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Edward's Story

Hackney Pirates

My name is Edward Mavakala Da santos, i am nine years old and i also

Like  speaking spainsh because it is enjoyable at the school even latin but latin is somtimes boring and anoying playing gladitor.

I am the fastest boy in the class and we enjoy sports sometimes but we get angry at Mr Benett because he keeps telling us to sit down outside. Mr Benett is my pe aka physical education.

I can write quickly and read stories to small people like the nursery and reception and people enjoy my stories.

Mrs Tambi is hard on us because she want us to get levels 5a or 5b and she pushes us so we work very hard in all the subjects  .i love apples, strawberries, kiwi ,grapes, plum,melon, and pineapples. 

I enjoy maths because I was the champion for math and i got it twice this week and im very happy with myself and love timestables.

In my family i havemy two parents and two brother and two sister a d this is the family.