Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Cardinal Pole Engagement Session



Once upon a time, I found myself on the water gazing at the sky.  I started to wander around the Dalston Island. Suddenly saw a black black monster with 9 eyes 4 legs 5 ears and 3 mouths. I was running for my dear life I was trying to find my dear best friends but no sign of them. I took the biggest sword of the island of DALSTON. With a stab I KILLED THE BIG BLICK BLACK MONSTER. The storm started to grab me away of the Dalston Island like a scary kidnapper. From the distance I saw my dear best friends running to a random ship…but to late they were gone. I shouted “HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HEEEEEEEEEEEELP! I am an 11 year old boy who needs help!”  Some brave person came up to me and took me to his ship and gave me fish fingers with chips and peas. I was so happy that I could do 1000 star jumps every single day. This man was called captain FLIM Edwards. He trained me to become one of the best captains in the world. Then a skinny cat was sitting on my bed eating and smoking all day. We had the saddest war in pirate history. My best trainer in the world got killed by one of the French captain my whole life was shattered. I travelled back to my normal hometown and out from nowhere I saw my mum handing out pictures of me to people saying “Have you seen this boy?” I shouted “Mum I am here.” I lived happily ever after.



We fell out of the ship onto different islands. It was cold and dark. There was something wrong with this island. I knew it! I could feel it in my bones. The clock was ticking, I was now on this island. I felt that something was wrong, but I kept it in my head. I heard the yell of a creature but I kept in my conscience. My friend was captured by the creature. I ran for help but by the time I got back she was ripped in pieces, blood was everywhere. I never knew what I was going to do until, at the corner of my eye I spotted a ship. I cried for help. One passenger spotted me and told the captain. They stopped the ship and invited me on board. Luckily the boat was going to the Dalston Island. I got back safely and met the old team. They all told me how they escaped the dreadful islands with their disturbing and appalling monsters. Then we all went to go and see the captain. When we got there the captain was sleeping. The parrot made a noise and the captain jumped to come and welcome us. She said "Hello mates, how was your journey? I missed you my crew when you all went flying away! I’ve been lonely ever since it the wave hit the ship, it’s just me, Polly and a few tins of beans but enough about me how were your journeys? I’ve really missed you lot.” It was incredible. I felt so scared at times but sometimes I felt excited. When my friend I met on the island died, I felt broken, destroyed and most of all terrible.



As I fell off the boat by the courageous water wave, I nearly died when I DROWNED but luckily I was washed ashore by the waters and the strong waves. I landed on the island that we were heading to. As I washed ashore, I coughed and spluttered. I stood up walked to the forest. I heard something. Then I found out what it was forest people with spears and they started to chase me. As I lost them, I went on a search for any survivors but something got in my way. It was a lion but not just normal lion because it had FIVE or SIX LEGS. As I got to a mountain, I started to sit down have a fruit but all of a sudden the island started to shake. I looked up and I could see lava and smoke spluttering out of the mountain. I stood up as soon as possible and started running. I passed the lion who is now a wake because of the rumbling. I slowed down to trying to…



Oh No! I see a colossal gruesome, green, ugly fiend, its 1000000 foot big. Smash, bang, wallop! It smashes the ship to shreds I crash into the nave, wave deep sea...I see nothing but sea, sea, sea everywhere. Oh what has happened to the ship? Oh I see someone is stuck. It’s my mate. "HELP!" she cried. “I’m coming to help!” So I managed to get her out of the ship in one piece. One hour later, we settled out to find a way out of the sea and we saw not far away an island. We swam speedily and rapidly. We got to the island and we felt the silky, boiling sand between our feet.  “Bad news!” I said. There was a weird caveman with a very weird animal. It had 10 eyes, 4 wobbly arms and a love heart shaped body. They both were coming towards us angrily, we ran as fast as a cheetah, then we fell into a big deep dark hole that went on and on for centuries. We met more caveman people. They were nicer and kinder. I asked them do they know the way out of this humungous land and they showed us. They led us to a beautiful island with colourful fruit. We were starving and we ate. What happened next?...



I said “What is on this island? Are there monsters or food or a place to sleep? How will I get equipment or food?" I didn't know what to do but I found a passage and walked through it and I saw the ship. I was so glad I saw it or I would be stuck there forever and that would be bad. I met some of the crew on the way. We made a boat and sailed the sea to our ship but it was long we had to be steady or the boat would rock and we would fall off of the boat. There was only 3 of us but the wave came back and destroyed our boat so we swam back and made a stronger boat. We had to go through the forest and climb the mountain and get together stronger wood. After that we made our stronger boat and sailed back to the ship. We were as happy as a lottery winner that we made it back in one piece. It looked like we were not the first to get there but our team was glad we all made it back. I felt like a helpless man lost in the sea but now I feel like a hero. I feel better than ever now that I'm with the ship.



It was a spooky, dark night when I was with my crew. A terrible storm, a 600ft wave came in and went CRASH onto our ship!!! I had to jump off the ship otherwise, I would have died. My life was at risk as I was about to jump. My head got hit by a rock that flew out the wave, I went under I could not breath I thought I was a going to die so I had to hold on to a octopus's tentacle's for dear life. I could see some of my crew drowning I saved Angel Dorothy and Becky. The octopus pulled me up to an island and I was so glad that I could see day light, again me and my friends were so hungry so we went into the spooky forest .And we wassearching for food forfive hours. We finally saw a mountain we climbed up and... On the very top of the snowy soft special mountain we found a school, called cardinal pole catholic school. Then a English teacher called Miss Appleyard sent us and some special people from my crew that I lost in the storm to this wonderful place called Hackney Pirates in Dalston that’s when we were reunited and told our stories..



I crash landed into the navy waves which was very frightening I couldn't stay calm I was panicking but then in a big splash I was found in the sand. I took a deep breath and I smelt fish, I seen some seaweed and found a pirate hanging off my shoulder it was red, blue, green mixed altogether. I got back up, brought my pirate with me and went through the forest to find my precious ship where all my companions were, we searched sunny days and sleepy nights until...We found my ship if it wasn’t for my old friend I would have never survived alone I couldn't wait to show all my friends my new little pet. Out of nowhere there was a colossal animal it was soft, black, white it looked friendly but I thought if I touched it would probably hurt me but I went through with it and it didn’t hurt me at all I brought him too to come and show him to my friends." Come on pets I'm going to show you to my friends. Hi guys look I brought my new friends with me, the coloured one is named rainbow and the black and white one is named pandy, say hello guys," Everyone shouted with excitement, "Hello new friends." We all went and walked around in the beach and had fun with each other it was one of the happiest moments, this moment will be captured in all of us forever.



Bang smash I fell of the boat I saw an Island so I quickly swam to it. When I was on the Island I met a new person called Sam. I found out that he got attacked by that massive monster and then he fell out. So then we decided to walk around and look for any other teammates that could be around the beach here. After we went around the beach up the mounting through the forest and back down the mountain and no one was there. So we went off to find any food are any equipment to build the boat the fruit so we can eat. Suddenly we saw storm coming towards us we quickly started building the boat and now were of the ship we saw at the middle of the sea. We saw a massive ship rocking on the sea we wondered to each other could anyone be here as we saw a head stick out we rowed over to the ship as the rain was pouring. We decided to travel to the ship we called our captain and then we through the rope on the ship and that how I and the person I met got on the ship. After I felt excited and happy I was back on the ship...   



The water was really was freezing cold I saw a forest, up ahead it was really large and dark but then I saw a mountain and I sprinted up it and I saw an island, covered in sand it was beautiful and the sun was shining bright but then I saw a ship in the water it was my mates.



I felt abandoned and terrified and cold in the deep freezing water. People were crying and shouting but I found somewhere really beautiful I thought to myself what can this place be? I started to swim and went closer and closer every time. Guess what landed in the beautiful land as I struggled to breathe, I saw someone coming close to it was silly Sally, how did she come. I saw thousands of people through the island trying to find food. Silly sally helped breathe and I told her that I was really hungry so we went through gorgeous , good looking forest with mouth-watering fruits that you can eat there were: apples, mangoes, pineapples and many more felt like I was in heaven. The flowers were elegant and the creatures were kind and amazing. It was night time and we found cave were there were lots of leaves. 1hour later I woke up something strange happened silly Sally was not there. WHAT HAPENED? I was so scared but I found a boy who helped me find sally and GUESS WHAT I was worried for nothing sally was trying to catch a fire fly. Who does that? We went back to our cosy cave and when we came back we heard a roaring, thundering snore which made a scary sound and guess what is happening?...



It was like thousands of people harassing me I felt depressed and I wanted to go back on the ship. I wonder what will happen if I was in the sea for ever? What will life be like? I want to see my friends which I call my family I lived with them since I was born people call me silly Sally. I want to make my way to an island or my ship I don’t want to die of hunger I want to be able to live with my family eat to gather and play with each other even though we fight a lot I still love my family it is like we have been separated because I can’t hear people cling me for help. there it is people calling me for help I must consider my life before I help someone else then I must help my family, friends and who ever I live with my best friend Josephine is always there for me it is like she is my sister to me even though we fight we share everything when I mean everything I don’t mean share pants or anything we are just normal girls. There it was my fear I hate that slimy thing it is so gross I call it a bigthingymebob. What do u call it? I finally got to the ship I saw all my family I was so happy I did not know how to describe my feelings! What will happen next... 



I was in a boat and an enormous storm approached us. I underestimated the force and unfortunately, I got blown into the water but none of my crew members could see me. Somehow the water blew me to the other side of the island. I tried to shout but they couldn't hear me. I noticed it wouldn't take me long to cross to the other side of the island. I could see that there was a forest and I felt like giving up. 20 minutes later I passed the forest. Then I saw a river so I had to go and swim to the other side of the river. I felt like swimming as fast as I can. Then I saw that there was some wild animals. They were pink, yellow, green, grey and black. I also saw that the sand gradually got greener and greener each minute. I could hear the birds tweeting. The animals I saw was a lion, a tiger and gorilla. Then I saw that there was a boat. Then I ran to get into the boat. Then I saw my crew and I said "I'm back!" That was when I knew I’m back home.



When I fell of the crew ship I landed into the deep blue sea I was terrified not just because I didn't know how to swim I was terrified because a big gurney creature was heading my way. Then I found a log so I took it and took my pullover off so it could be the sail soo I past the creepy creature soo I was just exploring the forest because exploring is my thing I was kinda scared of the python but a true pirate is not scared of anything .the forest was beautiful it had butterflies it had yellow fairies the trees were made out of cotton candy i was going to taste but then I remembered Hensel and Gratel soo I didn't even dare. Then I heard a loud roar I was like Jesus soo I started running I didn't know were I was going but I knew I was going some were away from that roar so I hide behind a rock but I could feel someone breathing on my neck I turn around and it was the lion! Soo I dashed for my life I was also praying whiles I was running. Then finally I found silly Sally playing with the monkeys she was no help so I couldn't be bothered to tell her there's a big lion chasing me. As I was going I fell into a big hole there was a sign that said KILL EVERYONE WHO'S WALKING. So then i was like is this the end of my life because that's not how I imagine it. Then I remembered I had a big rope on me soo I took it out and through it on top of the hole and dragged myself up when I finally got up I said huh who's laughing now it's definitely not you then i wandered of. Finally I found the new ship oh god I was happy then I started singing then Captain Turner said I should get on the ship I said he was jealous because my voice is good but I didn't say that out loud because I knew the consequences so I said it in my head, just my head...  



I flew of my ship into deep water, I was    drowning when I saw my friend lost Luke getting lost, and I felt lonely. A few hours later... Someone came and rescued us he said ''fly off to land, you'll be safe there, but be aware of the secret traps!!!''. Lost Luke got lost again, I called his name six times and he was nowhere to be found so I continued exploring this creepy place. A few years later... I finished scouting this place and when I came out, I saw my ship. I said '' ahoy me hearty’s'' the ship turned my way my captain was there all my friends, oh I was so glad like I was never before. I was relieved.         



As we were climbing up the thick sparkly mountain which was shining as bright as the sun in the afternoon, one of my crew slipped as they were struggling to reach the top of the mountain, they slipped all the way down crying and shivering at the same time trying to figure how to find her way up with the other crew. As she was finding her way up the second time, a big enormous monster with 8 eyes came running up the mountain towards the girl, and grabbed her against her wrist and threw her back down the mountain all wet and soggy. All the crew was so worried didn’t know what to do to save her life, it was so worrying and we couldn’t just leave her could we? The girl came roaring up the mountain and finally made it, everyone was cheering as she made her way up. After the crew were trying to get on the ship to have a nap for the next day coming, but as they were about to lay there heads on the ship, there was aloud roaring sound that never stopped, and threw all of the crew back to where we started. Everyone was so confused and cold at the same time that some people were nearly go to lose their lives, we were all trying to think of a way to get on the ship, but as we were doing that, someone got an idea and the idea was to climb on the mountain as slow as we can and jump into the boat as angel, all the crew was thinking of the idea and we all agreed, as we were climbing slowly to get on the shift, things were hard ,things were tough, but at the end of the day the whole crew got there at the end. Everyone started cheering and chattering amongst themselves as they were on the ship, we all took bath and slept calmly without anyone disturbing us. “Ahhhhh!” said one of the crews trying to keep his balance not to fall in the sea, he grabbed on to the boat, but as he was doing that he fell into the sea like a starfish. He was struggling to grab hold of the boat, everyone was chattering amongst themselves to see what they could do, but there was no ideas. The man was stuck I the sea for days, and was scared not to lose his life, he thought he was going to leave his wife and children to suffer while his soul was with god .All of the people in the crew started to panic, they didn’t want him to lose his life after all he was the hero of the crew, but after thirty minutes he started to breath heavily up and down look confused. "Omg!” said a passenger in the boat looking worried and terrified as they were look at the poor man suffering is he sea nearly about to die and leave his family. The crew went into the glimmering blue sea to rescue him and take him to the nearest hospital, but it was hard to because there leader was GONE which was SCARY." what are we going to do since the man is not on broad," said a man with Nike trainers," I don’t really know to be honest" said a women with a started look on her face. All the passengers got out of the ship to look for the leader, as they were going near the mountain, they saw the leader with a blue hat. AHHHHHHHH! "We have found the leader" said two of the crew amongst themselves. We all felt so bad for the leader, but unfortunately his dead...One day after the leader of the boat had been buried, everyone couldn’t lay there heads on a pillow,they were very confused and didn’t know the reason for the leaders death. The week after everyone celebrated what they have achieved, it was so exciting and glorious. Happy pirates ending, the end.



I came up from the water gasping for air then, I looked around searching for land it was far but I could swim to there to save my life I thought it would help me find my ship. When I got to the island I started to look for ways to contact my friends on the ship so then I looked around for some materials to make a flag once I made my big bright flag I needed a way for my friends to see it so then I walked through the forest and across the bridge and up the mountain then I saw the ship and I waved my flag and the captain saw me through the microscope then I went down the mountain across the bride through the forest and ran to the ship in joy and told my friends about the amazing journey I had and they all said I am very brave for exploring a unknown place and we celebrated my bravery on the ship but they didn’t know that I didn’t actually face anything scary but they will never know.  



From the moment I got thrown from the ship into the sea I was scared, cold and shocking. I felt like I was about drown I was sinking. But then I swam back up like a dolphin thinking I was about drown but no. As I swam I was thinking why Captain Cap threw me out of the blue. A few moments later I saw the ship but then I SAW A 15 FEET WAVE COMING AHEAD so I quickly swam to the ship as I got next to Evil Captain Cap came out and started laughing. When I was begging him to come on I realised that why he kicked me out and why he was laughing number one I accidently broke his cat’s leg in 4 places. Number two was because I was sinking while I was begging him so it looked like the more I beg the more I drown. I haven't forgotten about the 15 FEET WAVE!!! So I had to think fast I realised if I got the ship I would drown anyway so it was no good. LUCKILY the wave stopped and I was about 5 minutes away I could see it. As I got closer evil Cap got his Jet Ski and try to stop me he said he try to help but I pushed him and got on the Jet Ski. At first I didn't know how to ride it but it was automatic so I got the hang of it. As I got on shore I had a nap until you know who came spoiled I for me I was gone for good he had me not until I kicked him and ran. I screamed help but there was no-one around not even the police it was a forest or him I went for the risky way and went to the forest. But the other end was a water fall so I was doomed but I didn't know so what do you think will happen. I was so happy I'd get away but luckily I was smart enough to hear water coming down from the water fall so I screamed making him think I dropped but really I was already across the bridge ready to climbed a mountain.



A long time ago, I was in the ship when suddenly a wave, a one thousand meters wave going in our way ,we moved to the right and to de left, but the wave add it us and I got thrown out of the ship. I swam back up as fast as I could because I was running out of breath, then swam to the island. I had tried to cross through the beach and when I had finished I saw a forest where I was for two weeks, I add to eat seven mangos, one black manga which I had to take the venom out and also a avocado which was a bad idea because I hate them. In the forest there were lots of trees and they were all gloomy, but I finally found the end of it. I add to walk ten meters and there I saw a mountain where I add to claim it up. When I got to the top of the mountain I saw our ship. But the waves!!! In the sea right in front of me I see massive waves, their bigger than a football stadium. At least I'm a good swimmer because I trained to swim better than a fish, so I'm gone swim as fast as a shark. I swam and I SWAM so fast through the waves!!! I looked like a missile through the water. I could not believe that I add manage to swim to the ship, as I claim I remembered the mango that I add eat. As I went to the boat I saw all my friends and we all laugh.