Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Grasmere School


I flung into the air and dropped into an inky blackness, then I swam into the island. In front of me was a full forest it was full of darkness. The crew and I were together, we went into the forest...

There was strange sounds in the forest such as moans. The forest was full of darkness. At last we were out of the forest. I looked up and saw a giant mountain full of grass. We climbed and climbed until we reached the top of the mountain. There was a house it was small but it was worth going in to see if there was any supplies. We went inside and how lucky there was loads of supplies. We got as many supplies as we wanted to get.

There was a great view but we had to go down.

We slide down the mountain and plop we landed on the warm puddle. In the house we found food. We walked through the forest and back to the sandy beach we planned to stay for a bit. We wandered around until someone found a living pizza. The pizza started talking. He said " May I join you I want to stay with you can I?" Everybody answer was yes. Then they found out that it could do magic. Everybody admitted that it was a bit cute.

After a while they found the rainbow kitten. The rainbow kitten can do anything except it can only be rainbow so they thought it would be a good idea to take the rainbow kitten and the living pizza.

Noisy Noah then caught a fish and then the day became night. Whirly Wingsze then made a fire. Excellent Elias prepared the fish. Mad Manu then served the food. Nice Nelson let everyone else have their food first then he ate. Adorable Astrid then gave a makeover to everyone with her make up. Arty Anisha told everyone to spend the night painting. While they were doing that rainbow kitten and living pizza slept.

In the next morning, they returned to the ship and had fun and sailed away.


A sword slashed me in the face, I lost my balance and fell into darkness all I saw was a sea of dirt and blood as I kept plunging down I thought it was the end so I let myself sink. It was a satisfying feeling being dragged down but I knew I could never give up as that was the first thing I learnt in pirate class and I have been preparing myself for this sort of thing since I was little. Popped up to the surface and there I saw it the great mountain that everyone would have longed to see. As I dragged myself onto Blood Island I saw over a million things that young children would have dreamed about! There was a giant chicken dinosaur and a sloth shooting rainbows out its mouth and LOADS of pirates! Likely they looked friendly "Hello is ye looking for a ship ya big" said one of the smallest pirates "actually yeah! Could you lead me there..... Please!" I said with hope so the other pirates lead.


It was a dark and stormy night and I was scrubbing the deck, when suddenly, an enormous tidal wave hit our ship and I was being dragged into the air and SPLASH! I was thrown into the warm water, which felt like hitting concrete. I tried to find a clear path to come out of the water, but I kept swimming and swimming, trying to find a way out when finally, aagh, a sigh of relief rushed through me. Then I had to find the nearest island. I was scanning the area, then, I FOUND AN ISLAND! I swam as fast as I could swim and I felt the soft sand against my feet. I knew I was near. I looked up and saw a sign that said, "WELCOME TO BLOOD ISLAND", in big bold letters. I knew I was there, so I called out to everyone, "WE'RE HERE, WE'VE FOUND IT!" But no one replied. From then on, I was alone on blood Island, at least I thought I was. I turned around and then, "FRRREEEEEEEEEGGG!!!!" a loud, distorted voice that I could recognise anywhere, an evil Fregnasurus! I took a glance at the sinking ship and the forest, which was my only other option, so I sprinted through the forest, hiking my way through the trees and bushes.


On a best beloved sea was a boat and a captain. They were sailing on the South Seas on Blood Island and there was a loud thunder and rain and lightning and the clouds went huuuushhhh and there was a silence. A creature, a massive one that had stinky breath, mouldy cheese in his lungs, sucking blood coming out from his mouth, yucky. So one night they were sailing and the captain got seasick. He had a dizzy leg, a blurry eye and a vomiting bug.

Oh no quick get some cringes he needs citrus. The other captain was sitting down reading a newspaper, but he was looking on the map it says that the island is at the right hand side. “Yippee yippee lets go”. “Alright we’re down here so off we go. Oh my god we found something heavy, pull pull ahh out the treasure box. Yes we found it!” They happily jumped in the air. “Let’s open it! Woooooooooohhh let’s take some home with us.” “OK that’s a good idea.” They were getting richer but not enough water, food or fruit so for that reason they felt sick and went “Ohhh nooo I’m going down.” They fainted. But one day ........ deaddddddddddddd.  AND SUDDENLY THERE WAS NO CAPTAIN LEFT ALL OF THEM DIED SAD ENDING SORRY SAD EVER AFTER THE END.



I was flung over the edge of the ship and landed in a pool of blood. I came up to the surface with a massive cut in my head and I was bleeding out. I struggled to make it to Blood Island. I wished I was never here in the first place. THEN, I went to look for some food and I got attacked by a living pizza then I blacked out THEN THEN THEN....I was covered with blood after I set back on track. I was very hungry and thirsty I tried to knock the coconuts off the palm tree but they fell on my head, then I gave up. I was very sad and hungry and very tired then I made a bed out of moss then I had a good night sleep.


Suddenly I got flung off the boat and I started to drown. I swallowed 5 litres of water it was disgusting, luckily I can swim. I swam to shore I was finally on Blood Island. I suddenly saw a shadow in front of me. I turned my head and saw a giant squid. THE KRAKEN!!! I had never seen anything like it. It was like nothing I have ever seen. Big, black and it was spilling ink everywhere, I was covered in ink. It started to come close....


I was flung from the ship and landed in icy cold water. I was suddenly glad that I had paid attention in pirate swimming lessons. I came up to the surface like a cork and noticed Blood Island in the distance about a hundred miles away. I started doing front crawl towards it but quickly got tired so I switched to back stroke. Then I realised there were people all around me. "Outa my way," I said. It took me about nine days to swim there. When I felt land under my feet I looked up and saw dinosaur chickens closing in around me. I brandished my sword and they went “baa” and backed away (I think they’re distantly related to sheep). Then I looked behind the dinosaur chickens and saw a forest. I rushed in telling a nearby blob to follow me. When I went into the forest, the chicken dinosaurs lost their fear of my sword and the leader followed me in howling. I followed the path. Maybe it was from another pirate crew or a terrifying monster. I saw some footprints and got very worried. I climbed over bushes and brambles. When I finally reached the other side of the forest I saw a mountain. Actually, it was more of a grassy hill so it was easy to climb up but very tiring. When I finally reached the top I spotted a ship in the distance. ‘That must be mine’ I thought, and I rushed down the hill forgetting the blob. I found an easier path down the hill and ran back through the forest with the chicken dinosaur king still pursuing me. I ran straight through the whole pod of chicken dinosaurs and into the ocean. ‘I`m safe’ I thought. I swam to the ship and clambered on and, like it had been when I struggled onto Blood Island beach, it was deserted. ‘Everyone else must have drowned’ I thought. ‘Oh well, I`ll head back to shore’… To be continued........On the shore....


I fell like a whale into the blue sea of blood.

My best friend John, who likes to have a bit of a pencil every day, has just been eaten by a pizza.

I flung myself like a rabbit on to the sore of the beach and then everything went black.

I woke up on a leaf snoring like a buffalo. My crew mates must have saved me. But, when I looked down, I saw I was 40 ft down and a load of human bone. I was on top of a tree.

When I look up I saw a pizza, my first word was cheese and that was how I got knocked out again.

I woke up on top of a hill. I saw my ship but it looked 100 miles away and I saw the fury tiny, turtle flying, then I saw a pizza, again the pizza was a cheesy fluffy thing.

The pizza said “I want the boat and I may have eaten your best friend. He tasted like pencil.”


Suddenly, as the wave hit the ship, I saw myself flying through the air. I could vaguely see a glimpse of the crew fleeing the ship stressfully. I then hit the water so hard I couldn't breathe. It was warm though. I looked around the place and soon found myself at the top of the water and in view of Blood Island. Our original destination. I somehow managed to swim over to the land which was full of old, abandoned shacks, once selling fish, shells and rum. I quickly ran passed the shacks and came close to a tropical-looking jungle. I thought I could do with some high ground to look for the ship. But I could never get up the thick base of the trees, so I decided to go up the nearby mountain. As I made it up to the top, I finally saw the ship. As fast as lightning, I ran down the cliff being annoyingly followed by a killer gorilla. Past the forest I went, past the beach and into the warm water of Blood Island. I swam to the ship knowing it must be sinking. But to my surprise, it wasn't. The only one of the crew I could see was the look-out. No captain. No no-one. I felt really angry and annoyed that we were so close. And the ship was not able to move anymore. After a few days, I finally saw some other people. The people let me stay for fourteen weeks in their house before they went on holiday to Africa. Very kind people they were indeed. Then I got to stay with another man for six months which was very pleasant of him. But after just over eleven months I was reunited with the crew and captain. Apparently they had been on the island all this time without me noticing. In the end, we were able to rent out a shack along the coast that sold riches. We didn't need to get the buried treasure in the end from Blood Island because we were the richest pirates in the seven seas.....


The scary day the wave came and pushed me and my friends into a big lovely forest. I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t know where my ship was. I cried to find were I was but the forest was saw nice and I didn’t want to leave. Somehow there was a big mountain that I thought I could see my ship from. When I climbed there I was thinking how to get to the top of the mountain. There was a pizza that can fly and took me to the top of the mountain. I saw the ship! So the flying pizza took me to the ship but my friends were left behind.


I screamed as I fell into an ocean of black ink. Suddenly a monster I had heard of in myths came to life. The hydra came and chased me on to a beach I saw not far away. I felt scared and frightened, but then a horse with two heads came. I quickly jumped on it not caring about what was going to happen next. After I escaped, I fed the horse some food I had managed to grab before I fell off the ship. I realised I had heard of this horse in stories the captain had told me. This horse had a name for each head, so one name was Phil and another name was Bill. We ran through the forest cutting everything in our path, finally reaching the end of the deadly forest.


"Where am I?", "Where am I?"As I shouted for help, I knew that I was in the ocean all alone. Scared like a monkey losing its mother, I didn't know where my friends were. Or, should I say, I didn't know where I was. All I knew was that I wasn't on the boat and I was lost. As I kept swimming, I came across an island. I swam near the island to see the view of the water. I was walking until I came across a weird animal that had five legs and three arms. It was an unfamiliar animal. I kept on going and I found myself in a wonderful forest. It had tall trees and small, cute insects. I just kept going and, guess what, I found a volcano stuck in front of me. I went to explore and climb up it. I could feel the hot steam coming on to my face like a dragon spurting fire at me. I noticed some foot prints on the side of the volcano so I followed them. When I reached the top of the volcano, I came across my best friend Lola. I shouted out "LOLA! LOLA!". She turned around suspiciously and shouted "My best friend". We both went and hugged each other. I was so surprised to see my best friend. We both climbed down the volcano and we came across a familiar boat or ship. IT WAS THE CAPTAIN'S SHIP. We ran as fast as we could and we jumped back to the boat. All of my friends were standing there. They were screaming and jumping......

To be continued.                                                                                                                                           

As I was flung into the darkness, I felt an uncomfortable slap of breeze. Suddenly I found myself in an ice cold area of sea. Then all of a sudden a hand dragged me out of the water. The hand tensed around my jacket. I had opened my eyes. I saw a bright light, it looked like I was looking right into a head lamp. I was dragged some more against the soft and silky sand. It was warm, not like the sea, it burned against my feet. Where was I? Was I still on Blood Island? How long was I knocked out for? Who were these people and where were they taking me to?

I couldn’t feel the sand anymore, it was wood. Was I back on the ship? Where, where was I? I was in a wooden room. Murmurs were in the background but I just couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. For all I know it couldn’t have been good. I tried to move but I couldn’t. I was tied to a chair. Why would they want me I? I wish I had never chosen to be a pirate. Suddenly, a door swung open and two men wearing black robes entered. One shouted at me the six words "who are you why are you here!" "I, I, I, I…" I was so scared I couldn’t speak. "SPEAK PROPERLY, YOU’RE A MAN" shouted the other man who was slightly too ugly for a human.  


I was flung in the air and landed with a splash. I saw half of the crew on water...

There was black, I saw only black. I swam and grabbed everything that fell out of the ship. I dragged and dragged until I finally got to Blood Island!!!! There were some creatures of all shapes and sizes. An animal with a horse’s head. Donkey’s ears, a camel’s hump and a pig’s tail..... He spoke in Russian (and I speak Russian to) and he deicided to help me. I asked him if there’s a boat nearby. He said (in Russian) “There’s one on the other side of the island”. But he did warn me it was a long way away. I was told that I had to go through the jungle and over a mountain. So I went with the thing that spoke Russian through the gloomy jungle and to the mountain. When we got there, the creature said "I will help you up." Zoom......   


"Arrrr, Oh at least I know how to swim!" Splash! "What is this? It is like black slime." “Raaaaa!” There was a massive monster like a big monkey, but with a moustache. "What the hell are you?" "I am a moustache monkey. The nicest monkey around. Who are you?" “I am a pirate who has just been thrown off her ship. You seem nice, will you help me find my ship?" "Yes of course" “Thank you". We walked in slime, mud, water. It was disgusting. "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, it's the Burger King!" "That does not sound scary." "Oh, it is. It has destroyed loads of people, no, creatures even. It is one of the most evil animals alive, it's coming!" “Look, it's my ship” ...


As I crashed through an iceberg I felt as though the world would end. I was running out of breath and I needed help. Luckily, a friendly octopus guided me to the shore and I quickly whipped out my trusty harpoon gun and shot an advancing pizza (ham and pineapple) and went straight to the forest with the octopus in his glass tank of water on wheels. Then I saw Big Foot. He chased me day and night up and down a mountain. When I got to the top I saw our ship!! I sped down the mountain and took a closer look as Jeff the octopus pointed out that it was a mirage. I had to make a shelter out of bamboo and trees. As I finished making my shelter it began to rain. I collected the rain water in coconut husks. There were bugs in the husks (adds a bit of flavour) and I waited and waited and waited and waited a bit more for the rain to stop. At last it did, and I had a sea slug dinner with bug flavoured water. Then I saw a blob on the horizon getting closer and closer it was a ..... a surfing horse and Jago!!!!!!! It was the first person I saw.


It was a dark and stormy night. I saw a big, big wave and it was coming our way. Everyone was scared. We all rushed back to the ship. We had made it! But suddenly, ‘woosh!’ We were dragged into the air and then ‘splash!’ That was when I blacked out. I woke up and I was on shore with nobody around me except the mysterious monsters who lived on the island. I asked the giant chicken for help but he didn’t answer. So, I started my journey. The first place I went to on my journey was the forest. I had to climb over the bushes and climb on trees and when I finally reached the end of the forest, I saw a mountain. Then I thought that if I climbed up the rocky mountain, I might be able to see our ship. It took a day to climb up that mountain. I was hungry and thirsty but I had no food, so I was stuck climbing the mountain alone. The next day, I finally reached the top of the mountain and I saw our ship! I ran as fast as I could down the mountain and I finally reached the ship, but that’s when I realised that nobody had made it back yet except me. Then I saw a huge monster. I took out my sword and fought it. It bit me so hard on my arm, but I carried on fighting and I finally defeated it. I was so relieved. But then I saw millions of things swimming towards me and I realised it was the crew. I was so happy that the crew was back. So, that night we had a great big feast and we even got a brand new ship. It had everything in it, in the new ship my favourite part was the gaming room. My friend and I went there everyday to play and we didn’t let anymore people play on it because we wanted to play on it all day, just us two.

After that day everyone was happy, we visited Blood Island everyday to see the giant chicken. Last time we saw him he was a bit upset because the giant living pizza was bullying him but we sorted it out and they were both friends again. That’s when we noticed that there was one animal who was not on the beach like he usually was. It was the Fish King. We thought he was in the water, so we checked but he wasn’t there. Then we thought he could be in the forest. That’s where we found him. He was playing about with another Fish King and then it attacked us and we all died...... to be continued in the body of the Fish King.

The end.


A massive wave hit me. I felt a hand of Nathan Drake. Suddenly a bullet in my arm, it felt like a piercing needle into my muscles. Then I fell into a deep sleep...                                                                                                A few hours later... I awoke with the feeling of someone shaking me. SUDDENLY I saw a man. I SHOUTED “Nathan Drake you, you s..s.. saved me." He gave me some food and, do you know what, he gave me FONDOO AND TARTIFLET. I really enjoyed it.                                                  2 days later… A massive wave hit BLOOD ISLAND and there was no sign of life apart from us. At least, that is what we thought...  Then we saw our group with the BATTERSAUREAS AND FATTASAURAS...  Dun..dun....duuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn. Then we went home. THE END.........


Swashbuckle Story

It was a beautiful sunny day. I was scrubbing the deck as I normally do and a giant shadow fell on me. I turned my head and saw something, it was about 50 metres tall. Then it started to come towards me next thing I knew I was in the air. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Caaawww", the birds went. I felt concrete on my face. I think it was water, I think I was unconscious for about 2 hours. I woke up, it was dark, I couldn't breathe, hear or speak! I saw bubbles. I'M UNDERWATER!!!!! I swam to the top of the water as quick as I could and took what I hoped was not my last breath. I saw the most glorious sight, "BLOOD ISLAND!!” I swam to it as quick as I could. I thought it looked so far away but I swam to it. There was an evil Betty the Beetle (a giant beetle with red eyes and there is a special way to communicate that no-one else knows). It started following me. I ran and ran. I saw a big black forest and ran towards it. I thought if I went into the big black forest that Betty wouldn't follow me. I saw an icy mountain, I climbed up it. I had loads of cuts from all the thorns and brambles, it hurt when climbing up the icy mountain. Still Betty was following... Finally I got up. I saw a monster, I ran back down.


Now I wish I never signed up.

I was flung through air and splash! I saw nothing but transparent muck, then I submerged. Then I was hauled ashore, I quickly unpacked my essentials.

A few hours passed...

I soon found myself in a vast jungle, vaguely knowing where I was. I hacked at branches and, after a very long day, I found a lovely blue lagoon. I then decided to have a few winks.

After a few hours of sleep, I decided to venture on. I found a mythical majestic Iclyboop, who has a big bum and a bigger head than bandana Bill. I soon found myself face to face with a colossal mountain, three times the size of Mount Everest!    

After a bit I found myself at about 5000 metres high. I had to rest. First, I looked down and said "That is a long way down"

2 days later...


It was terrible. The tsunami was massive and red with fellow pirate blood.

‘What's happening?’ I thought. I knew it was good to listen in swimming lessons. I didn't do it myself because, you know, I'm too good to listen. As soon as I stuck my head out of the water, I screamed for help. I looked around and made out a vague island shaped figure. I swam towards it.

"Damn it!" I shouted, "it’s a stick!"

As I swam, I started to see that I'm stupid thinking a stick is an island. I started swimming about, searching for my ship, but instead I found Blood Island.

‘Won’t high ground help me see better?’ I asked myself, after swimming 100 miles. After the long beach, I saw a forest but I remembered, having been in a crow’s nest, that a mountain was beyond it. I slashed through all the thick vines and eventually made it to the cold but warm island.

"Finally!" I screamed when I reached the top. I was so proud that I could finally see my ship. I used my wood that I collected from the shipwreck to build a sleigh and ride down the hot but cold mountain. I used my sword to cut through the vines because I chose a different route to the one coming up.


Once upon a time, we were in are ship. We had just defeated the kraken, it was a little scary but epic. “Oh my god! I see Blood Island and there are loads of animals and oasis. We can stay here for years and years!”



Admiral Nelson shouted "TAKE COVER!"

Clever Chloe shouted "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we might get split up"

Noisy Noah was on the ship, but it was too late. When the tsunami took me into the air, I saw Sorry Sue, she was sleeping. Next to me was Jumpy Jake and Joking Joe. It went black.


We all landed in a swamp. "Are you all ok?" said Noisy Noah. "I am jolly ok" said Swimming Sonny. Where is Jumpy Jake?


As soon as we knew the tsunami was there I started to panic like mad. Then KABLOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was dead, but luckily I landed on sand. “Oh thank GOD that happened.” Then I saw the Birch Wood Forest, the rarest of forests. It was my lucky day. With an extra Lake of Wisdom, that gives you two super powers of your choice. I chose perfect sniper skills and to see whatever wherever. I was so HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I could see our ship. I happened to be the last one to arrive. Since then, I told my story.


I was thrown into the sea, I could feel icy wind on my cheeks, then I blacked out! Since I opened my eyes, I could feel the salt water stinging them, but the sight totally made up for it. Under the water there were schools of fish, they were so beautiful I bet I stayed down there for ten Jolly Rodger minutes. Once I got back up to the surface it was ice cold. I thought that I was going to catch hyperthermia. I swam all the way back to shore and lit a camp fire to sleep by.

When I woke up, it was dawn and the sun was hidden like a pot of gold. Some squirrels had come to feel the warmth of the boring coals. I was hungry and I wandered the trees for coconuts. I finally came up with: 5 berries, 4 coconuts, 2 kiwis and 1 pineapple. I ate the berries and drank some coconut milk. Once I had the filled my stomach, I dug through my pockets and found my 200 coin bag of sugar (which I have been looking for). Waited until the sun appeared. Once I found the sun…


THUD THUD I heard a loud noise. It was a gigantic bird. I ran as fast as I could, faster than Flash, and landed in the sea. Somehow, it felt like landing on concrete and breaking all of your bones. Although I didn't, but I was lost. I lost my ship, my crew and I don't even know how it happened. I do think I can remember a little bit, well, this is how it goes. I was on my ship with my crew when suddenly raindrops were falling down from the sky. It turned into a storm. It was only 10 minutes long and it was the counter Timmy Time, who was very mathematic, who told me the how long it was. It was exactly 10 minutes long, and that is how I got here. I jumped as far as I could and somehow I landed right here in this particular spot. Now I have to find my crew and my ship. If it is not wrecked, I will be able to find more treasure and buy a new ship. I just heard a loud noise that sounded like Smelly Sue. All you can smell when you are sleeping in the ship is her stinky feet. I ran as fast as I could and I was delighted even if she was smelly. If I can buy a new ship everybody will have their own room and Sue's room will be very far away. Now that I have found Sue we will find our ship and my crew. Off we go.


As I plummeted through the air a green light fell over me. I looked up. It was a UFO. ‘Wait, WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ When I was on the ship I looked at the alien. He was extremely cute. He burbled "I come in peace. I mean you no harm. Candy." He held out a piece of candy. I ate the candy and said “thank you”, and then I squinted out of the window looking for my ship, because I am so amazing and clever. I see why people call me ‘Super Duper Super Scooter’.  I saw it, but I saw Superman as well. He lasered us. I never knew Superman was evil!


I was on my ship and suddenly crashed, our ship got hit by a wave. I was swimming to Blood Island, when I got to Blood Island I was coughing mad, because I couldn’t swim at all. When I turned around I saw a big forest, bigger than your big head Noah and Nelson. So I went on walking through the big dark forest. Soon I saw a big burger tree, I was so hungry so I ate all the burger. When I got to the other side of the forest and I saw our ship, I ran to I ship and everyone was on the ship and eating ice-cream.


It felt like my back was breaking as I was flung into the air and, when I did finally hit the water, it felt like concrete on my face. I heard a voice saying “what will we do with him?” then my already partly-deluded mind fell into inky blackness. When I awoke, I was tied to a pole and I heard voices, however I could not see properly so I waited and saw… People in mechanical suits and robotic mechs, but some people had weapons more my level, like… bows, and only one person had a mech. They also looked quite friendly, so I said my first word to them, “hello.” That was how I got knocked out again. When I woke up again I had what looked like two futuristic pistols pointed at my face, and all I could see was a yellow visor. They said “Hey, sorry, but I’ve got to kill you.”  “#@!*” I said, “I’m kidding!” They said. I sat up and looked around and saw a base. “Welcome to the Overwatch Base”, said what looked like an ape.

“Over what now?” I said. “Overwatch”, said the archer, “get it in your head.”


Once, my crew and I were sailing to Blood Island, then, whoosh! We flew off the ship like a bird that can’t fly. Splash! I dropped off the ship and splashed into the cold water. I was flowing, remembering how to swim. Then I saw the Blood Island, so I swam to it. When I got there I saw a beautiful sight. I saw ten unicorns, ten sloths, ten parrots, ten talking pizzas, ten talking books, lots of money,  ten talking maps and, on the other side, it was horrible. There was exploding clocks raining blood and a skull. At the same time, I turned around with fright. There was my friend Anna’s head cut off then BUMP BUMP. Someone was pulling me to a dark and creepy house. When I got inside I felt scared because I thought they were going to kill me and finish me …

When I opened my eyes I was surprised that I was still alive and that inside spooky house it was looking friendly. Then I turn to the person who pulled me, it was the talking pizza. Then I talked about seeing my crew. Not long later we were climbing a mountain made out of ice cream. When we got to the top of the yummy mountain, I saw my crew on the ship waiting for me. I said to my new friends “thank you for helping me to find my ship fair well, BFFs.”

Then I ran down the mountain with sadness and swam for my life like a shark was behind me and climbed up the slippery ladder.