Literacy Pirates

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Crowland Engagement Session


Look, I didn't want to be a pirate half-blood. It's dangerous and most of the time it gets you killed in nasty and painful ways. But things really started going bad last May, when the captain, the crew and I took a trip to Hawaii to look for golden pigs. I know it sounds crazy but it's true. The island had possessed people in tiki masks, fish were growing on trees, and there they were the golden pigs.

As our captain turned over, a huge tsunami as tall as Mount Everest hit us with an icy chill. Wait a second, I'm so silly! I forgot to tell you my name is Annabeth Callasten and I am twelve years old.

Back to where we were: as I plummeted into the cobalt blue salty ocean I willed the current to take me to any beach on Hawaii away from the sunshine. Of course, the sea listened to my command and did as I told it to because I am the child of Poseidon the God of the Seas. When I arrived on the surface I was dry because I willed the sea to keep me dry.

As I ventured into the depths of the deadly forest I came across the entrance to the Underworld. I just had to sneak past it to get to the entrance of the Labyrinth. The only problem was that it was guarded by three of Hades the God of the Dead’s - in other words my dad’s - most vicious monsters: a Furie, a Minatour, and a fire-breathing Hydra. As I was sneaking past those monsters, SNAP I had accidently stepped on a twig.

I cursed in Greek 'Errete es corkas' which meant 'go to the crows' but it’s a worse curse than it sounded. But that isn't the point. As my blood turned to ice, the Hydra woke up and it lunged at me. Its fiery breath just missed me by an inch. Then it used a weird voice, one that I realised it was one of my father’s Hades he wanted something from me. I will have to get back to you. Hope I live. Wish me luck.



As I crashed and hit the ash-damp rock, my body felt trapped as I continued to drown. Slowly, step by step, I carefully fell to the ocean depths. Sooner or later, I realised that I could swim. My body unlocked and I swam like never before to freedom.

Bringing myself up, I saw someone that looked familiar. Curiously, I strolled to see my fellow friend Charlotte. Merry to see each other, we saw hay wooden houses to stay in for the night.

"Before we go in we have to finish our quest for the golden pig,” suggested Angel.                           

"You’re right Angel,” replied Charlotte. As we scavenged into the mysterious gloomy forest, we got the special golden pig. Suddenly, we heard a rumbling sound from the ancient-looking temple and saw...

A menacing grey-black boulder heading towards us! Running until we had no breath, we managed to escape until we saw a possessed tiki mask. We ran for our lives carrying the special golden pigs in our hands. Exiting the mysterious gloomy forest, we came to the houses and rested.



As the cold swaying water swayed across my body I felt as if a hundred rocks were landing on top of me. After a while of swimming I finally reach Hawaii island. I stop and see the magical golden pigs my crew and I have been looking for. The worst thing about it was not being with my long-time friends. I grab a golden pig and I run inside the forest without hesitation and try to look for my friends. Five minutes later but it felt like five hours later I was still searching but still found nothing. In the distance I could see a tall towering mountain with glistening snow.

I start climbing, but was still nowhere near the top. Finally, after some time, I reach the top! In the distance, I see my wonderful ship!

I decide to slide down the mountain and I run through the forest once again. Trying to reach the end but still nothing.

To Be Continued....



CRASH! When I hit the blistering wave I realised that I had made a dreaded mistake. I swam eagerly hoping to find the shore. Finally I spied the shore upper north. It looked as if it was deserted. I checked left and right nervously. I pulled myself up but something was dragging me down. Instantly I looked down and saw a great white shark!

I drew my sharp harpoon gun and shot the beast. There was my dinner! I sliced the monster in half and ripped the massive fins off. I slid under a green leaf as a new blanket and dozed off to sleep...                    

I woke up with a startle as a shadow draped itself over me. I scurried back into the water, swimming for my life as it stalked me, copying my every move. With relief, I reached dry land once again. Right before me stood a jade jungle...


I crept into the spooky jungle, peering everywhere I stepped... BOOOOOOOOMMMMM! A rock slide hammered me into the cold ground, trapping me below... 



A splash. Fighting for my life as I reached for air. Then, nothing...

Warm water lapped my toes and soft sand made me feel comfortable in the warm sun. Then I remembered the storm. Where was the ship and the crew? Where am I? I stood up to admire my surroundings and it turns out I had washed up on a tropical beach near a deep forest.

I needed to find my crew so I strolled towards the woods. As I was walking, I managed to trip over something. It was a mask - like one of those Hawaiian masks that you would see on Scooby Doo. It had rolled over and it had been hiding something. I picked up the strange object. It was as soft, smooth and delicate as a feather. I put it in my pocket, hoping I could sell it for a lot of money.

I stepped into the forest and as soon as I did, I began to feel uncomfortable. I was being watched... Something strange or evil was lurking in the dark, following my every move. It knew something that I didn't. It wanted something but I couldn't work out what. 



As I belly flop into the emerald green sea, I feel a tingle down my spine warning me not to swim up to the surface. I urgently swim to the other side, desperately wanting to know how long I need to swim. All of a sudden I spy three golden sparkle pigs merrily dancing to a sweet tune. I quickly grab the golden pigs and sprint as quick as a flash. Something inside me stops me from running then, and a deep dark forest appears from nowhere. After what seems like hours, a long wooden bridge guides me to a big thunderstorm that swooped me into the air. When I climb on top of the mountain I peeked our familiar little ship, I dive into the icy cold sea and swim as fast as I can. I dangle onto the ship and see no one. I searched and searched. Finally, I gave up and start to weep. After, I leave the golden pigs and dived into the water. I glimpsed under the sea and I see a shadow. It comes closer and closer until I realise it is a shark! I try to run but something traps me and I suddenly close my eyes and float.

When I woke up, I found myself on board with my team. It was only a silly but still scary dream. Or was it.....????



Boom, bang! I gradually hit the tropical water, and as quick as a flash I felt like something was draining out my breath from my body. At this same moment, I felt like it was the end of my life when... I swam quickly up to the shore wondering what helped me swim back to my safety. The shore, which had a soft sandy surface, found a way to creep into my wet sticky toes. I felt like my whole body was numb and I couldn't feel myself. I slapped myself to see if I was dreaming but it turns out that I wasn't. There was COMPLETE silence when...

A shuffling and ruffling sound came from the dead dreaded tree and slump, there was a FAT GOLDEN PIG that managed its way to me. I felt terrified and I had no clue what to do! Then I swam back to the ship I came from, and luckily enough the rest of my crew was there! I now felt safe and nothing could attack me.

I was buried down into the cabin and told my fellow mates to hide to safety as the awful life-taking tsunami took over the ship! We all managed to swim to another ship and stayed in safety there. Food, new clothes, drinks and comfortable beds accompanied us, and we instantly fell to it and drifted off to a long night sleep. ..ZZzzZZzz..... To be continued!          



As I slammed against the shore, I could feel pins and needles creating bruises across my body. I was trapped between the sand and the sea. I could hear pigs talking to me, and at first I thought that I was hallucinating. Everything was surreal. I could see the island shaped like an eggplant, the clouds dancing and land sharks roaming the land.

Time stopped, and I glared at the situation I was in. I felt my body paralysed but I managed to lift myself up. Stumbling and trembling, I beamed across the eggplant island and picked up a fat, baby pink pig which was eating a metal apple, devouring every tiny piece left.

As quick as I could I picked up the golden pigs to impress my captain. As I picked up as many pigs my hands could carry, suddenly my vision stopped. I couldn't see anything. I collapsed to the ground with my pigs and I thought my life was over until…




As I hit the icy, clear water I knew that this was the end. My long life of pillaging was over and I would die because of a simple old tsunami! Finally I pulled myself together and swam swiftly to the surface, I was so glad I took those swimming-in-shark-infested-waters classes!

Nearly frozen into a piratesicle, I managed to swim closer and closer to the golden beaches of Hawaii. As I sat, exhausted on the shore, I saw a pig coming at me. No, it was a golden pig!

It was very small, maybe a piglet, but I didn't care. I had found the rare golden pig of Hawaii! I laughed with merriment. At last! All I had to do now was find the ship, show the pig to the captain, get a raise, go back home and forget that I was ever a poor pirate stealing from rich merchants to feed myself.

I tried to pick up the piglet but it weighed a ton! I tried to tempt it with some old, wet carrots from my tool belt. It seemed to like that.

Ahead of me, a dark mysterious forest glared at me menacingly. I took a deep breath and, leading the golden piglet, stepped tentatively into the woods. The air went from tropical warmth to Antarctic winds. Shivers tore up my spine. It felt like a thousand eyes stared at me from every direction but when I looked around there was nothing, no one, only the eerie silence that followed me wherever I went.

Eventually I left the cold woods and was facing a towering mountain looking at me as if to say "Ha ha! Now you have to climb me!" I groaned in protest. Why wasn't there an easy path leading up the mountain, or better, a lift? I started to climb up the mountain when a ferocious blizzard attacked me. Why was the weather in Hawaii so complicated?! After a few minutes, maybe hours, I found a shallow, dark cave on the mountain face...

To Be Continued... 



When the water hit me I felt a silence in me. All I was doing was thinking about everything I learnt in swimming. At the first sight of land, it was like my body was dragged over to the island. When I got there I coughed up a lot of water. But when I looked up into the distance I glimpsed the golden pig. I was amazed! I rubbed my eyes to make sure it was not a hallucination.

It was the golden pig! I got so excited I nearly forgot about the saying 'look and think before you walk'. I thought for a while. I knew that there could not be nothing dangerous in a forest when there was a valuable thing on a mountain. I had two choices: look for my crew, or go alone to get the pig. It could be dangerous but it would be worth it, but then I could also look for my crew to help me…        To be continued...    



As I fell into the empty dark sea, not aware of any danger, I saw the ship torn into pieces with wooden planks falling off. Later my heart froze as I saw a wooden plank fall on me. That’s when my friend pulled me and I felt as if I had dodged a bullet. At the corner of my eye, I saw an island taken out of a fantasia. Just when I turned to my friend, the unknown happened! The anchor of the ship made us split and the force pushed me away to the island.

At that moment, I was confused on what to do. I thought I should move on but my mind forced me to go back to the ship but I didn't listen. As I moved on, I saw strange things on this island like masks, dead fish and sharks. I didn't care about anything and I was about to leave the island when I heard footsteps and that’s when I ran to a mysterious mountain. I got tired but I moved on. When I looked back, I saw that there was a tribe chasing me and I felt my back pushed forward and I got trapped!

The next day I woke up in the same island but it was different. There was a village and then I heard footsteps and I thought it was a man but it was my friend. He came in disguise to save me. Later, we escaped through a deep tunnel which no one had entered for one thousand years. A gate was opened which I assumed was the exit but when we approached it closed and we remained stuck.



As I hit the water, I could feel that I could float up and catch my breath but as soon as I swam I could feel something was pulling me down to the bottom of the sea. I looked down and I could see how the seaweed was attached to my ankle. As I dived in the solid crystal water, I unwrapped the slimy, gooey seaweed from my leg and floated back up to the surface.

When I saw a gloomy, green island I rushed swimming forwards to it. A few minutes later I reached the gloomy green island but I was terrified of it because it had bloody masks hanging off the trees, but I said to myself that I'm a pirate so I'm brave and strong so I entered it. I could hear the scrunching old leafs that lay on the dark brown floor. As I came forward I could hear the screaming of the...

To be continued… 



As I hit the freezing cold, sharp water, I didn't have any oxygen. I had to somehow climb the solid crystal water to take a good deep breath. As I did so I felt something grab me by the ankles and pull me down to the bottom of the sea. I'm very grateful I had pirate swimming lessons. I tried to swim to the surface. It was a struggle.

Finally, I floated to the shore. I saw the Hawaii island, but I had two choices to make. Choice number one: stay on the island all my life. Choice number two: go into a dark forest and try to find a way out. Now obviously I had to choose the dark forest. I climbed on to the shore and disappeared into the dark deep forest.



Splash! The breath-taking tsunami took the life out of me. I felt like I was drowning from the surface, my coins and gun weighing me down. I started losing breath, everything went blurry. It went black.

I woke up on the side of the island. It was sunny and hot. I was weak, and I felt like I was going to die.

I sat by the sea and gained more strength. I started to walk, looking at everything. I looked in the distance. It was something golden, something fat, and it was running. It was THE PIG! I wanted to speak to it but ... it was a normal pig but gold, so I said hello but then it SPOKE! I was shocked. I started talking to it, and we had a walk. We didn't know that we were near or close, but there was the mountain.

The pig shivered. It confessed that it was normal, it can only talk which was weird. I was upset and I left her. I went up the mountain by myself. I was there, it was high, and I could even see the ship but there was nothing up there so I started to make the journey down. I was so satisfied about the view I tripped and fell, tumbled and fumbled, tripped and slipped! My life was about to be over again but the pig saved me! I really don't know how but she did and I forgave her, but I saw a big and terrifying shadow. It was ...

To be continued!




I end up in the icy, cold seas sitting on the back of a steel grey dolphin and I know it was a mistake searching for the shining golden pigs. As soon as I close my eyes, the dolphin plummets me of its back and I end up in the freezing ocean, finding the place where my crew could be. After swimming for days, I finally find a small island off the coast of Hawaii, and guess what I see...

All of a sudden, I see a multitude of shiny golden pigs sitting having a little sun bathe. At the opposite end of the island I see a deep dark forest calling my name to come inside. I’m trapped, nowhere to go, looks like I'm going to the gloomy, spooky forest. Wish me luck!

I tremble through the woods. As I fall into a trip wire all my four corners are hooked by a rope. Luckily, I have my trusty sword in my belt, and I cut out but then a multitude of tiny eyes stare straight at me making me feel a bit anxious about escaping. I quickly run out of the woods with my best helper, a golden pig. We both run as fast as a cheetah and we see the ship. WE FOUND THE SHIP! I am so delighted that me and my pig made it back to the ship deck. The only thing I see is stinky Pete blowing up the chickens but wait... Where is the rest of the crew?

To be continued…



As soon as I hit the cold, icy water, I felt hundreds of millions of needles piercing into all my limbs. From that moment onwards, I knew that I would never, ever see my crew-mates again...


Once I had realised what had happened, I started swimming towards land which I could see in the far distance. The land was a gold, bronze beach absolutely empty except for ... shiver me timbers I've found the golden pigs!! Oh how I wish Captain was here. he would have given me the largest chicken for dinner. But the negative side is that I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF EITHER NOWHERE OR HAWAII!! Now what do I do, ha ha? Well I can either go through the emerald, jade jungle or swim through the sapphire, cobalt sea? I think I should go through the jungle, as Captain always said "Golden pigs are the best hikers ever." The pigs are actually fast walkers.


So now we're hiking up the mountains and what happens? I'll tell you: a rock fall starts, but luckily enough I found a cave to hide in until it stops. Once I arrived at the top of the mountains, I could see the beautiful horizon, the blazing sun, and .... SHIVER ME TIMBERS, THE SHIP!


Bringing out my telescope, I could see the captain and the crew! Wait a second...? Are they having a party without their DJ!! Anyways, forget that I'VE FOUND MY CREW, MY PRECIOUS CREW, MY FAMILY! Oh how excited I am to tell them about my adventure! I might as well bring Captain some golden pigs (especially if I want those large chickens).

Without a thought I dashed down the mountain, through the jade jungle. I ran as if I were lightning sliding across the golden sand.




What happened? This crystal, blue water felt like five thousand icy, cold needles. Also, I felt a thick, metal dagger searching for my heart. Who knew what happened?

Is this the end of me?

It's been hours and I'm trapped on a sandy, isolated island but then I realised that my joyful crew and my jubilant captain had disappeared without me knowing. Why?

If the captain is dead I will find him a gold, juicy pig.


Time passed by, and I finally found the golden pig.

I found a wooden sword on the dusty floor so I stabbed the mouth-watering pig. FOR THE CAPTAIN!

After I ate the pig, I found stinky Pete. When I smelled him, he smelled like a dog's faeces. EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!



Suddenly, I felt a thousand knives enter my body as I hit the warm salty water. I saw Hawaii and a shiny golden sword in the distance and the golden pig that me and my crew were searching for, but I was stranded, hungry and lost. Luckily I was a great swimmer, but sadly it was really far to go to Hawaii.

A couple of hours went by. As I arrived on the island of Hawaii I saw a tiki mask that was really nice looking and looked hand made. It was guiding me to that golden sword I saw. Following patiently, I arrived at the amazing golden sword that then dragged me to the shiny golden pig. It wasn't what you think: the golden pig was evil and chased me angrily through the dark forest full of red eyes that would scare anyone. At the end of the demented forest was a towering mountain that was touching the sky. I was in shock and I thought... 

To be continued…



Crash! I hit the mild, salty water. It felt like one thousand nails piercing through my back. I was paralysed. Stranded and lost. Hungry and thirsty. Golden pigs ran all day long making me want to devour them. Water-filled coconuts lay on their luscious green leaf beds, teasing me with their taste.

Sitting on the strange sand, waiting, waiting for me to be saved from this deserted island. Just then, a dreadful storm rose making rain pour heavily, pounding on the gritty sand...

To be continued…



As the strangling, breath-taking tsunami hurled me up like a puny worm, I plummeted into the mildly warm water, becoming fully submerged. As I blacked out, the calm, shimmering sea led the way to a deserted, mystic island. Surprised, I drowsily awoke from my slumber to find an ancient Tree of Beginning. The tree magically opened its crushed limbs: a temple had awoken...


Mysteriously, I ventured into the heart-stopping temple. Everything was fading away as fast as a cheetah, I had to RUN! Luckily, I athletically slid under the narrow entrance and there was a back, shivering beast, the same beast of thy ship. I imagined an almighty, death-savouring Zeus lightning bolt and it magically came, I thrashed it at the rancid beast and defeated it. I saw my heart-warming crew again due to incinerating the horrifying beast. I entered the heart of the ship and lived comfortably ever after.