Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Hackney New School Engagement Session 


 The enormous wave punched me into the ocean like a professional boxer. Suddenly I was half awake. I turned around and saw an unknown island which looked dangerous. I was slowly walking towards the island, but there was a noise. It sounded like it was a whale in the ocean trying to find food, and I bent down and there was a huge shark! I felt weird so I ran to the island and just forgot about it.

 I was two hours in and I was getting hungry and cold. At the back of the island there was a small forest. Bravely, I walked towards the forest and tried to find coconuts. It seemed like there was no food and I was starving.

 Nearly half an hour later and my legs were starting to ache. I was walking and walking. Suddenly there was a hill that was directing up to the mountain. Three hours later I reached the top and there was something glowing in a dark huge cave. The first step I took in the cave, a bear noise appeared! I was so scared but I really wanted to see what that glowing shiny thing was. It was getting darker and darker, but I finally reached the glowing thing. I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a treasure chest! I was so excited, this was the best time of my life! I couldn't believe what was in the chest. There were about two hundred Rolexes, about two million pounds’ worth of gold, and diamonds that were really shiny!


I was flung by the massive tsunami, and three hours later I woke up on a giant island. I felt as freezing as God’s snow, although the weather was too warm. I could see a big forest of trees and it was really rainy there. The name of the island was HALADRALLAH.

 I went into the big forest. It was really scary. I saw a raven running past with a scar that was shooting everyone. I was running anxiously away and saw the popular Ragnorok. I found three chests with blingy rolexes in them, the rare watch. I had binoculars. I zoomed in really good and saw at the end there was a rift…


On a dingy, stormy night I woke up on an unfamiliar island. There I was, sponged in the sand, lifting my head to find a man with a torch in his hand. Zooming in my eyes like a beam of light from the sun, when he came closer I recognised who he was. It was a famous wrestler called John Cena.

“Hi, what is your name?”

“My name is Liam.”

“Can I ask you a question? Are you a big fan of mine?”

“Oh yes.”

“Have you ever seen me wrestle at Wrestle Mania?”


“How about I give you some tickets to come watch me play against Randy Orton?” 

Then a big gorilla came up to me and was going to eat me!

“John Cena! HELP! HELP! I am going to be eaten by a big gorilla!”

Then John Cena ran up to the big gorilla and did his finisher move, and then pinned the gorilla and the gorilla never woke up because of Cena's finisher move. His big pin had killed the gorilla.

To be continued...   


I woke up like I had been hit in the head with a baseball bat. No-one was there. I got scared. It was very scary and I would never come back again. This was very terrifying and I wanted to go next to my friend’s.

Two hours later I went to the forest. I thought my friend also came to the forest but I could not see them then. I saw a cave and I saw golden Rolexes. I got many as I could, then I saw a wolf. He was very friendly. I went to the other side of the forest and went down the hill, but there was no-one there except the zombies. My friendly wolf went and killed them, and I got my gun out and killed all of them with my wolf.


I could see nothing apart from the clear water and the sand at the back of the sea and trees with Tarzan and Dora to help me find everything I needed. But I needed to corrupt them to help me find the golden Rolexes so I could show off my wealth to the world and everyone I know.

Some random creature appeared, it had a purple face, red lipstick, a diamond on her head with an octopus on it and blue hair! And it was attacking Tarzan and Dora the Explorer to get her map! Then I started running into the jungle, and I had to swim across the river. I needed a boat and a sail for it so I got moving. I had to save them or get what Dora had in her bag to help me find the treasure, but the creature was waiting for his next person to eat…

I had to run past and try to kill it! I was in the forest I ran. I saw zombies and a killer mask on the floor. I left it and ran past it and I was on the other side searching for the cave.

I'm in the cave and I'm looking for it. I heard a song in the background. It was playing Moana. I ran towards it and opened the treasure and inside was the flesh of dead bodies and under all of that there were iPads, PS4s, every console in the world, and so much money! Over billions and millions! Trillions! Everything I ever wished for. I pull out my telescope and see another treasure chest and a helicopter flying. I see another chest and I jump out and land on the treasure chest and I'm alive. I open it and I give it to my mate. It was money and everything he could wish for, and we went to Pompeii to live happily and have fun and buy anything me want.


I woke up on the beach. There was nothing, just sea water and Dora, and Tarzan. I was on the other side of the sea but I had to float so I could find the treasure of Halaladralla and out of nowhere I saw John Cena and Brock Lester fighting to be the leader.

Two hours later I finally got to the other side of the beach. I saw zombies running towards me, trying to eat my brain. I took out my sword and my hook and my gun.

One hour later I finally got to the place where all the Rolexes were. I took a lot. There were ten chests of Rolexes, and I put three chests each on my arms, legs, and neck. I got my telescope and I saw my boat and I ran to it. I got on it and my boat starting to float and there were no more zombies. I was so happy there were no more zombies. I saw something glowing in the distance. It was a golden gem. What would you do if you saw a golden glowing gem on the beach? I would run to get it.              


  I woke up and I saw a four-headed monster. He was coming to eat me! I tried to get away but it was too fast for me, but then a big dragon came and ate it. Then I found a cave and there were massive trees. There was a calming sound in the cave, like music. There were lots of big vines, so I took my sword out and started chopping down the vines. Then I saw the world’s biggest mountain.

As I was going up I saw a glow. It was a box of Rolexes! I picked the box up and then I ran for my life because zombies were coming for me. Then I saw a boy called Oliver, and we jumped in a helicopter and we went to Pompeii. Now we both had a box of treasure!


The huge wave pushed me into a big island. I found a large cave and I thought that my captain told me about the Rolex, so I went in to the cave. I got my sword then I saw some bats but I was not scared. Then I found the Rolex and I put some of the Rolexes in my pocket and went out of the cave. I heard an animal bark, so I pulled out my sword. I said “who is this?” The animal barked again. I said again “who is this?”

To be continued…