Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Hackney New School


There was a loud tapping noise, ‘Tap tap tap’. Splash! Out came a monster; it looked like a cracken and a godzilla. It had 21 teeth a tremendous roar came from the sky. 

The captain was in her cabin protecting her gold. Zac and Jake and Bobby had guns. I had a cannon then I blew Jeff's hair off.

The ship smashed to tiny fragments. I went flying onto a island. It was big and there was the ship still floating but badly damaged.

I landed in the dark. The shrubs of the forest were green and dense. There was another roar and I thought I was going to die. 

I saw people and I immediately ran after them though I didn't know they were cannibals yet. They showed me to their village and I thought it was nice, though when I asked to get directions to the water they stopped me.

During the night I ran away. Through the shrubs I ran. I saw a boar so I followed it and I saw the sea. I got back to the water and I saw the ship. I saw the captain on a life raft. On the raft there was Bobby, Jake and Zac and the captain.

I went to the raft. We sailed to the main area of the sea then we smelt a putrid smell, enough to put a hungry pirate off a buffet. ‘ROAR.’

‘Jeff is back,’ the captain shouted, ‘row like you never rowed before!” the captain adamantly demanded. They saw land. There was a plain island. They got to the land just in time. Jeff just missed the raft with his tentacle.

There was a port and there was a horn that went off. Jeff swam away when he heard the fog horn. They rowed to the port and they went to the estate agent to buy a house and they survived Jeff.  


Suddenly, I woke in confusion thinking to myself where is everybody? I got up from the ground and looked around. I started to walk down to the forest. However, in the distance saw a large snake.I stood still and quickly ran past the snake before it came to attack me.

I came across a river. Then I started to follow the river to its destination. At the end of the river I saw the best view ever and do you know what that was? LONDON! I walked down to London Bridge and the smell of fresh air went up my nose and finally I was OK.


My story is when I crashed into the island with my other friends and we had to travel all the way there. It was really hard to go past all the challenges. When we saw the waves we crashed into an island and we all went flying into the air. We all fell down in separate places. After we did the challenges and the first challenge was we had to go past Jeff and Bob and I hardly did it. The next challenge was that we had to go past the animals in the jungle and it was really hard. The thing is that we were really tired as well. Finally something terrible happened...


We crashed! While we crashed I opened my eyes then I felt strange. I was walking and then I saw Jeff. Then  I started to run. Then I tripped over a stone. I had to recover but Jeff was stamping the ground. So I said to myself I need to make a plan. So I needed a rope and a tree so I could get out of this island. I had to bend the tree. When I saw Jeff it was time to fly. I counted to three then I flew! While I was flying I saw the ship and I landed there. I was happy.


I was on a ship when it crashed and everyone on the ship went flying and died. Only five of us survived. We were coming from Spain to go to England. There was a ghost on the ship and it haunted us... 

I found gold, diamonds money, silver and lots of treasures. Although he was a ghost we could still see him... He had green eyes and a bird on his shoulder, that’s how we knew he was a pirate ghost. When we crashed it felt like I was dead already I went flying off into the air. Only five of us survived. The other hundred died by hitting the back of the ship  or drowning. I surprisingly swam to shore with five other people, luckily I could  swim. When I was swimming I felt like just letting go and let myself drown; I was losing air from my lungs... 

I saw big trees, but in the middle of the amazing rainforest there was one colossal tree which had all the luminous birds on it. I saw a helicopter, I tried to wave it down but it was too far, so I got my glasses, shone them at the helicopter but it still wouldn't see it. I decided to sleep there on the island. I got lots of rocks, shone my glasses at the sun then shone it at the rocks so I could make a fire to sleep with. During the night it started to rain so the fire went out. I went into the rainforest to find proper shelter. When I was in the forest all of a sudden I heard a crashing noise behind me I turned around and I saw vampire bats... 


When I crashed off the ship I thought it was all over, but luckily I landed face first in the sand. It was hard to get my head back out, but then my crew mate shouted ‘Oi Zac is that you?’ I recognised the voice; it was my roommate Jake. He pulled my head out and I noticed the wave was still coming towards us, so me and Jake had to run all the way down the beach. We made it and saw the pirate flag from here. We knew it was ours because it had a bloody skull on it. As we were walking we found a really sharp piece of wood. Then night came; we set a fire and we had to find an animal to eat. Whilst we were walking to find an animal we found a pig we had to kill it with our wood. We carried it all the way back to the fire then stuck a stick in its oversized bottom until it came back out of it's mouth. Then we cooked it over the fire. It tasted like perfectly cooked bacon. We were very close to the ship now. We only had to swim back to the ship from here then climb up to get in. 


One dizzy morning I suspiciously found myself in an abandoned wrecked boat that smelt like damp clothes and looked like rubbish. A couple of hours later I came out of the boat and came across a river that led me to my destination. I looked across the water and all I could see was the peaceful water sparkling back at me. I looked to my left. I looked to my right but there was nobody there. I took one step and a parrot appeared.


Hello me maties!

It all started when I was at the beach with some mates and my captain. We were having a lovely time at the beach but then unfortunately we had to go.

 As we got onto the beautiful ship, a hideous sea monster named Jeff popped out of nowhere and tried to eat us. Jeff picked up Jarnais so the captain shot Jeff in the eye. ‘AAARGH!’ The repulsive sea monster looked terrified because of his 3 eyes and 6 tentacles. Jeff was born in 1992. The monster hit the ship and knocked everyone out into the sea.

In the distance, we could see Jeff's brother Bob. He swished as fast as he could to try and catch us to so he could eat us for dinner. I swam to the island very fast so I could look for my mates. When I reached the shore, I put my head up and all I could see was a beautiful sunset with rainbows. The birds were chirping around me which calmed me down. As I ran across the sand, I saw all of my mates and captain standing together.


As I landed on the beach the wave was like no other wave I have ever seen before. The wind was cold like an ice cube in a freezer. The monster called Jeff and his slimy brother Bob tried to attack me, so I went over to the rock and picked up a knife. The person who owned the knife was the most faithful crew member called Levi. Then Bob and Jeff tried to catch me but I was too fast for them. Then I found Levi at Mount Chuck, but I lost Bob and Jeff; they were nowhere to be found. Then we saw the ship on the sand next to the forest. The air was full of piranhas. But then the island was abducted by robot piranhas instead of real piranhas.


Once upon a time there was a very greedy pirate. He loved gold, but he never liked sharing.

One day when he was sailing he was very happy and enjoying his time until a very big storm happened.

The wind was so strong that it made him fly from side to side. The boat was shaking. I forgot tell you that the pirate’s name is john. Anyway back to our story. John fell into the freezing water. When he was in the freezing water it gave him goose bumps on his lily white skin. Surprisingly the other pirate survived and was able to stay in the boat. John shouted ‘Help!’ The other pirate gave him a gun and a grenade to shoot the shark and to put the grenade inside the shark’s mouth so he/she explodes. John with his amazing skills shot the frightening scary shark. He swam as fast as he could until he reached the surface of the sea. When he arrived he saw a gigantic rock. It was gold. He climbed up the gigantic rock. Eventually he climbed to the top of the rock where there were two enormous treasure chests. John strolled to the treasure chests. He looked at the first treasure. As John went to open the other treasure chest he was petrified  but he was still tempted to open the chest...


There we were just sailing on the seven seas. It was amazing because we had been relaxing all day. Then suddenly over the ship we saw the most terrifying creature that existed in the world. Its colour was black and red, its teeth as sharp as a butcher’s knife and the most horrifying thing was its face; all smothered with sea creature's blood. How worse can this get?

 After seeing that sight we managed to battle the creature with a feather. We found out that beasts do not get along with pirates and feathers. All we had to do was tickle It's tummy with the feather and ‘SPLASH!’ it ended up right back in the sea where its meant to be. More danger came. There was a storm which made an enormous wave emerge from the blue and crashed right onto the whole ship, making all of my shipmates and me fly out in different directions into the deep, dark, blue sea.

Scared, I sat up and just noticed were I was; in the middle of nowhere, stuck by myself. However I stood up and found an island. It was a wonderful sight. I silently and slowly walked up and saw a tooth, but not any normal tooth; an ancient tooth buried in the sand. I couldn't resist it; I took it and ran off to find my shipmates. Unfortunately I walked for miles and miles, wondering what to do.

Then, I saw the island and all of my shipmates gathered together, including Eve and Saffrin. So once I got there we all worked together to get saved by fixing the boat and we all sailed home. That is where we all are now; back at home.  


I was scared. Then suddenly everything around me turned black. I was finished. I started to float up from the sea like a ghost. I didn't know where everyone else was. It was good because I could go through anything! I was flying through the sky to go to the dry land. As I was flying, I saw the monster Jeff. Jeff was huge! I was ok because I was a ghost but he was terrifying - I couldn't believe my eyes! Jeff had big teeth and giant claws. He stank of rotten eggs and his breath stank of mouldy fish that made me sick. Jeff was so loud, his shout broke my eardrums. He sounded like a dinosaur having a fight. I loved it because I was a pirate.


We rapidly crashed into the island. It was all so quick so I didn't really know what had just happened. There were no severe injuries so I counted myself lucky. But I was left isolated on this abandoned island. I didn't know what to do. Where was I?

As I began to look for my friends, I noticed that I was being followed. It was Jeff, one of the most vicious pirates of all times...


When the wave came I flew into the air for about 10 minutes going south. I finally landed on the beach. I didn't even had time to rest when a terrifying monster with purple skin, a tattoo on his head and sharp glistening teeth tried to pull off my arm and broke it in the process. Just then an amazingly big white winged tiger came out of nowhere and bit off his head in one shot.

I had to escape while the tiger was concentrating on the...I don't even what it is. I ran into a forest with enormous tree, (how can they be so big?) then I heard a roar behind me. The tiger must have already finished eating - or maybe the monster meat was really disgusting. I can already see a white flash flying towards me, why does it need to be so fast and big? I rushed to a nearby tree and climbed it as fast as I could. The tiger jumped to try and get my broken arm. It hurts like hell. I take off my gun and shoot him in his open mouth and then I had a rest for 45 seconds.

 A monkey, 25 metres long (I'm serious!) grabbed me and threw me, (for no reason I mean seriously) into the sea where a bunch of sharks are waiting for me. Luckily I landed on a safety boat. Gosh my butt hurt so much. When I'm on the boat it starts rising and a purple and black turtle, (I hate my life as a pirate; you can't be Zen for more the 35 seconds - seriously this not a life) starts moving towards the Island where five tigers were waiting for me. Monkeys 60 metres long are waiting for me! So I take out my atomic bazooka and shoot the island. The explosion made a massive wave so the turtle started surfing on the wave and that’s how we arrive in England; riding a tsunami.


Suddenly I woke up in confusion thinking to myself ‘Where is everybody?’ I got up from the ground and looked around. I started to walk down to the forest; however in the distance I saw a large snake. I stood still and quickly ran past the snake before it came to attack me. I came across a river, so I started to follow it to it’s destination. At the end of the river I saw the best vision ever, do you know what that was? LONDON! I walked down to London Bridge and the smell of fresh air went up my nose. Finally I was OK for now.


I was there; in the middle of nowhere hoping to find someone and somewhere to sleep. The sun was shining down onto my face with a vibrant glow. Suddenly I heard a loud noise. Then all of a sudden I felt a cold chill running through my back. It was impossible. There was a 45 foot monster creeping up in the dark shadow behind me. You could just about see the bones piercing through the flesh. Zooming threw the ocean in the middle of nowhere I was swimming for my life.

Surprisingly I saw a massive cave. Secretly diving for my freedom, the cave took me to a  tropical paradise island. There were so many people living the good life. Standing there like I was raised by monks, I quickly made my way to the lovely motel on the right hand side. You could smell lovely pancakes smothered in golden syrup. Ah that’s the life. I saw a massive Jacuzzi with little bubbles going dribble dripple dribble dripple dribble dripple. After that I decided to take a little holiday from being a pirate and enjoy my life; trying not be greedy and staying on this island for as long as I live. However that wasn't going to happen as we both knew so the day after that the island started to sink.

Babies were crying, children were screaming, it was chaos. Is there something wrong with me? Wherever I go something always goes wrong. I'm so unlucky.

The sun was smiling.

Birds were chirping.

The sky was blue and everything was alright.

The island came back up to the surface, the babies were sleeping and children were playing.

This experience has told me not to be bad to the world because then you'll get bad luck.


Suddenly, as I flew off the ship high into the sky I dropped into a massive sand pit. I couldn't get out. I tried and tried to wiggle myself out but it didn't work. A friend of mine came walking past and saw me.

I said, "Did you get flown off the ship as well?" She answered in fear as she was so afraid. As she pulled me out the sand pit, she said, "I saw something move in the bush". We turned around and a three eyed, ten legged monster was looking right at me. We ran for our lives, until we found an abandoned hut. We hid inside until we thought it was safe to come out.

I peered out of the spy hole then I came out. Suspiciously, we peeped to the left and then to the right...


‘Splash!’ As I landed in the deserted island the first thing I thought to myself was; Where am I? I was alone, cold and scared. I was also bewildered as to what just had happened. My mind was empty. There was no going back. I had to survive, I had to live.

As I strolled through the empty, abandoned forest I came across a stony cave. As I found nowhere to sleep I decided to settle there for the night. At 6am I was finally woken up to a family of vampire bats. My rotting body was covered in nibbles. I gave up. I was going to die and there was no stopping it!


We were all on the ship sailing to Spain where we got gold chicken and loots. Then we decided that we should go to get lots of treasure from England when BANG! The Cracken came and almost broke the ship. Luckily someone shot it in the eyes so it dropped and died. We kept sailing towards England then suddenly the strongest storm of all times came and almost broke the ship, but luckily it quickly went. We could see land.

When we got to the land we all had a beach party, but then a huge wave hit the island and blew everyone away. I arrived at Mississippi island. I had nowhere to go and nothing to eat, so I had to have grass and fruits, but then I found a cave full of food, gold and everything I wanted. I wondered whether I should have gone back to the captain or stayed on the island. I finally decided to go back.


I found myself on a beach which I called Aril. I had a splitting headache before I hit the shore and I still had it when I woke up from the coma. It was about 10 o'clock. I could tell from the position of the sun.

I searched around Aril trying to find the valuables I had lost when I was thrown off deck into the air - thanks to the beast from hell that lives in the sea. Finally, after about half an hour I found the treasure I had left in my bag with my watch. The watch read 10:45. The date was 23th of May. I had been in a coma for the whole spring and the start of summer!

Later I realised I was famished so I started to search for food. I came across some berries but I didn't trust them because they looked poisonous. In the sand I found some food which looked fresh and edible. In one mouthful I ate it. It tasted amazing; so amazing that I wanted more. Unfortunately there was none left. I really missed eating with Cloe; she lost a limb and Luceay; who broke her index finger and Alia. Upset, I started to walk deep into the forest to find water and more food. Suddenly in the blinding light I saw Captian Malsia lying on the floor gasping for water and nutrients. I helped her up, gave her some and water and spoke to her about how she got here.

 "I know where the rest are," was all she said.

"Where?" I said desperately.

"They’re on the other island," she said.

"I will go and look for them." I told her.

After a few days we travelled to the island where they were and we found them. We were so happy and we got a new boat! The End


Hello me hearties! I was sailing to an island that was far away, but then suddenly a mystical creature started approaching. It had glazing sharp teeth. It was black and purple and had bloodshot eyes. I felt scared. Suddenly everyone started to get their weapons and started shooting the mysterious creature. After the shooting the monster dropped into the sea and the water splashed everywhere. We sailed off. But after a while, we saw a round island. We started getting closer and closer...


As I was flying in the air, I was just about to say my last words. I landed on my bottom, so I got up and saw my roommate Zac with his head in the sand. I said "Hey Zac". I pulled him out of the sand.

We searched around the tropical island and saw the sharpest piece of wood we had ever seen so we walked through the dark forest. Suddenly me and Zac saw 21 pigs. It was night so me and Zac cooked it in a weird way.


Once the boat had left India I settled into my hammock below deck and started my new video game Plop off to the Caribbean in which you literally plop of to the Caribbean in a small rocket powered ship.

 I was brought to my feet as I heard a deep whale from outside of the ship. "What in the rocket powered ship kingdom was that?!" I blurted out carelessly to the rest of the headless chicken like crew; flopping all over and loading cannons with festering cabbages from the kitchen. The cook boiled cannon balls and marinated them with gun powder. I flew up the ladder and abruptly found that we were being capsized by colossal starfish with baby-like drawings of a smiley face on all five of it's wobbly tentacles.

I retrieved my laser sighted nuke launcher and shot the sea dweller in the face, (apparently buying this weapon from the tuck shop in Afghanistan was an "act of stupidity and foolishness"; proved you wrong secretary of military defence). Then I realised that by conquering the starfish – aka Dave the Death Bringer - I completely annihilated the ship and everything on it. Luckily the crew and I were wearing nuke deflecting vests, (these were required in our act of safety and protection of all crew and crew pets agreement, which our captain sighed). So we did not die, but faced an even worse defeat. We grazed our knees on the grit with all of our defences disabled, until we found some Peppa Pig plasters!