Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

     Clapton Girls Academy


I was drowning slowly. My mind was clear but my heart was panicking "I'm never going to make it, what has my life come to?" I thought to myself.

Suddenly I started to feel light as if somebody was picking me up. The atmosphere started to get lighter and lighter. I reached to the top and my lungs started to fill up with air. It was so cold and salty that my taste buds exploded with the disgusting taste.

I swam out of the water and stared at an Island. It had luscious dark green trees and ripped fruit on it. I felt so lucky because it had everything I needed.

I travelled around the forest and saw so many bizarre animals such as a half lion and half cow, quarter human, quarter elephant and two quarters of a mouse, the lions fur was as smooth as a babies bottom. The half lion and half cow chased me until I ran all the way on top of a mountain.


I heard the loudest sound and I saw my boat. I ran down the mountain and jumped like a tiger on to my boat. There was nobody there, but I went down the stairs of the boat, and saw my fellow boat crew having a conversation. They were all being very silly and stupid because they were happy..

I gave them all tight hugs. The waves waved at me as we set off to our destination...



You hit the water. I’m hit with a rush of cold. I gurgle water being pushed deeper and deeper. As I hit my head on a rock. The pain pules me down. My eyes begin to close. No it won’t end like this... With my last bit of strength I pull myself up. I survived! I started breathing fast I must find land. I swam. "Help!" I scream. I can see the Island! I grab on tightly to the land. My mind screams like a rocket with pain. How long have I been here? I wonder. As I begin to walk. I see a forest, am I finally going insane? Animals circle me with wings and horns, scales and beaks. A colossal mountain stands before me. I scream for "HELP" screaming as I climb up the mountain. I’m nearly there. One more push. I reach the top, there it is...THE SHIP… I RUN! FASTER AND FASTER! I SWIM - I’ve made it... I am home.



Hitting the water like a bomb, I fall deep down into the deep blue ocean. The seasoning of the blue ocean entered my mouth and a tingling feeling down my spine. Pushing me aside are the waves of the ocean rushing in like a herd of cheetahs rushing towards me. Trying to find my way back to the pirate’s ship trying to dodge all the sea life. Trying to see if I can see land I slowly rise my head and take a big gasp and sigh of relief. Squinting I find my way to dry land.

Looking ahead of me I see a tall mountain not just any mountain, a mountain with snow a surrounded by green forest, cautiously walking through the forest looking around to see who can help nobody I shout "help”! I cried in despair.

Big green trees surrounding me long brown branches, the wind howling like a wolf's calling. The roots of the trees curls up the tree made me shiver. Looking up at the colossal mountain thinking to myself can I do this...?



I hit the water, splash! I flung across the sea, there was no land no people just the deep blue sea. As I went forward I saw land I swam and swam but it went as far as I went closer, I kept on swimming and then I finally reached...

There was a forest surrounded by trees, I was confused, I never knew where to go but then, I saw the tip of a mountain, I ran towards it I tried to climb it was too hard I kept on falling.

Two hours later...   I finally climbed up the mountain I looked everywhere I saw the sea and I also saw something swimming in the sea I went to look to see what it was, climbing down the mountain. When I reached down the enormous mountain I saw girl in the sea and I can’t believe saw a MARMAID! AND NOT ONE BUT TWO, I was amazed!

I talked to one of the mermaids and she was crying I asked "Why are you crying" she said "There’s an evil mermaid trying to take my love" I asked, "Oh that’s bad can I help you in any way?" "Yes please but first how are you here?" she responded. "Oh long story I will tell you later" I quickly replied. "Ok but first what’s your name?" she asked. "My name is Laura, what’s yours?" I asked, "Rosie" she replied. "Come let’s go to the castle before she does some kind of spell on him!" she demanded pulling on my arm. We reached to the castle where the evil mermaid was "Oh what a pleasant surprise!" Said the delighted evil mermaid. "Why are you doing this to me what have I done to you?" questioned Rosie. Before the evil Mermaid could respond I shouted, "Leave Rosie and her love alone now!" The evil Mermaid looked angry. "What makes you think I am going to do that?" The clock struck twelve and I went outside to see what happened…



Long time ago, there was a boy that never got lost and loved to go to adventure places. Hi, my name is Lewis and I’m going out to the red sea to find gold and I can’t wait. I feel as if I’m an Olympic swimmer. I hear the waves whooshing past, I go even further...! Suddenly I see a underwater shadow and it’s shaped like a SHARK!! So I swam and swam and SWAM!! Until I have no sign of it. Finally, it’s a sign of relief.

I am now in the red sea, it is very nice. So I went in, I see fish and different shaped fish, I smell banana smoothies underwater. As I swam to the big pirate ship, I was very excited to steal gold from him and to steal their lovely colourful wood made boat. I felt very calm and relaxed in the warm, relaxing water (ocean). So I saw a boy so I went up to him and he was thrown out the pirate ship and dashed into the deep, deep shallow water. The boy said he was a mermaid and he was going to show me his mermaid friends. Apparently he was thrown out of the pirate ship and transformed into a mermaid boy! So I tried getting out, but there was no exit I see a little village and I swim to the village. Felicitously, I got out and tiptoed away. A couple milliseconds later, I saw people with hand guns so my heart stopped that second. BANGGGGGGG, my leg bent I ran as fast as I possibly could, this man was a suicide killer, I was scared and uncomfortable. So I see a forest vanished inside, then ran. Wolves. I see wolves. AAAAAAAH...



I saw a pirate and she was speaking to me. She was asking me if I was lost and I said yes don't worry. I will save you so she did she took me on a boat and the boat was full. Of spiders and webs and a big dinosaur came and broke the whole ship and me and the pirate fell in the sea and we had no-one to rescue us so we stayed in the weather land where there were no people to be seen but the next day we were hungry there was nothing to eat only and this was the dinosaurs fault so all we had to eat was a piece of a fish and there was no fish on the island. After a while the captain was left in the sea and he was screaming help! But we were sleeping so he sank and the patinas bought the captain back up and the captain was safe. And everything didn't go that well so much but then the next few months they went out to the jungle and there was a lion sleeping, and we all that people are scared of lions these days so they creep quietly past the lion and it woke up and started chasing them. The next day was a rainy day and the captain was getting terrified because of the thunder and rain the mysterious captain was full of rain and he went to a haunted house. There were skeleton bones and the captain fainted and there was a ring and he put it on the skeleton and it came alive. It felt like the sand was burning my feet..



As I slowly hit the water, I could do nothing apart from shiver. I slowly started to fall as I went down I could see beautiful sea creatures. The creatures were amazing. Then suddenly everything when blank. Then suddenly thud I hit solid ground. I slowly opened my eyes. It was so dusty, there was no sea life at the bottom. I started to swim like my life depended on it, I finally reached the surface. I could see trees, sand, animals and birds. Then suddenly a huge flock of parachutes flew past. I then moved to one side and saw a mountain. I then had the edge to sprint. After an hour I had to stop to catch my breath. Suddenly a stone rolled towards me then what looked like a troll popped out. And just stared blankly waiting for something to happen. I tried to move out the way. But the troll blocked me again. Then it started splattering stuff out. Then it translated what it said in English it said if you need to answer this whoever shall pass you are orange and have a peel.



Hi my name is Laura, I was falling down. It was a rough day at sea. The boat tipped and the whole crew went with it. Of course the captain didn’t go down with the ship, that selfish snake. SO here I am falling, it is a couple of metres before I hit the water so this is where my story begins.

It felt sudden, it felt like 10000bm at the same time touching your heart. That what it felt like when you hit the water. I went deeper in the water only my mouth and eye were let to go under, I could see captain with his life about dreading away. I was alone. The shock was almost like you were floating a feeling I have felt most of this story.

I finally came up to the surface, I grabbed something to hold onto, which felt like a log. My hair was all tatty and my mouth felt like it was a desert. I was just floating along the sea it tossed me and gave me a bit of a headache but with all of that I was feeling fine.

LAND LAND!!! I yelled to my crew forgetting that I wasn’t on the crow’s nest any more. To understand the way I felt you would have to run a long way and then slow down. In the short term I was exhausted!



As I was under the cold boat I suddenly saw a path to escape from. I looked and looked and finally it was what I WAS WAITING FOR AN ISLAND. Then I had to decide to run to that to see what was on that island, I had hoped I would find TREASURE. I was running out of breathe, then I saw this box underneath the sand. Then I have decided to take out the thing with things out no one seeing me guess what it was, it was a treasure. My mouth made a shape of an O. I thought of taking the shinning, gold and metal jewellery back to the ship. A smelly breathe went pass my face as, I turned around I saw a massive lizard I was in shock of seeing a lizard, but I thought it was friendly lizard (the lizard helping me) the ship was back to normal and all my crew mates where safe. The friendly Lizard helped me push the ship to the sea. We were back to our cosy, warm and glittering home. WHAT AN ADVENTURE WE HAD!!



As I got pushed into the water the waves gathered me away from my crew. I was lost and worried as I thought I would never see my crew again, I was worrying more I had then told myself to take three breaths. I finally had calmed down. I saw the boat and I was pleased and sad at the same time, as I swam to the boat I thought my crew was there but the boat broke and nobody was there. I started to panic I used the wood on the boat to sail away to find an island it was difficult because I didn’t have a map. As I fell asleep I had woken up and found myself on a tropical island it had green shark tail on the tree all the sand was magical they were moving round and round as I went into the forest I heard parrots and monkeys. I then looked and looked for food and found a blue eye with banana. The wind blow, with anger. I then was worried how to get out the forest. I then saw the tallest mountain and felt relieved as I climbed up higher and higher I saw a boat and as I was on the mountain I found my crew I cheered.



I hate the water. In the water I saw lots of pirates ships I felt scared.  I saw lots of sharks and a lot more animals. After all that, I came back up it was nice to see a lot of things under there. When I came out I saw a forest I walked in it I saw a lot of animals there was a lot of foxes. But then I started to get scared my heart was beating faster. After I finally found my way out. I saw an island there was a volcano there I went to see it because I never saw one like that before. In that place I saw a woman she was lost as well. All my friends got lost... In the ocean I saw a mermaid as well she was really pretty she had more and more sisters. The woman I met she began my friend she told me how she got lost and I told her what had happened to me as well. Finally we found are way back. But we had to look every way so we can be sure that is the right way.  When we walked about 10min there was a river and we went past and we find our way back and said goodbye.           



Once me and the crew were out sailing across the dark blue sea when all of a sudden out of a struck of lighting here and there across came thunder at the same. The thunder was heavy the boat started tipping over here and there it was a disaster! The whole crew and I fell out of the boat tried to back in but it was too late the boat had already sunk it was the worst time of our entire life. We swam to shore it was cold and I was terrified I could hear strange noises which were coming from the forest no one had ever stepped a foot in it. So then I went in it was scary I could hear howling I saw a half bird and a dark red dolphin heading towards were I was in the forest it felt as if I was going to die for sure so I hid in the smooth silky bush which had spiders a grasshoppers on them there was a mini tiny little blue snails and slugs.

The blue whale had all of a sudden disappeared I was about to die. So I ran to the highest mountain it had ice all around it and butterflies lay on it as if it were there home I was astonished. Wow! This is amazing so I carefully ran up that mountain to catch one then out of nowhere it had started raining on the mountain only. I found that so weird it was completely dry at the other end of the mountain and when I first started my boat journey it wasn’t raining. Suddenly I heard an angry loud sound which shocked all of the gang, it was an enormous lion. All of a sudden I started thinking that there was a zoo here, I started to see very large and weird animals around here. Apart from the butterfly that was pink and blue butterfly, there was acutely sort of nice I could have called that a passing butterfly. I was still wondering where my crews were I really miss them I wonder where I am meant to look for them. So I carried and so on I could not find them I heard loud voices I ran and I ran and it was my crew I was so happy to see them I told them all about it then there it was the treasure the crew had brought back with them. How on earth did you manage to bring it back? We saw it was at the back of our boat. What on earth? Yes great I think we deserve a hot coffee well done crew!  



Splash! I fell deep in the water. I looked up and I swam to the top I looked around and shouted "CAPTAIN, CAPTAIN" But she didn't answer. I turned around again and I saw the different island but the same animals, I grabbed a piece of wood and swam towards the island.

When I got to the island I felt very wet and hungry, when I stood up I smelt fish and I followed the small and it led into the forest I look up at the top of the tree and there was a golden mountain. I took a deep breath and taped into the forest. Five minutes later I hear a stick snap, so I quickly turn around and I see a half dwarf and half dolphin walked towards me and I walk to it. I put my hand on this head and he liked me I asked him if I can rid him to the golden mountain and he said yes.

Three minutes later I’m climbing the mountain "I finally got to the top of the mountain" I said in a happy way, I look around to see were the captain ship is and suddenly a bird flu in and I asked her if she can fly me to the captain ship. When I look on the boat I saw the captain sleeping.


Rose M

Salty water poured down my throat. Seaweed whirled around me like there was a storm in the water. The water dragged me down as I struggled to swim up to the surface. The water stung my eyes and it made my ears ring. Suddenly a gigantic wave scooped me up and tossed me on to the silky sand of the beach. Dusting myself down, I opened my eyes and gazed around the island. Taking my last look at the sea I swung myself around saw a daunting forest. Gingerly I slowly stepped into maze. Remembering the moment of when the wave destroyed the vessel I wondered if the selfish captain had gone down with the ship but as I thought more in my mind I could hear a motor .That captain took the life bout to herself! That ungrateful captain. A minute and prayed I would I would never see her again!!



“AAH!!!! It’s freezing. Someone help!” I screamed in a fright someone help me. I shouted “MUM!! PLEASE SAVE ME, COME TO ME.” I was crying so much.  I could hear a storm coming with a rattling sound and along came a thunder storm. As soon as I saw an enormous animal it was a crocodile... I tried my best not to scream or shout (luckily the crocodile hadn’t seen me yet). I swam with all my energy and all the power that I had so it does not reach me. I had started to drown a bit so I pushed myself up to as much I can.

I had seen a similar island to the one that I was at before and tried my best with all of my energy and power. I swam as faster as I could; once I reached the island and found my crew. I spoke to them and they said that they had fallen into the sea they said there were a few more people from our crew to come back. One of my mates told me that when she was in the sea a seagull had come and took her away. I was very upset to hear about that.

Soon we had seen a ship coming towards us. We all cheered (HOORAY!). As the ship was coming towards us we saw one of crew mates and she said she never got eaten she got saved and found our ship so she thought she will come to find us but she couldn’t find us, though she had been too many different islands but luckily she had found us. As we were all together we tried our best to find some food as we were starving in hunger. We were all happy and cheered HOORAY! Once again we all made our way downstairs of the ship and ate what we could find. We were all quite dirty as we barely had a bath and it had been about 100 years.


Rosie Blue

Splash! So I hit the water as fast as a cheater. I thought I was going to die I was petrified. I slowly tried to pull myself up suddenly a whale came over and I pulled myself up on the whale back. After a while I reached my location I was so happy but at the same time tired. I walked and walked then I got to the hot beach so for a couple of hours as I was relaxing I realised I had to go to the forest my journey is not over yet so I finished my cocktail then started to head off. As I was going to the forest I saw a tower with Rapunzel in it and the Prince was going to save her because her evil step mother was not home. After that I saw a troll garden the forest so I said "I'll MAKE YOU HAVE A BAD FRIEND"  



As I come out the ship, on to the island, I can see a forest with long green trees. On the top I see a sharp little triangle, it’s an orange mountain where many fresh crops are growing on it. It’s so beautiful that I have to go on and see it! As I get in to the ship, I sail away to the forest excited. My arms feel tired but I can’t stop now from going so I have to move on quickly!

I get to the forest, finally relieved from sailing. I AM SO TIRED! I ran through the forest when I saw many animals and a monkey looking really hungry I check if I have banana for the monkey. I quickly move not losing my concentration. At last I got to the mountain looking very happy and excited to see what view I will see. It looks so beautiful. I taste the light of all the houses and I smell fresh blossom air.  I roll down enjoying the hot as I look at down miles away I see the forest. I look forward seeing my ship I run towards it straight away as fast as a shooting star!



I'm sinking towards my death. This is it I'm gone. I don't know what to do... I'm slowly I carried on swimming. I finally arrived at the island. I then rested until it was morning. I woke up, I looked around, nothing. But I saw a massive forest. I've never seen anything like it. I wondered if I could find any help. So I walked through the forest. I saw amazing flowers, all sorts of colours. Wonderful insects. I saw the most astonishing animals. I saw a tiny elephant as small as an ant and saw an enormous bee.



Boom! I found myself deep down in the water. I didn't know where I was. All I knew it belonged here. I could feel myself knowing where I was. I stepped up and look around. I saw this most lovely golden sand and most beautiful royal blue water. I turned around back to the island. I remembered that I have been here before because it was called Mako island land of the hidden mermaids but no one had never seen one. I walked around the island and saw something? I had never seen before it was a rainbow unicorn. People say it was just a myth but it’s true. Then I wondered my friend would have love to see this incredible thing. For a minute I thought this was all a dream. I felt relieved I saw such a wonderful thing and happy at the same time. I walked around the island and then I saw a half pirate and half unicorn. Then I saw talking tree and planet they were huge. The trees were so big like the Big Ben.

I walked and walked around some more and then I saw a huge multi coloured mountain. WOW! I stepped on this weird rock and it pulled me on top of the mountain. I had a view of the whole island it was beautiful and massive. But then! BOOM! I was in this type of cage. It was small but then I spotted this turquoise blue small type of pond I couldn’t believe my eyes it was... It was a mermaid a real one her scales were like a rainbow it said "Am a mermaid and so are you." I was puzzled. And then I slipped inside of the water and I saw my tale for the first time. She said it’s because when I find a mermaid and she tells me then my tale will come and I realised that it was my best friends Connie and then we swam together and saw amazing fish. I was so happy it was the best day of my life but the only thing we didn't know how to come out of this island and if we were still pirates. We didn't know who we were any more.



It was freezing, I could not feel my hands. Water was coming in and sinking our boat. The crocodile was half human, multi coloured and half wolf. As I stepped into the forest the mud filled my nose up with a strange scent. My eyes got bigger and bigger when I saw a rope hanging down from a tree. But there was a crocodile chasing me and by the time I got up on the tree and onto the mountain the vicious crocodile was standing in front of me, so I got a knife and stabbed it three times in the neck then the crocodile died. It was a relief, I climbed up the rope and then I got on top of a mountain and back down again. I was saved from the big, large crocodile.