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FAQs: Volunteering in Year 2 Pilot

The Hackney Pirates is radically increasing its impact by working with more Young Pirates in Hackney and beyond. As part of this, we are delighted to announce that we will be piloting a Year 2 program for 6 weeks starting from Monday 19th February.


Who will I be working with?

Young Pirates in year 2 (aged 6-7) from two local primary schools.


When will the sessions be held?

Between 12.30 to 15.30 on Mondays from Monday 19th February to Monday 26th March. We are piloting the program with the vision to launch it more widely in 2018-19.


What will the Young Pirates be working on in the sessions?

We will be working with the Young Pirates to produce an anthology of poems about places that are special to them called ‘Hackney Atlas Junior’, as well as supporting them with their reading through 1:1 support. The sessions will feel much like our existing Primary sessions but with the outcomes tailored to the learning needs of younger learners. 


Do I need any special skills?

You will play a key role in this pilot, trialling our new methods and giving us feedback. Crewmates volunteering for this project should be prepared to support us with feedback and be flexible as we adapt to new challenges. We will be running a special extension training to support this, for more details see below.


When is the special extension training?

Tuesday 13th February from 5-6.30pm.

This special extension training is only for crewmates who are interested in volunteering for the pilot. The session will provide some strategies and give you an opportunity to ask more questions. You do not have to take part in the training to volunteer in the programme, but we recommend it if you would like some extra support in working with a younger group.


What if I want to find out more?

You can email Aaron at 


How do I sign up?

You will be able to sign up the usual way via the session calendar!