Trevor who is tall like a giraffe, he is mad and ugly. He only has black hair at the back of his head. He is a baddy, the worst baddy. He steals treasure from all over the world and from under the trees. The trees are full of gold.

One powerful afternoon, I was on a mission... I got sent by the captain! Captain Iwants...  He was very rude because he got it from his dad when he was a pirate. I was just a person that took orders. I wasn't listening to Iwants. HE WAS ANNOYING, RUDE!!! I couldn't take this anymore! I became THE BEST CAPTAIN EVER.. I got pirates! FAMOUS Pirates! ONE OF THE BEST! When all of us trained, we went to fight. Captain.. Iwant! WE SHIP WRECKED THEM! The stupid pirates got killed. Only one of my CRAZY pirates died. So... How did I beat Captain Iwants? I.......... BLEW HIM UP WITH A CANNON BALL I'VE SAVED FOR SO LONG SINCE 1721! Take that you, you..  Captain Iwants! Muhahahahahaha! "I'm too evil for you, sorry" said the best CAPTAIN EVER!
The End.

While I was washed away by the wave I was making sure there was nobody drowning, I swam back to the island, I was very happy that I was not drowning in the sea, that when i decided to face my fears and went back to the wrecked ship I found another boat, and went to look for the other pirates.

When I found them I was happy I took them back to the island so they can rest, Batman decided he would take us back to our captain. When we came across the monster again his teeth looked they haven't been washed for 100 years, we all took our swords out, when the monster fell to the floor and a yellowish kind of syrup came out of it.

We found out that the syrup makes more monsters only this time there were 1000 of them they started attacking us so we sliced and sliced until there was no more of them, one of the monsters had the Medusas head on its mouth.

We took it off him and showed it to him as quick as lightning he was turned to stone, when a piece of paper flew on to my face and it lead us to a mysterious place called Dalston when we got there people kept on looking at us.

When we found the captain he was snoring on an arm chair when we woke him up with an "ahoy captain!” Then he stood up and told us all about our adventure.
The End        

One day we were sailing and we crashed, the water was green and you could see right through it. We had to swim for 10 metres and we found an island with lots of monkeys and butterflies it was amazing. Then we saw lots of pirates called Ralph, Raige and they pulled out their guns and tried to shoot one of my men, but one of my men shot a monkey because he missed them because he was not trained to shoot people. He was a mad pirate and when they were going to go to bed one of the pirates decided to shoot one of the men sleeping. In the morning everybody was awake nobody spoke to anyone just finding food for the captain to eat. The people came back and had a monkey that had a blood eye. The captain had his food at night… THE CAPTAIN HAS BEEN POISON NOW HE HAS DIED ALL BLOOD COMING FROM HIS EYES! One day the captain’s men have seen a ghost of the captain they cried with sadness.    

What happened on the ship was I felt scared of falling down in the water where there were sharks. Also there are dolphins in the water and when I drive in the water creatures will come and eat me. And I am so so frightened so then I call for help. Then I see something coming behind also I call Keon and Kison to come and help me. Than I call Keon to come and kill Folashade and Ellie May. 
I said to Keon and Khaid if they help me they will be the captain. Then I also said to Keon and Kison also Khaid and Tolu to kill miss Lindsey. Then I got Berke to fight Keon in the monster’s mouth down to the monster’s heart. Than I got Kison a gun to shoot Rebecca. Yes then I got Khaid to kill Tolu then we went to the ship, home. The end.

Part 2: Under the octopus brain the Endkeon said to Tolu to come and Keon will kick Tolu’s head in the sea. THE END.


We flew off the ship while there was a shipwreck and all the waters and waves were splashing at our boat and then all of us eventually flew off the boat like a seagull looking for food and we all landed on different places. I suddenly woke up and started to swim as fast as I could, but eventually I saw the sea monster again. At first I didn’t know what to do so I just kicked him like a professional karate kid and started swimming even faster. Then I landed on the sand and had a quick look around to see if there was anyone there from my crew but there wasn’t anyone there from my crew. So I started to walk around and suddenly I saw a pathway so I started to follow the pathway and I ended up in a huge massive forest with those thousands of trees and unseen creatures. But the most weird thing was that there was a massive wooden house and no one was in it except me. I stayed in that wooden house for five days and then I saw this disgusting weird looking boat just like my boat that got drowned so I swam as fast as I could and then I saw my crew and my boat and then at the end we all got back together.  

I was on a massive ship and I was looking for a treasure and I got a map to help to get the treasure. I got a spade to dig it up the treasure and I saw lots of gold. I was so happy when I saw the treasure. Then I went back to my ship and this evil captain was taking lots of gold and I snatched it and I punched the evil captain in the stomach and he was bleeding and he fell off the ship. The evil captain wanted to have a fight with me. So I got my crew to back me up and we started to fight and I kicked him in the leg and the  stomach. Then I pushed him into the water and a shark ate the evil captain and I won the fight and I took the gold from the evil captain and I gave the gold to the poor people. The poor people were happy when they saw the pirate. 

I arrived on a dreadful, terrifying island which looked pretty scary. I saw a massive 50 eyed sea monster with sharp yellow teeth. I was running as fast as a bullet, I looked  back at the horrible monster but it was not doing anything but smiling. I was flabbergasted. I ran towards the sea monster and said "Why aren’t you attacking me you’re a monster?" and then the monster said "I am a friendly monster not like the other horrible monsters". I talked to the monster again and said "Can we be friends?" The lovely friendly monster said "Fine best friends forever!"

One day a man called Jeff he was blower of his ship with his friends and his captain 
they were all blasted by water all over the place and JEFF landed on a magical island full of youtubers such as Jackspticeye, Messyoursleff, Jelly, CameronASF, Keonbossgaming, and Zexek. They were all in their houses making videos when Jack's house blew up because he was shouting so loud he blew his sound equipment and landed on top of him and he said to JEFF “Top of the morning to you laddie” and JEFF said 
because Jackspticeye was his favourite youtuber of all time and he said can you help me get new sound equipment. 

From the very moment I was thrown over the pirate ship, out of the blue, I felt like I  didn't have a heart anymore- but some how I was still alive and breathing. The crew and I dropped directly into the blue and clear ocean, but we seemed to land in different parts of the ocean- I was absolutely terrified. I tried screaming for help with my big mouth, but that didn't even work- no one responded. After paddling my sore feet for hours, I was pretty convinced that I saw a pair of dark black eyes staring into my pupils. Although, I could have been dreaming, since I was tired, from being pulled by the furious waves left to right, then right to left. In a flash, I felt something slummy, touching my smooth, but itchy skin. At this very moment, I knew that I definitely was not dreaming. I was so scared that it even made my spine chill. Chill! Immediately, I felt my belly tighten, being picked up by a tentacle made out of monkey bogies. 

It started when I fell out of the boat and in to the water which was cold. I saw the land but I saw a shifty sea monster he tried to kill me but I got away. He fooled me but then we became friends I did not see any of my ship mates but I saw amazing animals like a spider and other scary things like the sea monster. The time i had was amazing. The food I had was animals - The good things. It took me 7 day to get to the end.   THE END

When I flew up in the air I fell in the sea and then I saw a land with scorpions, snakes and spiders and I went to the land. Then the Sea Monster came again and I threw a bomb in its mouth and it died. Then I saw a danger sign and I still went in. I saw treasure and I grabbed it and then skeletons came and they said, "If you give it back we will be your crew!" I gave it back then Cameron came and we had a battle and then when he was dying I cut his body. Then I went off, me and my crew were so rich that everybody begged us for our money, then Cameron returned, then I was trying to kill him but he did not die. Then I got my crew to kill him but he still did not die! Then he flew off but he went off into another sea monster and he died and then he did not return. Then I was walking and someone tried to shoot an arrow but they missed but I saw the guy, it was Tolu Oke but he was so easy to kill.

The ship was very strong we had no problems but we sailed away and the captain saw 3 big waves which swooped us off the ship and made us fly all the way to the beach which didn’t look like a beach it was a zoo or something it had tigers every where and spiders and dead bodies. My crew mate Yomi Majekodunmi was not seen, I think he died but I was stuck on the island I couldn’t run away or they will eat me then I saw Yomi Majekodurmi dead and he was still moving when his head was off, it was funny but it was sad now who will save me or feed me no one I have to kill something I can’t kill the animals they will kill me so i have to stay hungry I am doomed. Then I saw my captain sailing away on the life boat and then a sea dragon dragged him off the life boat and I thought if I should swim to the boat but I didn’t want the sea dragon to eat me as well so I didn’t go, I will wait until night then I will make my move to the life boat. So I made a plan and made my move and I saw  this person hiding, I ran to him I said whats your name he said Tolu Oak I was so happy I looked back he smashed his bottle on my head so I woke up a few hours later and wanted to  get revenge on Tolu Oak so I did and shoved him in the sea dragons mouth then after I did Tolu called his crew which is Keon Keishon and Emmanuel were attacking me but I killed them all I swam to the life boat and sailed away to freedom.

When I got thrown off the ship I swam as hard as I could and got to land. I saw the monster again. But all he wanted is a packet of sweets. So I gave it to him. I walked off and tried to find the ship. But I was on a sandy beach and all the sand went on my foot. But I carried on in till I got to the ship. I walked to the forest with scorpions biting my feet. But I carried on I went in the forest I saw the massive snake. But I thought it was fake but then I knew it was real. So I ran as fast as I could but I got my foot stuck in quicksand. So I tried as hard as I could but I got out and ran, I saw massive scorpions and they were biting my leg and I got out to the other end of the beach and I saw the ship and my friends called Yomi, Cameron, Berke, Tolu, Jack and Khalid and my brother Keon I jumped on the ship and said where is the captain and Yomi said he is on the ship leaving so we left and Cameron fell off the ship and the monster ate him into 100 pieces and we left and sailed the sea.
The end

There was a treasure chest full of gold and full of gold coins, I got the treasure chest out of the water and then I opened the treasure and there was a diamond it was blue and shiny but I didn’t pick it up because I was scared of the diamond.

As I was shaken off the ship, I landed directly on the un-named monster. 
It looked so ferocious and was unstoppable, but I didn’t let it stop me. I had a plan... I tried to learn things about him, and become his friend not his enemy. I drew him a mind- map. It took a long time for him to understand it but I did it, I trained the monster (Max became his new name).
He swam me to shore to help me get to a safety. Only that was stupid because I got there at dawn and woke up the animals and left with no way out and no help. There was a ferocious night fury and some I have never seen before, a gigantic anaconda, black mambas, red diamond rattle snakes etc.. they all came towards me...

I got pushed in the water. The water was so cold I couldn’t feel my self. It was really scary.
I had to swim all the way.The storm was coming I couldn’t find a place to sleep. I had no money. One moment I saw a land. The land had trees I thought there might be a treasure but I wasn’t sure. I swam all the way then the storm came. I went underneath the trees. The weather was bad. The weather was going back to normal.
The next day the weather was sunny I had to find food I went to hunt for some. I caught a chicken it was delicious. I had to make a fire. I had a feeling there was treasure around here.
I dug up and I found a treasure it was massive. I found loads of money. I was so happy so I was having fun. I lived there forever.

What happened in the island. The captain was much closer on the island. Because I try to swim in the water. When the ship went up side down into the water. Because I am swimming on the water. I get out of the water. Then we see the island. The sand was golden colour, I am going on the beach, I see the coconut tree, buildings. The room inside the building, I dug in the sand, I found the x marks the spot, and we dug from x marks the spot. Then we found the treasure, and looked at the golden coin, I knew it was going to be chocolate inside the golden coin. When the captain was wearing the pirate hat, we turned the ship around and go back home.   The End

It was scary, horrifying, everyone on the ship was scared. But then all you know we are flying off from the ship all landing into the sea. We were all far apart none of us were next to each other but then in a blink of an eye we were all on a beach. A really sandy and rocky beach. It was hard to walk with our clothes ripped even some of us lost our shoes and cloths, the rocks cutting our feet as we walked over it. In front of us there were hills of sand we climbed over them. Then we saw an island with smoke coming out from the middle of it we decided to go but it wasn’t just in front of us it was on the other side of the sea so we had to swim.
After a few minutes we reached the shore of the small island then we started to walk through the bushes and trees then we reached the place where the smoke was coming out from, then we saw two people making a fire to keep themselves warm. I could smell the food they were cooking.

I am captain splurge I have a tale to tell you.
About my adventures in the ship wreck.
When I got hit by the tidal waves I splashed into the water, I swam for dear life but I finally reached the shore.
But then I saw the same monster that invaded my ship and its started shooting its poo balls at me!
I start to shiver but I felt scared so I drew my sword and gun and we had a powerful duel. It was a great battle but I killed the great monster. It died by me stabbing it’s heart and it exploded into poo.
Then I met my friend Yomi Majekodunmi who was drinking coconut water.
We went to the jungle to find some food we saw a giant disgusting red eye snake.
It loves eating meat and me and my friend Yomi ARE fresh meat! 
We killed the monster we both said “Arr we did it!”.
But we find my friends Cameron Lewis, Keon Legget, Kishon Legget, Jack Shine and Khalid.
We all adventured deep into the jungle and we saw the legendary phoenix. It has golden feathers and it is guarding the treasure but we find Naruto stuck inside quick sand so I swung from the vines and swung and rescue him.
We went to the golden phoenix and said let me get the unknown treasure. It said “No".
I got angry, all of my friends drew their swords and entered to battle.
We slashed, bobbed, jabbed and stabbed the phoenix, it died.
We all said “Hooray!” we opened the treasure and inside it was a magical hammer and we went back to the broken boat and hit the magical hammer on the broken boat, then it went “Whoosh" and it fixed itself straight away.
Then we went to the boat and rode away in the open sea. 
The end