Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Bridge Academy


I woke up underwater, under the deep sea, feeling water and fish scales stroke against my face. I looked around me slowly while holding my breath and then I swam up to the blue surface. I looked around me while salty water splashed on my face. I looked around for the last time and then I spotted an island. I swam all the way to the island which was about one mile away. I landed on the island and took off the slimy seaweed that was on my shoulder. On the island I saw cheeky monkeys, fluffy rabbits, greedy eagles and crocodiles (a crocodile Pokémon) on the shore. I ran up the wet and sandy beach to avoid them. I was incredibly hungry when I landed on the island. I thought that there was no food until I saw a forest. I thought and hoped that there was food there that was edible for me to eat I found bananas, coconuts and berries. They were scrumptious. I crept along the forest, leaves were crackling and sticks were breaking. I then saw an extremely tall mountain and I thought it would be a great spot to look around. I ran up the mountain (that took only 5 minutes) and I saw a Geodude (which is a rock Pokémon). I looked around more and there were a lot of them. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the ship... I was optimistic that I had found the ship. I ran down the rocky mountain and over to the old, wooden ship. I was jolly. I went back quickly and took some delicious fruits I found on the island. There were berries and coconuts and bananas. I brought them aboard and the crew was happy. I also befriended a new Pokémon. It was a Sceptile. We decided that we should use him as the lookout. We thought he'd do great as the lookout. The day was a long day so me and my crew, including Sceptile, has decided to celebrate with a humongous feast. The food was absolutely delicious.



As soon as the wave slapped the ship it threw me across the ship. I was floating on a plank felt sick and found an island beautiful as heaven I found myself unconscious. 5 HOURS LATER... I saw lioncorn eating a person a loud crunch was heard. A lioncorn is a black lion with blood red mane with a long needle on its head..  



Once upon a time there was a girl called Mia. Mia lived in the forest in a village with her mum and dad. In the forest lived a lot of animals for example a friendly snake called brave Lily, jumping kangaroo and scratching tiger. They could all speak but Mia did not know that, so one day she went out in the forest to fetch some cherry, blueberries and strawberries for her mum to cook a delicious pie. After she wanted to go home suddenly she saw the snake. It said "Hello I am friendly snake." Mia tried to scream but she couldn't, so she said hello in a scared voice and met each other. So they became friends. But out of nowhere their called evil lion had toll some fruit. They had a plan to get the fruit back or the master of the forest would be angry. "Let’s go back pirates." So they went to their animal pirate ship car." I never knew animals drive cars" said Mia curiously. So they went but is was a bit squashed, but all they cared was getting the fruit. So they saw him and said "give us the fruit back!" Then snake used his metal gadget, when he used it the bag ripped and Mia took all the fruit. Then the thief was going to animal jail. The animals said "thank you Mia. So they had a dance calibration, and Mia said goodbye.



One day my crew and I were sailing on our big ship but then a huge storm came. We all got flung off the ship & fell into the deep cold sea. I turned around & saw an island. I swam & swam to shore I was exhausted.   



As I woke up, I felt a shiver running down my spine. I was swimming in the middle of the ocean and I spotted some weird looking   creatures. They looked like sea turtles but something else. Suddenly I saw an island with thick gleaming sand. I wondered if I should swim there, wait for the waves to carry me there or should I just stay in this ocean for eternity. I bravely got the energy and courage to swim there (probably because I didn't want to drown or be choking on seaweed). It seemed like 2 hours but I guessed it was only 2 minutes. I lied down on the sand which I probably should have thought about because it was 12am and it was boiling hot. I see a tree and decide to go there for some shade.

I hadn't realised this before but I couldn't. There was weird looking creatures on the island with me. They were all strange and mythical looking creatures. There was creatures with horns, creatures with spikes, creatures with curly whirly swirly horns. But there was one thing in common and that was that they were all surrounding me. The greatest and largest inhuman thing spoke a bit of gibberish and then turned to me. It had tusks that were thick and long and it had a huge beard trailing down its chin. It was red, yellow and hairy. Suddenly it started talking English. "Welcome to the island of Fujimanalakirakos. We are the only inhabitants on this island and we made a promise to our previous master, who tragically drowned whilst fishing on a tree trunk, that we will look after the next inhabitant on this island like a piece of ruby and a treasure chest full of emeralds and diamonds, and you are the first inhabitant to come on this island after us."  

I spoke like there was gum stuck in my throat but I managed, "I just want one thing and that is to be back with my crew." "But there is no escape from this island!” said someone. “Oh yes there is. We just need to make a small ship." "Well if that is what our master wants then so be it." Shouted the crewmates. Days and days we were forging in the forest, cutting wood and trying to make a boat and eventually we managed to make it. It was a small, but enough little ship. "Bye" And off I went to find my crew...



As I woke up I was confused there were broken wooden parts from the boat around me. I heard something they shouted "My sister come to shore" I shouted back “I am on my way” As I was swimming there was animal behind me I could sense it behind me. I looked backed I was scared until I saw a green enormous fat creature it had 8 eyes and 4 arms with no legs it was chasing me. But then I made it to shore. “My brother John what happened? Where are we? How do I still remember you? Where are hearties? Am so confused! Are you alright my sister? Let’s go on trip for looking for are brothers and sisters!” As we walked through the hot land I steeped in poo! YUCK! And I had no shoes on that was the worst thing I have experience. I was getting tired of walking but then we saw are mate Cinebo he ran to me and gave me a big hug. Then we saw a nasty creature with red eyes sharp claws it was called a Devase and saw that other creature so we ran to the mountain it was freezing cold on that area. So we ran down as fast as we can it was a like a flash.



All of a sudden, the boat shook and like the way you get hit by a car, I got slung into the air... I quickly thought back to my diving skills and I knew I would ace the landing. I landed the double backflip on my back. The pain stung as I swam up, as I swam, I saw the glimmering light from the sun getting closer and closer. My lungs almost failed me but as I popped my head up above the water, I caught a big breath of air as my lungs felt like it finally got back to doing its job. I swam and swam until I finally saw a tiny island. As I got closer the thoughts in my mind of finally landing on the island with my hand held up high screaming I made it. I finally got to the island and turned around to see the ocean glimmering and shining and the sun rise to catch my eyes. My eyes were locked to the shimmer the sun showed off. As I turned around, in front of me I saw a huge mountain which overlooked me like a bully and the beautiful island palm trees, which sprawled across the island ground had mouth-watering mangos which dangled like Christmas tree decorations. I heard birds tweeting and singing beautiful melodies as the light wind drifted through the island trees causing a gentle wave. The waves of the ocean calmly pushed to shore. The soft welcoming sand filled up between my cold feet and wrapped me like a duvet.  I looked around to see if any of my fellow crew mates were on this island but nothing, just the gentle calm and peaceful wind brushed against my face. The fresh air filled my lungs up. The waves collided against the mountain walls. As I looked around, I saw tiny pieces of our boat floating peacefully across the ocean. In the distance, I saw eye-popping scenes of beautiful dolphins gliding through the water. As I turned to see the mountain, I saw a deep dark forest with dark footpaths. A chill shimmered down my spine as I swallowed a huge gulp. I knew that I need so somehow climb the mountain to get a better view. As I climbed the mountain, I reached the top. I turned around and the view took my breath away. I saw my crew. I ran down and there they were.



I hit the water it was a big splash (bang) I was under the water for ages .A unicorn pulled me up I was under for so long my lungs nearly burst .The unicorn was white with a rainbow tail and a rainbow horn. I SWAM to shore with a big splash .I pulled myself up with a struggle. I was soaked my bag was pulling me down before and now I wet I'm being pulling down even more. I shook all the water off but I just collapsed and banged my head on a treasure chest...

I got woke up by a panda corn liking my face. I screamed but then the panda corn said wait hear. I waited and then the panda corn brought me some marsh mellows and popcorn. I praised him. I was so hungry .He got me a unicorn to take me to my ship my ship was wooden with gold rim. It had a gold unicorn head on the front if a ship (it’s not a really head). I climbed aboard quietly and did not see any of my ship mates of mine I was very scared. I climbed down to the under desk. I saw my captain he was blacked out and he said "Who are you?" and then "I said I’m your cabbing girl" he said, “I am captain.” He turned over and I saw an oozing cut. We weren’t home safely and hear I am now writing this story.

As I submerged into the deep cold sea, my heart froze. I sunk deep into the water until I started to swim up. When my head popped up I struggled to keep my head up because there were still monsters waves piling onto my head. I looked around for my crew or a place to take refuels. I didn't find my crew but I saw a small island in the distances, I struggled to swim towards it but I finely did it.



When I got there I dragged myself onto the sandy crew. I stood up and looked around. All I could was see was a large jungle. I ran up to it in hope of finding someone or something and to my surprise I did. Two of crewmates Jill and Peter were wondering around the jungle in the distance. I screamed out there names and bottled towards them. I took a breath of relief and gave a huge hug. After we had a small talk about how they got hear we made a plan on how we were going to get home. They said that they saw a huge row of mountains!



Pure shock. I was gushed into the sea without any warning. Without anyone - I was alone... The first thing I could see was a sea of green. A large school of fishes swarmed past in a flurry, I'm guessing that unwelcoming tide took them by surprise too. I finally began to float up naturally, and my head bobbed above the water as I took a much needed gasp of crisp, fresh air. I was just floating enough to go over my sea water infested eyes. They stung with every blink, yet at that moment that was the least of my problems... Yet something I'd yet to forget is.. What happened on the boat? One minute everything was great! Happy! Going well! And then...oh yes.. I remember now. The lookout screamed from above "Wave! Abandon ship!" I'm guessing we took no notice- and now look at the position I’m in. I forced myself to look up. Could it possibly be? What we were searching for all this time? Yes- land! The sea of green became more understandable. I let the waves drift me into the north direction to the island, enough that I could just about rest the tips of my toes o soft cushion of sand, and there I was, safe. Well, so I thought...

Before I knew it I was on a bed of paradise. There was no time to rest. I needed to find my way along this island of sand! But what I hadn't noticed was a forest at the end of the sand. The forest was oranges and red, (as it was now the middle of autumn) but there was still not a villager, tribe yet a civilian here at all. Just me. Maybe I could have claimed that Island now to think of it. Suddenly, I bumped into a small thick tree. As the force knocked me on the sea of leaves, I raised my head to notice a mountain, pearly purple, with a thick blanket of snow and pillows of thin ice on it right in front of me. It was magnificent.. Streams of crystal clear waters, it's the exact same landscape of the type you would see on a postcard back at home. I lifted my heavy head up and scurried towards it then I stopped...The snow beneath was far too beautiful for me to make a foot print of. Then as I took a further inspection of the Pyramid of rock; I noticed a beautiful lonely creature, it blended into the snow; it's like a wolf; but it's a white one. I didn't dare go near it, but I felt I should leave. I followed my footsteps back to the beach-and as I did, I heard cries, I looked into the sea with a warm alert feeling, it was five of my beloved crew members who I had left during the wreck; they were sitting on the very last lifeboat...they had found me. I joined them and we sailed back on a safe journey back to where we had left the docks in the first place, without a single interruption from a storm, yet a single drop of rain, we made it home. Safe again. But, will I ever return to that undiscovered Island again?



The wave took me over board into calm sea. If it wasn't me calling for the narwhales I would have drowned .The narwhales nursed me in till woke up. Then I walked through forest in till saw the chocolate trees, chocolate oranges and the toffee apples. In the distance I saw a marshmallow and whipped cream and sugar mountain. I eat it all of it is the tastiest thing ever. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR my belly rumbles after eat all that food.



One day in the huge pirate boat treasure hunting all day long, there was no water to drink only dry bread. Then a huge rat that’s GREEN stank with huge claws that vomited every one minute. After a while, the rains started slowly and slowly rising and rising. BANG! The thunder coming waves on their way and the rain coming hard, quickly damaging the boat. The waves hitting the boat. We go flying left and right then it slowly goes down. Slowly and slowly... We check the telescope and on the big bad day we see a good calm peaceful island were every one could have a sleep and be ready for the next day. We come in the island and see animal’s, dead animals pandas with unicorns and trees with fruits people running to it with excitement jumping around.



Bang! I F fell into the water watching my crew flow away. I felt a bit hopeless because everyone is away from each other. 2 minutes later, I was near land. One of my crew mates were with me so I carefully grabbed him and swam all the way to the land. After I got to the land, I was trying to catch my breath. I then looked up at my other crew mates and I could see the captain fall of the ship. "NO, CAPTAIN!” I screamed. After that scream, I quickly fell and was unconscious.

I don’t know how long I slept; however, I looked up to see if the boat was still there but it wasn't. At least I had one of my crew member with me. I woke him up and told him that I don't remember a thing. I thought that if I didn't know what happened, he won't know neither. I then looked around. It was an island. A big beautiful island. I was looking for food and then a grrrr sound scared some birds. I hid even though I am one of the most courageous member in the crew. Maybe I WAS the most courageous. Then I heard a growl again. IT WAS A BEAR! I found a trap for that huge brown carnivore and trapped him. He got even angrier. My trap couldn't keep him calm for even 30 seconds! Based on what I've seen I thought bears were a bit weak but this one was one of the strongest bear I've ever seen. I then sprinted around looking for something to kill that bear. Something was suspicious. I wasn't alone with my crew member. There had to be someone else with me. Suspiciousness filled the air. I then remembered about the bear. I had a feeling someone was watching me. "AHHH!” There was a huge scream. I ran so fast. But I came across someone. Who is this person? She didn't say a word. It was as if she couldn't speak English because she looked so confused. I then turned away and went to find shy Jessie. She automatically jumped on top of my back and took me down. She was strong. Something that I find weird is how almost everything in this island is strong apart from one thing Jessie. Jessie couldn't stay on his own so I had to look for him. I quickly ran as she tried to hurt me. Do you know when I said Jessie isn't that strong I was actually right because the bear is running after him. He screams so loud. The mysterious girl told the bear to stop and he did. That was weird because bears wouldn't listen to pirates or whatever she was. It growled at me and turned its face to the girl. I then recognised that she spoke English. Her name was Jenny. I then said ok Jenny. "Wait Jenny are you Jenny Wilson" I said confusingly. "Yes" she said. Then there was a roar. She said “No wait the Lionsaur is ready to deliver someone's organs.” I told her I would fight it because there couldn't be any creature that's stronger than I am. Right?  



As I fell into the water I felt like I was trapped and I couldn't get u and it felt like my lungs were going to burst out of my chest. Then I was able to get my head out of the water I could breathe. I looked around to see if my crew was around but there weren't thereI could see the ship sink to the bottom of the sea soswam to the shore and saw a forest and decided to investigate I couldn't believe what I saw.. I saw snakes, crocodiles, unicorns and panda corns I couldn't believe it. The forest was dark and really frightening!!! I wanted to find my crew and get back to the ship and get out of this place so bad I hated it so much "I missed my crew" I wanted to go back to the boat so I did so then I spotted my crew and we celebrated we were all having a good time talking and laughing together.



I woke up in the ice cold sea the wind blew against my hair. I swam courageously trying not to get pulled away from the furious current. In the distance I saw a gigantic island covered with a giant forest. The wind whistled in my ears I could smell the pong of rotten fruit. As I entered the pitch black forest. My brain told me not to enter it but my body didn’t listen. I heard the howls of Char Izards and Pikachu’s I saw a colossal mountain overtaking the height of any tree or hill. The only way to go around it was to travel through a freezing cold blizzard. I wish there was another way but there wasn’t I had began my voyage through the ice cold blizzard every gush of wind made me feel like my body was going to fall apart. There was a sudden roar I looked behind me only to see a colossal Char Izards that would tower above any human.



As I woke up I saw my crew sink with the ship. The sorrow overwhelmed me. I recognise a land in a distance I knew I could make it but with all that guilt I was knocked out. When I woke up I was on the shores of Salihlandia I know I needed a new crew so I assembled a crew cruelly I was the captain. I had a pet snake. My crew name was worrying John, crying Sarah and puking Margret. I know my crew is still alive so my new crew and I went to the forest of sorrow. While we was going throw the forest we saw an anaconda although my pet is an anaconda. This anaconda came at as... My crew and I went to show it who was boss. Suddenly, a whole group of anaconda attacked. Puking Margret puked on one and the anaconda slip in the deaths of the sea. My pet snake bite one and that one fell in the hole of death. Crying Sarah cried on one and both of them cried worrying John just worried and the snake jumped over him. I and the captain of the crew just swung my sword at him and the anaconda fell in to the deaths of the sea with his sister or brother.       

As we made it to the mountain Olympics we all cheered and we climbed the mountain we woke up the beasts of the deaths. These beast were the most gruesome ugly creatures that ever live the names were the Kraken, Octoshark.I know me and my crew could destroy them but these creatures look different then the myths the Kraken had yellow skin collops blue eyes and it wasn't as big everyone said it was the Octoshark is bigger than the kraken that was it we had it enough of these monster so we all attacked the Kraken first ok maybe half of the crew was attacking the Octoshark...

But when we was charging at them they woke us all the way to the ship but then I realise. I do like my crew but I didn’t belong there. I belong with my new crew...



Thinking that I was going to drown I felt a miracle happening to me... I was floating on the water. I swam to shore and saw a light in the distance, I thought it was an angel saving me. Then I saw a rainforest, it had big huge jungle trees.

In the jungle I saw panda corns climbing on the trees, snakes slithering on the roots of the jungle trees and big parrots with elephant trunks fluttering on the mixture blue sky.

On my journey I saw something rather strange... It was one of the crew! It was Jeff. Jeff was all wet and soggy and he was wearing ripped cloths. I ran with all my heart to bring Jeff with on my journey.

We walked through the rainforest and found the rest of the crew on the other side of the rainforest. They were all huddled up in one big group. I saw then all in relief and then we all began to make our way through the forest together. Jeff and I were very shocked to see the whole crew together and how they were in the same place as us but just on the other side.

At the end we all found our.... And lived happily ever after!



When I hit the water, I lost control. I was panicking as the ship was sinking down on me. I couldn't cry for help and I couldn't escape from under the colossal ship. As I was restraining myself from shrieking and letting out the air in my lungs, it was like time and everything around me froze. I couldn't control my mind, I thought my whole life was flashing before my eyes. I saw a bright light and passed out. The waves were crashing around me whilst the thundering storm continued. I was beginning to regain consciousness I heard the daunting crashes and it filled me with determination. I shot up and submerged from the freezing water looking for any land. I saw a small island in the distance. It was far away, it was just a shadow from where I was. Already exhausted, I swam towards the island and it was a lot bigger than I thought. White clear sand, huge trees with tons of refreshing tropical fruit hanging from it. The ship was out of sight along with my only friends and now I am alone on this ginormous island with no sign of life. On the island there were mountains. They were majestic and beautiful covered with plants and rays of sunshine were at the top. I knew I had to get to the top. I used all of my energy to climb up and when I made it, there I saw my best mate.



As I hit the water, the world spins around me and everything becomes pitch black. I let the salty sea take me where ever it wants to take me. Slowly I open my eyes and I find myself in a tiny island surrounded by giant pine trees. I gently pull my body up, my face full of golden sand. I felt so frightened, hoping that my crewmates were not injured. As I walked on my tiptoe trying to not make any noise in case there were any bad people, a shadow rushed past me. Terrified, I ran inside the misty forest where I saw a thousand of ants crawling on the grass. Finally, I came out of the forest and I saw a mountain like an endless rock. Determined, I climbed on the mountain clenching on it tightly. The wind was making it more difficult to climb up the mountain. My fingers were starting to ache but I knew I couldn’t give up because I needed to find some help to get off this island. Soon I was on the ground, glad that I made it down to the ground from the mountain. I was so tired that I decided to sit on the floor to get my energy back. As I was about to sit down I heard a horn which sounded familiar. Quickly, I got out my telescope. I was shocked to see the ship. Confused, I ran back from where I started. I finally arrived to where the ship was parked sideways. All of a sudden my crew came out and I was surprised to see everyone together in the ship. So I happily went inside where everyone’s face was pale but whatever had happened we still continued our journey.



When the wave hit the boat, I was so scared but I am a pirate so I’m going to be brave. Suddenly all of the crew went flying off the boat. I turned around looking for land and I found land finally. I went on to swim to the land and saw a panda corn and a unicorn. They were very friendly but then I spotted a big, brown bear. The bear walked towards me and I was so scared. I, the Pandacan and the Unicorn continued walking through the land and there was a hill… We walked and walked up the hill and it was very steep I was very tired after all the walking that me and the Pandacan and the unicorn. When we reach the top of the hill we looked down and instead of walking down the hill, we all rolled down the hill on our bellies and backs. We rolled down the hill and we hit a bunch of trees, in the trees there were Pokémon’s everywhere. The Pokémon’s were fluffy and soft. We walked and walked and reached a cottage but behind us there was a killer clown. The killer clown was wearing a white and red spotted jumpsuit with a red bow tie and had a red nose and a bright white face with black and blue eyes. Inside the cottage sat our fellow crew mates from the boat they were so happy to see us. We were happy to see them too, we all sat in a circle with the panda corn, unicorn and Pokémon’s to tell our journey to get to the cottage. We started to take a slow walk to the edge of the island and we found Bessy (our ship). We climbed on board and set sail back home. We were all so happy and were dying of hunger and thirst. 



Ahhhhhhhhh. There it was - the water! I swam to an island. I did not know where I was. There were weird animals, I took a look at the animals there was a tortoise that almost bit me, I screamed like this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help help then I saw a sheep I went and stroked it then I went and bit me and I whacked it and I look around I don’t know where I was I asked where are they? Someone said “We don’t know how we got here, but I need your help to find the other people can you help me?” I replied “Yes of course I was going to ask the same thing let’s go!” Off we went to find them together. “We’ll have toswim to that island ok?” I asked. Then there was a monster it was gigantic. We were scared we screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help help help help! It went silent I did not see them anymore then I looked up then they were there then a dolphin came rushing and it took my there then I saw the others I said come on on there is no time to waste. Then we went to them, one of us had to swim fast a shark and then they swam for their life they are ok down they were scared I went to all over the place. I need help no one is going to help me.  The sad part is that one of our crew died, I sat up I had to be the one to tell them that one thing…



First, I’m on a ship then, everyone got boat sick all of a sudden the crew fell of the ship then, everyone went on this mysterious island called Lorimar then, they met all of the mythical animals and all of the Pokémon characters for example, Pikachu, Jinx, Pidgy, Magikarp, Pidgottos, Drozzes, Garydos. The mythical animals are Unicorns, Pandcorn, Fling Eyeballs, moveable socks.

On this mysterious Island it’s really scary e.g. slender man, killer clowns and when you go through the petrifying forest, then you’ll see slender man and he looks like a person with a white mask and a black suit with a red tie. And the killer clowns has scars on their eyes and their mouths shows teeth on their nasty masks. These, kinds of Killer clowns are creepy and they kidnap people and torture them for like 3 weeks and they will get a mannequin wrapped in garbage bags and they hit you with it. Slender man captures people get a knife and stab them in the forest.



Suddenly I arrived in the middle of nowhere I was scared my ship had crashed near an island I was scared all of the crew were asleep apart from me it was a dark and cold night I could not see properly there was no light so I got out my lighter which was in my pocket and lighted it on the candle the light was not strong enough but I had no choice. A massive storm erupted it was so strong that I fell of my boat I had a lot of marks on my body. I had just realised that I was on the island of Readeginaro, I walked closer and closer and saw a half man chicken, monkey unicorns and lots of rabbit pigs. I could smell the lush palm trees swaying around and the crystal blue water. All around I could see was fresh golden mangos .



Long time ago, the crew were asleep in the captains ship while the captain finish his work and went to bed. While the crew were asleep the brave pirate woke up and found out a storm outside the ship. It was a gigantic storm it attack the ship. Everyone woke up and the captain. The ship was gone! When it was sunny, the parrot said: “Land hoy” they were in the island looking for food and water. Suddenly solider trap the pirates into a cave. The solider has 10 gold and threw the bag at the pirates who were confused.. Why?

Find out next week..

They thought he was the enemy of Hackney Pirates. It was a prank. The soldiers told the ship was not broken. The pirates have 10,000 gold. And went home. They live happily ever after.



When the big wave hit us!!!!!! 

When me and my friend landed on the Island we saw lots of different animals, then our friend shouted “There is a big wave is coming fast” I felt very scared. So the wave hit us and we slept for many weeks, some of us got lost in the way and others ended up on different islands. There were unicorns and everything you can imagine and you can wish for. Nothing happened, so once a gang came called team rocked meow, Jesse and James so a pirate called Omer he used his Pokémon, go Granados use hydro pump it knocked meow out now use hyper beam then team rocket is blasting off again.



As I hit the wave I swam to a plank and threw myself onto it. I thought for a minute and turned myself around, “Where is the ship?” I said. I turned back around and saw an island, it was the same Island, I swam quickly to the island and shouted “Shhhhh dude” but no one responded so I went and I saw a colossus octopus with killer clown minions and I was giving a magical rainbow trumpet gun, I slayed all the clowns and jumped onto the octopus, stabbed both eyes and. POOF. It was gone. I ran to a golden mountain and saw people, I thought my crew but they were shapeshifting chests I jumped on to the mountain, turn around and saw the ship. There were my crew as I quickly ran to the wrecked ship I fell pretty hard and fell asleep for a few minutes. I woke up and the ship was leaving I ran like the wind and jumped on the ship goodbye Island and HELLO ship. I found my only family. Three years later. Still remembering what happened I have been having nightmares still.