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Josh and Josh - Cape-Abilities

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we met Josh and Josh  from Cape-Abilities..They like super heroes and they thing everyone can be heroes. A heroes powers are being:

H     hopeful

E     empathetic

R     resourceful

O     open-minded

E      energetic

S     super-sapiens


Super-sapiens is a word that they made up, it means being super-human.

Being empathetic means when you feel what other people are feeling without talking. We played a game using sticks to show our powers of being empathetic. We had to put 1 of our fingers on one side of the stick and our partner put there finger on the other side. Then we had to move around without talking. Look how much fun we had playing.

I thought that the guests were very interesting and I think everyone can be heroes too.