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Video Editors wanted to collaborate on an animated movie project for children's charity, The Hackney Pirates


We are looking for editors to collaborate on an animated alien invasion movie project called Alien Alliteration, telling the story of how some brave children used the power of Literacy, Confidence and Perseverance to save their teachers and an alien planet. The movie will be screened at the RIO cinema on Thursday March 22nd.

The Young Pirates have written description and dialogue to match the storyboard (attached separately). The children have been filmed reading their scripts to camera a small team of animators working on creating short pieces of animation to match the storyboard. Now we are seeking support putting the filmed footage and animation together to create the film. 



The final film will be made up of children reading to camera interspliced with short pieces of animation relating to the storyboard. 

You will be given 1 chapter to edit and a short written summery of what happens in the chapter. You will have footage of 15-20 children who have each filmed an individual 1-2 minute script telling the story of that chapter. Each video file has a corresponding high quality audio file.

The children have written different accounts of the same story with their own unique spin on things. Your role is to cut together different pieces of each child's script into a sequence of approximately 5 minutes, that conveys the overall narrative of the chapter. Here are 2 examples of Young Pirate videos:

Ben - Chapter 1

Anya - Chapter 5


Each child must be included at least once and must have screen-time for a minimum of 5 seconds (or close to). The children may appear multiple times and the minimum 5 seconds screen time doesn't need to be continuous. It's totally okay if cutting together different kids makes it a bit non-sensical or if descriptions are repeated multiple times, this will hopefully add comedy value! 🙂 


You should leave short blank gaps between some of the children where we will later insert animation. The gaps should be a few seconds in length at a time. Use the sequence of the storyboard to work out where the gaps should fall and what the animation will contain. You can decide whether children's audio continues during the gaps left for animation, this doesn't need to be the same each time. Here are two examples of the animation in progress:


Animation Example 1:

Animation Example 2:


Delivery Requirements

First draft on or before Thursday 8th   March (minor notes and feedback given within 24 hours)  

  • Low (1080p quick time ProRes 422) 
  • Full project file


Final cut on or before Thursday 15th March

  • High (1080p quick time ProRes 444) 
  • Full project file


If you are interested in supporting us on this project, please email or call

Anthony Mensah –Teacher & Volunteer Manger (aka The Swashbuckler)