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Thank you for becoming a Corporate Ambassador and helping us reach out to new potential partners. Please copy & paste the message below (feel free to edit) forwarding on individually to the relevant person in any organisations you fell might be interested in supporting our growth mission. Please note, there is a link to a PDF document in the body of the message, please ensure the link is working or download and attached the PDF before sending the message.

Suggested title for an email: The Hackney Pirates - Case for Support
Hi ______,

The Hackney Pirates is an education charity supporting local young people aged 9-13 who are falling behind in school and have access to fewer opportunities. Their unique after-school learning programme develops literacy, confidence and perseverance through reading and creative writing activities. The writing children produce is then published in the form of story and poetry books, studio recordings, smartphone apps and films which are screened in a local cinema. On average, Young Pirates improve their reading age over 50% faster than age related expectations. You can find out more about The Hackney Pirates' award winning impact and information on the different ways your organization can support their ambitious plans for growth in this Case for Support document.

If you are interested in supporting The Hackney Pirates or would like more information, please email