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Existing Volunteers

Welcome volunteers! Here is where you can book into sessions at The Hackney Pirates, as well as explore our range of resources to help you support our Young Pirates

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This is a private group for our active crewmates. As well as updating you with the latest goings on at Pirate HQ, we'll be sharing links to interesting articles, videos and events happening in the area, particularly those involving fellow crewmates. If you would like to share anything with the crewmate community on Facebook, please email

At the moment this is a closed group and only HP staff can post, but we will be bringing you ground rules once we get someone to take up the mantle of page admin. If you're interested and able to commit to this role, please get in touch with us at

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If you haven't already, please help us monitor our diversity

As many of you know, we are really interested in making sure that our volunteering opportunities reach a diverse range of people, so that our Young Pirates have the chance to work with a mixed range of role models and we can make sure that our organisation is truly open to everyone. As part of that commitment to diversity, we are now starting to collect data on our community ethnicity, so we can keep track of how we're doing without making assumptions about people. 

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The Hackney Pirates is a registered charity. We don't charge parents and families for our services, so donations are vital to allowing our work with young people to continue.

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Helpful Resources

This section is designed to support you with volunteering by pointing you in the direction of useful resources. If there is a gap that you would like help with, or if you have a suggestion for some resources here, then please email


The Hackney Pirates' Code


A Hackney Pirate is committed to exploration, pulls their weight on deck, and never lets another crew mate down.

The Hackney Pirates' Code of Conduct

You can read our Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers, and here's our Behaviour Policy too. These are really important so if you have any questions about anything you read in these two documents, please get in touch with us via

You can also read our Complaints Policy and find out how to make a complaint and how we handle complaints. 

The Hackney Pirates' Child Protection Policy

It's really important that you familiarise yourself with our Child Protection Policy. You first saw it on your Interested Pirates (registration) Form, and it was discussed at your Training session.

Here it is for your reference.

Please get in touch with us if you've any questions. 



Volunteer Handbook

Keep it in your electronic treasure chest!

Here it is for your reference.


Vol Handbook front page


Other treasure...

Here are our session resources, for you to enjoy with a nice cup of cocoa!

1. Reading Tips

reading tips 2
reading tips 3

2. Captain Splurge

captain splurge

3. The Refined Admiral

refined admiral

Persevering Polly

Red Beard The Reader

Corporal Confidence

4. The Effort Challenge

effort challenge

6. Writing Islands

writing islands

7. Capital Letters

capital letters

8. Apostrophes


9. Commas


10. Exciting Words

exciting words

11. Paragraphs



12. Setting Goals

Other Stuff of Interest

And finally...

Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see on here by emailing us at