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As I woke up feeling unconscious, I could not feel my hands and I was freezing so much that it felt like I was in a freezer.

When I woke up I saw the ship but I didn't see anyone on it. I wondered where they were, where could they be?... to be continued.



I was a great pirate but not so fortunate in the end...

I was called Captain Scurge. I was a look out, and my crew and I loved adventures even though they weren’t very good. But I enjoyed most of them, my life was good and it was how I dreamt of it. Life on the ship is life, you wouldn’t want to miss it.

It was one jolly day, my crew and I were looking for an island to find treasure and now today was not a different day, it was a normal day.

“Captain shall I turn on the radio?” shouted Blackbeard the pirate.

“Why not, let’s see what’s heading to us”.

The radio turned on, “123 testing” the man in the radio said they would be.

“land ahoy,” I shouted. “land ah”

“Ok we heard you no need to break my ear drums,” exclaimed the captain. As our boat or ship you can say landed on the island we jumped off. Wow this island is mysterious said jump moppy. Yes, indeed I have never seen an island like this for the 30 years I’ve been a pirate.

Bash, boom bang and our boat…

To be continued…



When I woke up I saw an island and swam to it and when I reached to the island, I saw an apple tree so I took it and ate it was delicious and yummy. When I finished eating I went to the forest and there was a waterfall that I could swim in. It was hot like a hot tub and I was happy because I brought extra cloths in my bag, yes and a bottle of water if I am thirsty.



One day it was cold and we had to find treasure all over the world. It was hard work. When we were in the pirate ship it was smelly, big as a trash bin, also my pirate ship was an army pirate ship. It was Wednesday, we had 1 treasure. My team has to get 5 pieces of treasure to complete our misson. My friends’ names are Haydan, Medey, and Gavany. We had fun.



Splash! Aaaaaaaa! Everyone screamed. I was flying in the air and then I went down into the sea. Water went through my mouth, nose and ears...

Suddenly I found myself on the beach... And I tried to remind myself of what just happened but I could not remember that much. Then I saw a monkey running near me... I was too weak to move. It had something in its hand but what? Then it came near me and smash... ouch I shouted and then I heard something weird. I could not explain what it was because it was unusual. I really wanted to see what it was but I was too scared to move from where I was...



When I jumped into the water it was an iceberg. I had to swim because if I did not then I will drown. It was like the English Channel but I knew I was almost there. I FINALLY REACHED THE ISLAND!

I got on the shore and the island was beautiful, the sand was soft, the trees were nice, it was just like a dream come true. I walk farther into the island and I saw green leaves and green trees, and it was a forest. I did not expect that much from an island.



As the water hit me it felt cold as ice. This made me swim to the island because I was drowning so I swam through the sea. I had to go through the forest and on my way I saw a python. Then I got to the mountain and there was a snowman and he took me up the mountain.

 When he did I saw my ship but I saw a big shark and it was a pack of them heading for my crew and my captain was still on board! Then I went to help them but as I came to help them there was a dinosaur that came to attack, but the python which was in the forest also came and then the dinosaur and the python were attacking each other.

The dinosaur was eaten by the python and then a cheetah came and told me to get on its back and I did. Also the shark had a heart attack and died. Then a fish-dog took me to my ship but my ship was attacked by a ghost ship.



Today, I am steering the ship because I am a captain and I am allowed to do whatever I want to do and no one can stop me! This early morning, it was very chilly and windy. My hands were freezing and my nose was as red as Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer. The wind became even colder and could damage this ship. This was not the first time it was windy or breezy but today is very windy.

"Sir, there is something you should see." As soon as one of the guards told me this, I ran as quick as a flash. I went downstairs, and immediately, I was in shock. There was another ship coming towards us and my ship was damaged by 20%.

"Those bloom*** idi*** wrecked my ship!" I as well got this ship just two weeks ago and it is already damaged…

To be continued…  



'OMG' There was an ICE BERG in the way! I felt so scared and ice shivered down my spine and we might have ended up crashing. How would we get back!?

The ship had fallen all apart and I sank in the crystal blue ocean. Nearby there was land and I thought treasure might have been on it. I went by myself because my crew was repairing the enormous ship.

 I saw a mountain and climbed up onto it, it took me 10 minutes to climb to the top. I saw the land and the land was gigantic! There were: Fruits, animals and palm trees. I saw a forest so I came down…

To be continued…



When I swam in the water it was ok for me because I usually go in the water almost every week on Saturdays. But today it was different, the water was so warm like as if someone had just farted in there so even though there was a sea creature in the ship I still had to go back and save my good crew.

2 hours later the sea creature was still alive and there was no way the dumb creature would ever stop growing. Oh yeah I just forgot, any time I kill the sea creature it would come back again and begin to grow like a beanstalk or a giant. For a day we finally killed the creature the thing we had to do was get acid and 7 up and then mix it with the acid and then pour it on him so he can feel the pain. Then my friend asked me a question. He said "Why on earth did the creature come for you when we were the people who killed it?".



When I was steering the boat, a big gush of wind hit me and I was knocked off my feet from the harsh wind. I had hypothermia but I am okay. It made my hands go red as a tomato but while I was steering the boat I could see the island Jamaica and on it I could see half fish half human people and I could see monkeys eating mangoes.

I laughed because it was funny and strange and the monkey said to me, "Hey cap'n do you want some sweet mangoes?”

I said in my mind 'I didn’t know monkeys could talk'. But I kindly said back to the talking monkey, "yes I would love some mangoes but I can’t right now because I need to find my treasure on this island."

So I was sailing and another gush of wind hit me but I'm still ok but I got a serious brain injury but I'm ok and at least I'm not dead and luckily I found my treasure. What I had to do to find my treasure is I had to go through 3 fights against the queen monkey (which was sitting on my treasure) and her 2 slaves, but they weren’t as strong as me. I'm happy and I'm going to sail home and tell all my family and friends of what I had to go through to get this treasure!



The last thing I remember was hitting the ship and falling off the boat, then I woke up on an island. I don't remember the name but it was dark. I pulled out my sword and said hello is anybody there. I hear a twig snap, I walk into the bushes. I see a rat and I say to myself ‘oh it's just a rat.’

I look up to see a dragon. The dragon melted my sword so I shot it with my gun. I reload and shot it again and I say ‘oh no I just made it angrier’. I run!

After I run for a bit I find our old ship hanging on the edge of a waterfall. The crew is screaming for help. I pull the ship and I hear the dragon take a deep breath…

To be continued…



'Ahoy me mateys, there is an enormous iceberg in front of us! Abandon ship NOW!!!

BOOM, CRASH, BANG! There was nobody on the ship and they realised everyone had departed and the ship was long gone to a mysterious land that nobody and I mean nobody had come out from. The whole crew had floated to the mysterious island and had seen a mountain and a ship on the mountain. They had all looked confused and they felt shocked, nervous and scared of the journey ahead.