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Josh and Josh - Cape-Abilities

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we met Josh and Josh  from Cape-Abilities..They like super heroes and they thing everyone can be heroes. A heroes powers are being:

H     hopeful

E     empathetic

R     resourceful

O     open-minded

E      energetic

S     super-sapiens


Super-sapiens is a word that they made up, it means being super-human.

Being empathetic means when you feel what other people are feeling without talking. We played a game using sticks to show our powers of being empathetic. We had to put 1 of our fingers on one side of the stick and our partner put there finger on the other side. Then we had to move around without talking. Look how much fun we had playing.

I thought that the guests were very interesting and I think everyone can be heroes too. 

Mussel Men

The Jolly RogersComment

Sean and Kirsty work at Mussel Men in Dalston Junction. It opened on the 7th of July 2014. On their menu they have mussels, clams, scallops, lobsters, prawns, squid, and many types of fish.

Sean is a cook of the restaurant and Kirsty talks to the customers. At the end of the meal Kirsty will offer the customers the chance to with a Mussel Men T-shirt by having a thumb-war with one of the cooks. 

We played thumb-wars and I won loads of times so I want to get a T-Shirt now. 

It sounds like a great place to have a meal and I'm going soon.

Tom Mustill - 6th October 2014

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we meet Tom, it was so cool.

He lives on Queens Bridge in Hackney, and he gets to travel the world to film animals. My favourite clip of Tom's was seeing a kangaroo being born. Did you know when a kangaroo is born it is the size of a penny?

The scariest thing he has done is step in between a mother elephant and her calve. The mother and the young elephant ran off when someone shot a gun into the air.

Ash - 22nd September

The Jolly RogersComment

Today the Jolly Rogers met Ash, a short filmmaker from London.

I like the shout film because it has dreamer and I like dreamers. Also I like the music at the begin. Ash has made a couple of films and he showed us one and we all bust up. It was inappropriate but we all liked it a little. It was made in Singapore. He stared when he was 14. His birthday is the 23th of September.

Anna Clover - Hackney Shed - 29th September

The Jolly RogersComment

Today the Jolly Rogers met Anna Clover, a devised theatre performer. 

Anna showed us some of her amazing work that she had made. Devised theatre is like a movie that has no scripted and it comes from your head. For example if I said, "Would you like a cup of tea".You would say "Yes" not "no" because the story will be short and boring, but if you say "yes" the story will go with the flow.

Also Anna teaches a class on Tuesday at 6:00 for primary and 7:30 for secondary kids. It is in Clapton, and is called Hackney Shed if you would like to have a look.