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Hackney New School 29th September 2015

Antonio Walters Life Hitting Story

When I was blown off the ship I felt like I was in a cannon ball and being launched as fast as I could. When I got in contact with the water I was bruised from the waist down! It took me a long time to hit shore I was so tired looking for land to rest on and to hope that I could find my crew “I hope they’re ok” I said. When I hit land I was so excited and filled with joy, my only two objectives were to: 
1. Find food and water to drink
2. find my crew
But what I didn’t notice was that the land was filled with forest and suddenly a fierce animal the size of a hippo attacked me. I had no weapons with me but then I had a tranquilizer gun and quickly shot the animal, I gasped with delight and then carried on. My legs were still hurting from the journey but I had to find my crew, suddenly a huge tornado struck I had to make shelter as quick as possible. When the storm was over I checked outside, I was starving, I had to find food as soon as possible. I saw a seagull, I threw a spear, I made it. When I arrived I had no choice but to eat it, after I ate I met a bunch of ... CANNIBALS. They tried to eat me but I had a secret flare gun that I had in my bag but they stole it from me. 


As the huge wave hit the ship we were all thrown in to the cold sea. I swam to save my other 15 members of the crew but they were nowhere to be seen, so Emray ran through the jungle.

When we reached the end of the jungle there was a humungous mountain with vines going all the way up so Emray and I climbed to the top. When we climbed up there we looked for the ship. Suddenly Emray shouted “Over there! The ship over there!” So we climbed down and ran to the ship. One by one we where united with the crew. :)   

Busy Izzy

I was washed away by current of the legendary wave called DEEZ NUTS. The whole ship was lost. Several  hours later, I was suddenly washed up on a deserted island, BIKINI BOTTOM it seems like no one is here (thats probably why they call deserted).


Once upon a time we were going on a family trip to Ghana, but there was a problem with the ship and we landed in the antarctic. Dad said ‘I need my tools’ He brought his tool box, but he couldn’t find it in the boat so his children went to go find it, after a while they found it and gave it to their dad. He fixed the ship and then they were back on track. It took them one year and one day and finally they made it. They crashed on a rock and all of the people in the boat flew out in the air, they all enjoyed the breeze in the air and then
they splashed in the water, but everyone was a great swimmer and they made it to the beach. There was a jungle to go through and it was beautiful, the bushes where rubbing against my skin, tropical birds where flying, dangerous animals surrounding me and bushes I had never seen before and animals I had never seen before like a sharkopus. We could all see light and we all ran with excitement and I saw Ghana and we stayed there for three years and we enjoyed it!!!!


My body was thrown in the air I kept imagining my last meal, I felt cold and miserable I jumped in the cold water. I did not see any boats and I couldn’t do anything except thinking that everything is going to be okay until I believed it. I saw mystic things like big brown eye or a llama with a cartoon head that farted a rainbow. I was near a dark gloomy haunted forest with dead leaves, brown eye told me the volcano has mystic power when an item is thrown in it can tell you anything you want. Looking for the captain I walked uphill and down, I saw witches but what scared me was the wizard with a unicorn horn for a wand, I crept on and grabbed the horn and turned the wizard into a frog and I thought I could teleport to the volcano and throw it in, the captain showed and the volcano told me everything I saw. They were in a cave that was filled with magical items like a wish stone and an infinity dice, I thought if I got the dice I could have all the power of the world and we could have all the gold and what ever else we want. I quickly ran and got in the cave, I shouted “Where are you?” 
I heard a loud and deafening sound of the crew shouting “We are here!” I ran with all my strength left and I saw the crew and told them everything that happened and I told them about the dice I said if we use it we can make the world into an egg or turn peoples faces in to jelly. 


Once upon a time there was a person called Angelica and she went on a trip. Suddenly, she was thrown off the boat, the water was freezing cold. I swam to the shore I could smell kebabs, hot wings [spicy], fried chips, hot dogs, burgers and pasta. It was coming from a food factory I got 5 hot wings and chips and for dessert I had chocolate cake and custard. I felt good when I was climbing up the mountain because I had a cake to energise me. In the last few minutes I saw the ship, I was shouting for them to come. 


I shouted to the crew “Jump!” because I thought that the ship was going to tip in to the sea. I jumped, I was flying through the air faster as the seconds went by I hit the sea, my back was stinging from the vibration of the water. I quickly swam to the surface I saw a jungle as big as a whale, I saw the vicious wolf that had killed the lion and the tiger that once lived there. I saw a ginormous rocky mountain, it took a long time to get to the top but eventually I got there, in the end I saw the ship... 


I was in a ship going to Ghana with some other people. Everyone on the ship got washed away... The selfish captain got in the life boat to safety.
A few hours later I was at a land which had a forest so I went through the enormous forest and up a hill. I was tired.
Suddenly I saw a golden lion coming towards me! I ran for my life I didn't look back (ain't nobody got time for that).

JJ Joshua

I could see the dark sky when I was falling into the sea I held my breath, I was not a very good swimmer, I tried my best but I was right at the bottom, I held my breath then I came out of the water. I caught my breath and I came out on the sand then I passed out on the wet sand. When I woke up I had a headache. My back hurt after I hit the sea. I went through the forest and I found a big dead fish, I ate it because I was hungry.


It was a dark day I was in Poland I walked around and I saw a monkey with a human head I could talk but not English so I walked on. Then I saw there were dogs fighting tigers and cats were bigger than usual.
Then I heard a noise coming from the sky I looked up and I saw a UFO! In the sky with aliens coming down with laser guns shooting the floor, they were saying DEEZ NUTS over and over again I got scared and ran off.
 Some how a gun was put in my hand so I went to kill then BOOM BOOM BOOM, suddenly a man came he looked like my crew member but started to chase me, I kicked him and ran off. I found the woods, I found a half tiger half monkey man dead on the floor its blood was green and gooey, someone was here.
They were talking sharks that were walking on land as I turned around it teleported right in my face it punched me and said I WILL KILL YOU! I got my gun, shot him, headshot I said. I saw a mountain, it had a box on top so I went to climb it, it took me 26 days to get up there I don’t know why I didn’t go back down but when I got up there I saw just a black cat and then it saw me so it jumped off and said your ugly then I said stupid mountain HEY! said the mountain I am not stupid you are it got up and chased me and I rapidly ran in the jungle... DON DON NON NON NON!


The waves washed me off the boat it felt like I was dropping out of the sky, splat I was on the most tropical beach full of the most amazing animals, like jellyfish and tropical fish, I wanted to stay but I knew I had to find my friends. There in front of my bare eyes there was a beautiful forest, full of the most stunning plants. In the middle of the tropical forest there was a colourful road that smelled like different sweets, then I walked to the end of the road. There was the tallest mountain there, I climbed to the top of the mountain, I saw the boat, I ran as fast as I could down the mountain, the boat was there, I climbed on the boat, I was so relieved.


When I got thrown off the ship my body started to shiver. When I went under the water I could see the blue shiny dusty water, 1 hour later I went to my destination. When I got to my destination I felt so happy for myself because I made it even though I was kicked off the ship. I could see a green frogly tree. When I was walking I could see dead bodies all over the green grass place. 
I could smell fish. As I looked I could see my old crew I started to panic so much I ran and ran then 5 min later I made my own crew.


As I was getting dragged down by a giant sea monster, I saw a light gloom in my eye. It was like I was blind and couldn't see. I saw a magic cave with all different species hiding inside. For example: fish, jelly fish, starfish and sea crabs. Before I sank the beach was very silent and seemed that nobody was there. I heard a sound - it sounded like someone was screaming for help and then ten minutes later it was complete silence. I was worried.

Magical sea horses took me back up to my ship and I said, "Farewell".


Once Upon a sea tale there was a girl called Sally, who had fell of her boat. She saw an island which was quite bare it didn’t have many rocks or many trees but had some food e.g. 
coconuts, pineapples, bananas, peaches and a very unusual sample called catasrrotically  spiceyteconociacllyoverwrite cakey. Sally the scurvy sea dog saw a mountain the tallest of them all she said "taller than mountain ever-stone". She wanted to see the mountain up close so she set on a quest to get to the mountain, on the way she met a few surprises. A cloudy storm got her but she was strong and got through it, she reached the top of the mountain inside was a massive pool of water. My ship and me crew were in it.   


The tsunami wave splashed at me ... I went flying into the sea. I thought that I would drown but I kept on swimming.

When I came back I didn't see the ship. I was on the other side of the island! I saw a rain forest I started to walk through it but then I stopped. I saw a skull... CANNIBALS!!! I started running but then some thing shot me. I started to feel sleepy I dropped. When I woke up I was tied to a big bamboo stick with fruit on top of my head. I saw the cannibals dancing then I saw my crew tied on bamboo sticks. But they were dead. My captain was not here. He might be on the ship! I had hope. I took my pocket knife and starting cutting the string, I dropped on the floor and started running! The cannibals were shooting me but they were missing so I had a chance! I ran and found my ship I ran towards it the captain was still on the the ship so we set sail home to England...


When I fell out of the sea I felt guilty about what was going to happen next. A minute later, I found myself in a beautiful, green forest that was full of tiny, cute, mysterious huts. I walked in and discovered my precious ship called "Twenty one Jeff". I thought of my ship mates, but I didn't really care. As I passed the mighty forest, I eventually came up to a tall mountain that had faces of famous people of America that were carved into the rock. One of the faces was Barack Obama. People were dusting the area so the president didn't complain. Behind that, I came across a deep blue river. It smelt like salt used in water. Relieved, I noticed my hairy ship mates - they were safe but dressed up in rags. I hid from them. They were being whipped by the evil warriors. I thought and thought - I came up with an idea. It was to sneak up to the market and try to take an apple without the sellers noticing. I tried - but suddenly the seller grabbed my hand and complained to the strong warrior. I got in jail and saved my friends from them.