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Memory of Hackney

Jolly Rogers

It was a privilege, I was lucky to help organise my sisters birthday party. It was her 7th birthday, I was lucky enough for the market to open on the same day in Hoxton St Market! This was because I could get the objects for her birthday, I bought multicoloured balloons  and ordered the cake and bought food, and I also bought birthday banners!


We got home and designed the whole house and invited people, there were more than 20 people that joined the party. We had different activities like pass the parcel, musical chairs, present time, guess my music, and we got to play outside! After all of that, it was cake time! Also, as I ate the cake I could taste the chocolate, maltesers, sprinkels and the smooth cream!


As I remembered when my sister was young she longed to be a 'Flower Princess', I decided to get a cake of a girl that looked like her on icing and she was holding flowers! I was over the moon that my sister loved her cake and birthday party and me!