Literacy Pirates

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Bridge Academy 24th September 2015

Baran and his brilliant story

One lovely morning on the ship, we were sailing to Jamaica and suddenly an enormous wave hit the side of the ship. The whole crew flew into the air. As I was in the air, I could see all my friends shouting for help. "HELP!" A couple of seconds later the whole crew started falling down. We all splashed into the water. As I splashed into the water I could feel the pain and I could see all my friends trying their best to get up to the surface. As we all got up to the surface everybody was swimming to the island. As I looked around me I could see everyone except the captain! We got to the island and it was too sandy. The wind was making the sand fly around the air. I got up and spotted a mountain so I ran up the mountain and reached the top. I looked around me and saw the ship in the corner of my eye. I ran down the mountain, past the trees and finally reached the ship. I climbed the ship and saw the captain lying on the deck and he was snoring… Again.

Boss man like Labeeb

At the start the water was cold but then it began to get even colder. As soon as I fell off the boat the water splashed in my face, that was only the start of the whole boat crash. After a while I ended up swimming under water with my eyes open and I wasn’t quite sure how to swim with my eyes open (I hate the way that my eyes sting underwater and once that happens I can’t swim anymore). Luckily I found half of my crew mates on floats, then realised that there was a float right next to me, so I grabbed it and started to swim extremely fast. I was elated to be with my crew because I would have been lonely all day long, once I reached my crew happily one member of our crew named Johnny had a spare map leading to the closest island on the sea. In addition the waves started to calm down and we were so close to land. We knew that we were close because another member of our crew  named Erion shouted out “Land  ahoy!” and that was extremely helpful because apparently there was a whole supply of food on that island. We have been travelling for about 7 days on sea which would be 89 miles each day. At last we have reached the island and all lived happily ever after.


Chapter 1, The Triangle
As shadow was tossed over the side of the boat, he was amazed that he was flying through the  air. Suddenly, he realised that he was not flying but he was actually falling into the Bermuda Triangle. He always thought it was a myth but now he found out that it was actually real as well as finding out that he was falling into the Bermuda Triangle. Shadow let out a scream of terror saying, “Help! Someone please help me!"...

As he woke up, he was happy that he was on land but then realised he was on an island that he didn’t know of. He started searching of a way to get home so he went into the forest. As he walked through he heard noises of people. He started running to try and find the people that he heard. As he finally reached out of the trees, he found a mythical city...   

To be continued...


I was on my favourite ship which I was on for 17 days making my way to Jamaica, my FAVOURITE place to be, a lovely hot place to take your mind off every bad thing but the good things. But when the terrifying monstrous wave came in it destroyed our wonderful ship. I was in relieved that I escaped the horrible cow poo smelling monster, oh that monster was an ugly one you will never want to come across that ugly beast. When I was thrown off our beautiful lovely ship because of that wave I was in that freezing ocean water but, I felt hot water mixed with cold water so I knew there was a beach near by so I swam and swam and swam until I saw a tiny bit of sand, and cyan water but I had to go but I was really tired. I had to do it to save myself. I tried to swim even quicker, and at last, I reached Jamaica the wonderful place of dreams. But where were my crew mates! OH NO!!!

Dilraj's pirate story

!SPLASH! We were all thrown off the massive boat. I could hear from a distance "HELP!". I was in the middle of the gigantic sea. It was petrifying. I couldn't see anyone, everyone was lost, all I could see was the massive boat and the ugly and horrible monster taking charge of the boat. I finally saw a bit of land. I shouted "HOORAY". I saw one crew member, then I saw more and more. I was very excited. But, there was one very important person we didn’t have, it was captain. He was trapped on the boat with the monster. We had to save him with our teamwork together. He shouted from 200 miles away "HELP! Aaaarrrgggghhh!”. We had to save him as soon as possible. Luckily, we all knew how to swim. We swam across as quiet as a mouse. We made it. We went through the secret passage. We all took control of swords, bows and arrows. With a few hits the monster was defeated. "YAH, We defeated the monster". Now, lets untie captain and have a party to celebrate this enjoyable moment. So we had a party. 

Glory's amazing pirate story for kids

When I was blown away into the sea I was separated from our fearsome captain, we had to swim and survive for 365 days. There was a terrifying sea monster called the Kraken, the most vicious sea monster in history. It devoured 8 of our feisty men, only 30 of us laddies survived. I was petrified watching my comrades get ripped apart bit by bit it gave me horrible shivers down my spine the Kraken had 8 eyes and had 8 tentacles the rest of us swam and swam until as luck would have it we made it to a nice tropical glorious island where a group of men were. There was jerk chicken, fish and all sorts of things us pirates never experienced before. Could this be what not being a pirate is like? Well it is certainly much fun and the food tastes better than ever it was extraordinary, way better than eating raw sea monsters, but meanwhile our fearsome captain drifted away deep into the red sea, so it was time the other pirates headed back and searched for their captain they were so greedy they didn't even think about saving food for the captain whilst he starved his body turned pale and he lay there being sick. He called for help but nobody was there the pirates and the group of men built a real pirate ship better than having that rusty old canoe so they set sail on the search for the captain. They searched for days and still couldn't find him but then the pirates came up with an idea since the ship had power they put on all the lights, hoping that it would be a signal and help find the captain. After 2 and a half days captain saw a big ship which was his pirate crew he yelled and yelled it wasn't enough so he drew his gun and shot into the air the pirates paid attention and sailed towards him and brought him aboard the ship and were together again. They were crowned pirate kings every pirate respected them and ruled the seven seas then they all lived happily ever pirate. 


One day in the ship I was looking forward to go and see the land I was so scared. The next day we had a big storm it sounded like a heat beat and my heat was beat like a roller coaster, I fell in the sea it was bad because I don't know how to swim. As it was pitch black, I saw myself laying in the land, I was relieved that I was in land but I didn't know what land I was in. I went to the tree and saw a house, a big house, I went to the house and said “Wow I want this house to be my house one day" I left the house and went to the mountain I was tired when I went to the mountain then I knew that I was in Paris then I saw the crew and the boat I was so happy.


One really scary night I was washed away with the dolphins and they took me to an island which had a Borgalog on it. If it eats purple roses it turns purple and get bigger. I was petrified because it ate 1,000,000 flowers it was as big as Godzilla! I was a little happy because I saw a note, on the note it said: press the Borgalog’s nose and it will return to its normal colour and size. I tried to press it’s nose but it picked me up and threw me away far but I ran and jumped on the Borgalog’s arm and pressed the nose. I was really happy that I made it. On the island it had lots of pineapple trees. Then I felt very hungry so I climbed the tree and got a pineapple to eat, I saw half of the ship that was the one that I got washed off. I would have been really really happy if I saw a friend but on the ship was another bottle with a note on it and it said: press the the Borgalog’s nose you will automatically be home. So i pressed it and I got home.


I have had the most amazing adventure of my life I know I could of died but I survived!    At first I was scared, I mean who wouldn't be if they got washed into the sea. The sea was brilliant I enjoyed the swim, but when I got to the nearest land I didn't think I was on the same land as I was on when I was with the crew. Sadly the crew was split up so I couldn’t find anyone to help me find the rest of the crew. Then I saw a forest, as I entered the forest my mood changed like magic as if the forest was in control of my mood I felt doomed in the forest. I climbed the hill that is when I saw my ship, the ship that I was on! I ran toward the ship and found the captain and my crew.

Jhahims a pirate

We were on a boat sailing to Jamaica then we saw a dragon with 21 eyes but then he attacked us with all it’s might so he died. The 16 people got ship wrecked on 8 islands then we saw a mountain so I had to climb up to see if anyone was there, then I finally reached it and said “I’ve done it" then I turned and saw the watchout wictor (victor) then we cheered and went looking for more wood to make a raft. We found wood for the raft and we started to make it and we floated to another island then we found out every one else was on the island then we put our raft together to build a boat then we sailed to a country called ENGLAND THEN WE CRASHED ON OUR BOAT NOW WhERE WE CRASHED IS NOW A BOAT CALLED BRIDGE ACADEMY.

Joshua's amazing story

One terrifying day a terrible disaster happened! Our amazing trip was ruined by a really bad thing that happened, our spectacular boat got tipped over this caused an undeniable thing we all got split up and couldn’t find each other. We all felt worried we wouldn’t get back but most of us had an amazing plan, we were going to see where the highest bit of land was and we could see where our incredible ship was, suddenly we found an impeccable place to see where our boat was at the top of a tropical beach. I gathered a load of materials and supplies so that we could survive because it was a very long way up the mountain. BOOM BOOM a terrifying sea monster came and tried to hurt me, luckily I had some supplies to fight this horrible creature because it was enormous. But... An amazing flying creature helped me out and killed the disgusting sea monster and helped me get up out of the mountain he flew me up there and I appreciated what he did for me I could just about see the boat and my crew, I felt so happy that I found the boat and the crew I couldn't wait to have a real dinner with my ship mates! As I made my way down the steep mountain I kinda felt scared that my crew was going to get mad at me because I was the last one there. I couldn’t resist it and ran as fast as I could to get back but I couldn’t. I gathered up some wood so I could make a small raft as I sailed to my boat my shipmates let down a rope so I could get up. I explained to the captain what happened he said “It’s alright now your safe” and then we had our dinner [in peace].


I was absolutely petrified. My heart was beating extremely fast. I felt like an ice cube melting by the sun as I popped my head up to see the ship sinking in the distance. What was going on. I was becoming a little hazy as I swam to the island ahead. Finally I was there, on the island, looking for a direction to go. In front of me was an enormous mountain. Suddenly an idea came into my head. "I know, I'll climb the mountain to see what way I should go.” As I started to climb the mountain I felt hopeless but as I got closer to the to the top I could see my way.


It all happened that tortuous day. I fell in the water and I floated quickly. I remember seeing a shark trying to chase me, as I escaped I felt a chill come through my spine. I was so fast and I escaped as I found myself on an island, I heard lots of music and people dancing, I wondered to myself if it was some kind of celebration. Anywho I had to find out where I was and what monstrous creature made us sink and the main thing to find our crew and friends, then I saw a seaside that had a flag, which had a navy blue cross in the middle and the rest was just plain red. I said to myself I have been here one day and then I said,
“It was Norway" then it appeared to be a dimensional version of now and at a flash of my eye someone appeared and he said,
"hu__y y__ n_ed to f__d yo__ cr__" maybe he was trying to tell me about my crew and friends. For the meantime I just found a house and it was my cousin Benjamin he was like Einstein. Then I asked him if he knew how to crack codes but he replied,
"I'm working on it but I will help you when I know about it” for the meantime we ate fish and chips and we looked at the oceans around the world, we saw the Atlantic ocean, Indian ocean, Oceania and Pacific ocean. Then a portal came out of nowhere then I said,
“Bye Benjamin see you one day” because I knew that it was a portal for the way back home so I went through the portal and as quick as a flash I came home. My crew were on the street and we had to fight the sea monster it had 5eyes, 100 tentacles, 60 arms and 200 teeth...


I woke up perplexed and dazed my head ached it felt as if it were bleeding. Slowly, cautiously I stumbled to my feet, only to realise I had a huge scar on my right leg. Rapidly, I pulled a small square cloth out of my pocket and pressed it firmly against the scar, five minutes later the bleeding had finally stopped. relieved, I sighed before examining the area, debris from the ship was spread across the beach completely covering the sand. Surprised by what stood before me I took action. As soon as I took my first step the sand beneath me began to crumble I began to run but, by this time the whole island was shaking. A monstrosity emerged from the sand it was 50 foot wide and 70 foot tall every step it took the whole universe shook. The slimy blue creature’s 100 eyes stared at me, frozen with fear I stood there horrified by this monstrosity, it lunged at me!


When the storm started I tried to look for my fellow crew members but they were not     around that's when I knew something was wrong...

When the storm started the ship started moving from one side to another. I went to the corner of my boat to hide, but the ship was still moving so then I decided to put on my lifejacket just incase. A few minutes later the storm got worse then I looked around and said to myself “I will remember this boat!” then I jumped off the ship. Never did I know I was close to Jamaica, I swam for about 2 hours, I was freezing cold.

Finally, I got to Jamaica, when I looked back the boat had sank I ran away till I was on proper land. A few days later I found all my ship mates except my ship’s captain, I asked my ship mates where he was but they didn't know either we asked so many strangers if they had found a man with brown trousers and a rainbow themed jacket but no one knew until we got to someone who said they had seen him but he was going towards a mountain. We all thought to ourselves why he would he go to a mountain, the stranger took us to the mountain where it took us 4 days to climb, when we got on the top he was in a cave on the mountain he was shivering, when he saw us he wanted to stand up but he was too tired so he cried and said "OH! You survived I thought I lost you!" we all gathered together and made a fire till the next morning, we all discussed about the storm and later the captain just said “Lets build a new ship!" We all thought it was a good idea and we tried to build one it took us about six months. Now, 2015, we sail around the world proud.


"I wanna go to Jamaica! Just anywhere exotic!"
"Yeah! What are we doing in this stinky ship? There's so so many countries to explore!"
"ZIP IT YOU TWO!" bellowed Captain Wink.
"Go 'ave your breakfast once again coconuts and salty fish if you're lucky you might find a lobster don’t disturb the others they’re fast asleep now get out of 'ere."
"And when you finish pack your bags we are going to Jamaica boys!"
"Yippee!!!!!" screamed Lewie and Danny.


The ship started rocking and splashing. SPLASH! BOOM!                             "AAAAAAH!!!"                             We all flew off the ship, it felt quite cool but scary at the same time. As soon as I hit the water I got a shock that woke me up (the water was that cold). I saw a cave - like thing under the water. I swam up and took a deep breath. I swam back down. I got in the secret underwater cave and breathed in and out. I started to wonder round the cave, it was full of bugs and spiders. As I walked further in the cave, a cobweb hit my face. Immediately I took it off. Suddenly I heard rumbling.                             "What's happening?" I thought.            I saw nothing, nothing but blackness.        I woke up. I was on the island that we saw in the distance earlier. I looked around myself, I didn't see anyone. I got up and started walking towards the trees. I gathered some coconuts so I could eat them. I saw many creatures; gorgons, cows, and some that I never even knew the names of.     I started shouting "CAPTAIN, CAPTAIN"        There was no response. I walked deeper into the jungle and thought,                    "Where could they be?"                     The jungle started to end and I saw a rocky place. I climbed it (I didn't struggle). When I got on top I saw the sea, the waves crashing onto the mountain. I saw some sort of ship.                                  "Is that the same ship?"                 I jumped off the mountain and SPLOOSH! I was in the water once again. I swam towards the ship and yes indeed it was the same ship. I climbed the rescue ladder and got on top. There was the captain... sleeping AGAIN! He was there snorting like a pig.            "CAPTAIN, CAPTAIN!"                         "ATAAACK!" he shouted.                    "Ooh it's just you".                    "Where's the crew?" he asked.                "They got swept away, so did I but I found the ship again".                        "Alright, lets wait for them incase they do the same as you".                         Soon, the rest of the crew found us and we sailed happily ever after.