Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond



I was in my ship eating slugs with rats. I decided to go and find a treasure when I heard a voice of a smelly cheese punching and kicking. I was in the mountain fighting with a T-Rex. I had finished my battle, when I saw that creature and it started to punch me. I started to skill him as much as I could when I jumped as high as I could. I couldn't escape it, but after all that pain I survived but without a leg and a hand, hopping to the beach. Then I was thinking in my brain, ‘What did I do wrong to not die with honour like a pirate?’


I'm in a boat in the ocean marine, with my friends, a wave was coming so everyone jumped quickly in to the water because the wave was coming. Afterwards everyone arrived at the beach. Then everyone arrived to the beach, tired, we saw palm trees with coconuts. After we saw a very funny monkey but after that we went to the house to walk around the beach.


When I was in water the wave was coming and I was feeling scared. I surfed to the beach on a piece of board. The beach was sandy.

Palm trees were with coconuts... In one of the palm trees there was a parrot, all of my friends were laughing. We were tired so we decided to go home (after one day) we went climbing and it was raining so we were too tired and cold, after that we were hungry and tired so we went to the palm trees and took coconuts.


The only thing I remember is when we splashed into the ocean and I now find myself all alone on an island. I walk to a mountain that isn't too big and not too short so I can see over the island. I climb to the top and spot someone. Then my belly starts rumbling so I see a tropical tree with four patches of scrumptious bananas. I chow down, then make my way to a strange person; but it doesn't look like one of my mates or the captain but I still go up to them. I say, "Hello have you seen any pirates here?" Suddenly the person grabs me and pushes me to our ship that's upside down. I hear a loud, "Ugh help!" It sounds like the captain, Ben. I see his arm and grab it. I pull and pull the person who showed me here, he didn't even tell me his name. I hear someone walking behind me I turn around quickly it’s the person who showed me I asked him his name he said "Ponyo."


We were trying to get to Eel Island but then there was a cheese cake monster attack. Then we farted on the cheese monster, after that it jumped off the boat. When that finished we tried again to go to Eel Island and then there was a huge wave in the sea. Then every one fell out the ship but the captain pulled down the boat. I shouted out "HELP ME!" then help came to me. A fish helped me. The fish was called Mimo. After he started to talk to me Mimo said “Are you ok?” with shock. I said “Yes I am" he took me to the nearest island which was Eel Island. It took about an hour and a half, when I got there Mimo had to go. Mimo said “Bye”, I said “Bye". I was so hungry, then I saw my friends. I was so glad when I got there. The cheese cake monster roared. He started to attack us. I saw the captain on the boat I said "CAPTAIN" but he went away. The cheese cake monster was still walking to us but we went around the Eel Island. When we found the captain sleeping on the sand we woke him up in excitement!


When I flew to the air I saw sky but in a second I flew into the water I saw fishes and different plants, I was swimming to the beautiful beach there were animals, palms and other different trees. I woke up and I was already on the beach, I stood up and ran into the forest it was a dark, deep forest. I looked around and I saw a giant chicken, it was so big that it could eat me in a few seconds. I started to wrestle with it, and in a few hours I finally killed it. After I took it with me and went out of the forest, I saw a building, something like a house but made of wood, I went in and I saw a lighter and I thought it would be really useful because I was really hungry, that day my dinner was a giant chicken. Next day I saw a mountain, I climbed up and I saw a lot of different birds, one of them was a giant parrot, I was ill so I didn't have enough energy to fight with it. Luckily I saw a hole in the mountain. I walked in and I saw a box, on it was written "Tom Cruise was here" and I was like "WOW! This is crazy". Then I saw a machine gun so I took it out and walked up the mountain. The bird was still there, I shot it and it died in a few seconds. When I walked to the edge of the mountain I spotted a enormous and magnificent boat on the beach. I walked down to the beach but the boat wasn't there. Maybe it was just a mirage... "I think I will live here for ever" I said to myself.


One day I was eating chicken for lunch then I saw a wave somewhere and it came and splashed everything. I got washed away to sea and I swam for air and saw an island. I was worried about my chicken, I thought it would get soaked. I saw a piranha and I was shocked so I swam really fast. I got to shore and I saw a mango and I was hungry so I ate it . 


In part of history, I, pirate Jesse had a ship full of friends and family. 
Suddenly a terrible, strong and powerful storm rose against my ship. It crashed into pieces and my family and friends flew up in the air like Peter Pan. We came down and we went into the sea and everyone was lost, I couldn't find my pirates.
As soon as possible I tried to swim as fast as I could and I found a beautiful island, it looked like a trip to Jamaica's tropical island. As I got there my belly was rumbling so I had to get to shore, I found a juicy, tasty, tropical mango and pineapple fruit. I made shelter out of wood and sticks and made weapons. My best is the stink bomb and my secret ingredient is a dreadful, stinky fart. At night I was really uncomfortable. In the morning I saw a tarantula spider on my chest and I screamed "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Soon I found an old, dirty and nasty friend, he told me what the quickest way to get the treasure was. So I climbed up the mountain as fast as I could, and I got the treasure.


Then I woke up wondering how I got here. I was thinking so hard how I got here. Then I decided to stop thinking and search for some food as I heard my belly rumbling. 
Walking, walking and then I stop walking. "Right now I am so tired. Wait, who am I speaking to, I just remember that no one is here, it's just only me." 
Suddenly I heard someone moving their feet I was so terrified I thought I was going to die. I was trying to think if the person was one of my mates. So I moved closer and closer...   


               JEFF ISLAND

"Haha it's another day which means a new adventure and mainly more gold how I love gold, the most beautiful thing in the world." 
"Well lets set sail for Jeff Island it will be another adventure, what are we waiting for we're running out of time."
"Right after we'll get rid of this eel and his friends."
"Ahhhhh watch where you're pointing that thing Fillip."
"We can't wait any longer leave the eels let's get going adventure awaits."
"Oh no, a sandwich monster!"
"Fire the cannons sir"
"Its not doing nothing."
"What was that?" 
"Oh fart on it you do the best farts, it's sure to blow it away, I mean it's worth a try."
"Ok Captain huh its working yahoo."
"Now get me a sandwich, drinks and a burger, yum." 
"Uh sir the treasure, its right there."
"Wait it might be a trap." 
"It is a trap, a wave!" 
"No back to the boat it's not worth it, it isn't worth your life" 
"It's definitely worth it."
"It's just some gold we have more than enough." 
"You can never have enough gold, catch! I wont let the rarest gold flush down a wave it's too precious ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" 
"Goodbye Bob."
"The adventure back was tough but we made it, 5 years but I'm back." 
"Uh Captain Bob you survived yahoo, but how were you washed up and flushed away by the wave?"
"Here you have the treasure, the rarest of it." 
"Thank you Captain where are the others?"
"They did not survive they were stupid enough to jump into the beast's mouth." 
"Well that's a pity probably should look for another adventure, oh here we go again!"                  



The girl is lost on an island and none of her mates or family are there and she goes to the middle of the island then she sees a building. As she goes inside the building she sees the most beautiful thing, she sees the reflection of herself in the mirror. Then she tries to find a smoothie shop. 5 minutes later she sees a guy named Jack, and she buys a smoothie for 33p. She drinks as fast as she can. 

When she was done she found a palm tree, she climbed it to the tip of the palm tree. She thought to herself "This is the best view I have ever seen in my life." She came down off the palm tree, she found a treasure just sitting there for years and years, there was dust all over it, bird doodoo just on top of it and finally there were feathers all over. She opened it because she thought it would be chocolate but it was a hat, not a normal hat, it was the first hat of all. She was amazingly shocked. She left it ........  


One day there was a captain and crew and there was a massive ship but there was already a crew. So our strong, angry crew hijacked their boat and we were happy because we wrecked their crew and we killed them. But when we set sail from Haggerston School there was a massive black cloud heading towards us but we were not scared, not one fear struck our hearts or spines so we scared it off but there was one thing we were not having. It was our crew. Cheating secretly with another crew. But we knew who it was, it was Joshua, so we made him walk the plank where there were loads of massive creatures and knights that were blood thirsty. We made sure he was never seen again but we killed the knights a week later because they tried to raid us but we were not having that. 

"So that's dealt with now we can go to sleep apart from our look out." But it got so dark our naughty look out fell to sleep but then just as he fell asleep we heard a massive " Bang! Crash! Wallop!" there was a massive green, black, yellow, gold and red blood dripping from its mouth that was eating one of the people that we made walk the plank. It was just on his last leg "ha ha ha" the crew laughed at him crying for help so we all bent over and let one rip and then we jumped into the water to find some fish, and we did, yeah. Some of us didn't make it but just as we made it back on the ship a massive wave hit the ship at 300 miles per hour. We all went flying but not all of us, the Captain made it all the way to a nice relaxing island he was sure lucky but we weren't.


One day there was a journey on a ship, then there was a big storm happening. Then there was a small rain drop DRIP DROP DRIP then the rain was getting worse and worse then there was a big, enormous... STORM. Then the storm was slowing down, then it stopped. Later on we were eating lunch, then we all farted at the same time, the Captain laughed "Who farted?" No one replied then he asked again "WHO FARTED if no one answers me again you will be in big trouble! Hello anyone there? Hello? The CHEESE SANDWICH MONSTER AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Everyone said "What's going on Captain?" "I saw a monster." "What monster?" "It is behind you, no it's not look....AHHHHHHH!" "Go and get your sword" "Yes Captain." We sliced the bread then it smelt of rotten cheese. "That smells." "Yah it smells we should go now." Then it was bed time, then someone smelt bad. "Did you eat the sandwich?" "No." "The next day we should go treasure hunting." "Yes Captain, let's sail away."
Then we are at the island, "LET'S! GO! TREASURE HUNTING!" "Yes Captain we should go digging now." "We should sing the digging song. Dig dig down the ground, dig dig down the ground, dig dig the ground we are looking for the treasure today, hey!" "We found it, we found it, we found the treasure chest." "What do you think is inside it?" "I dont know we should check it out." "Yeah we should." "Where is the hammer?" "In my bag." "Bang it, okay, 1, 2, 3, BANG!" Then I saw a map and my favourite GOLD! "We should go back home because there is a map. Goodbye island, I will see you soon."


As I arrived at the mystical Eel Island I saw species beyond the eels themselves. There was a big blue dodo; a creature that could kill you with its farts, but the third creature was the deadliest, was a gigantic sandwichsoras. This creature was a newly found species that had the body of a sandwich and the head, legs and arms of a T Rex. I was shocked and surprised such a creature was here in Eel Island but me and my comrades, the pirates, weren't here to look around at the mystical and astonishing creature that lived on Eel Island, we were here to find the treasure of all treasures. We were here to find the Eel's Treasure. We knew it wasn't going to be easy but we were still determined to find this treasure. So we searched through the jungle of eels, the forest of slithering venomous baby eelsnakes until we reached the last area to search, Eel Temple. We carefully walked to find the treasure in Eel Island in case there were boobytraps. Then we walked through the last area and you wouldn't believe what we found, it was the Eel's Treasure! So then me and the pirates went back and hit the shores.


Once upon a time there was a pirate. He was a good pirate. One day it started to rain, and it fell in really hard drops. The storms had started. The pirate was scared because he was on Eel Island. Afterwards the cheese monster came. He was smelly, big and green and he had 6 eyes on his arm and 21 eyes on his full head. On the next day the eels on Eels Island had enough of me so they started to fight with our island crew. On the day there were storms, hard drops of rain, all my island crew started to fight. I was so scared that I went to another island, I swam for 100 days and 100 nights when I was on the island I saw a big tree, on the tree I saw some big coconuts so I went to get a lot because I didn't eat for 100 day and nights.


There was so many animals and so much food there. I almost went and got something to eat. I went to a mountain and I saw a Dodo bird. It had a blue beak and it's feathered body was so pretty. I nearly touched it. 100 days was hard on the ship. There was a sandwich monster. I found a building and the view was so huge and it was the best day of my life. I saw another person and they must of needed help. The person was very tall and he or she must have been washed up on the island as well. I rushed to the other boat and then I saw mangoes on a tree. I ran and I saw another animal and it was as pretty as the dodo bird. I love dodo birds. It was a dark night as well. I looked in the forest and it was creepy and gloomy. The boat was called the Jammy Dodger, probably there were dangerous animals and creepy spiders. The treasure was as gold as my ring.


When the wave flew right over the ship I flew straight into the sea. I look around only to find a sharp pointy fin sticking out of the water. At first I thought it was the heat making me hallucinate but then I realised it was a shark getting closer so I turned round to spot an island so I swam as fast as I could then as the shark and I hit the shore it tried to bite me but I gave it a big wallop in the jaw. It broke a tooth and swam away, I picked up the tooth and some rope [coincidentally placed by my side], tied the string to the tooth end to end and wore it as a necklace for a souvenir. So there I was on the sandy shore, there were none of my crew in sight but I saw a forest with all different kinds of fruit hanging from tree to tree. I wondered around for hours. Then I got to the other side of the forest to find a building as tall as a skyscraper. I took a look inside to find a gold fish made of actual gold. Luckily it was on the ground floor in front of the door. It was in a fish bowl living and breathing so I decided to take it with me. I went outside with my new partner and saw a mountain. Then I thought if I got to the top of that mountain I might be able to find the rest of my crew. So I ran [but carefully] to the mountain and the second I got there I started to climb the mountain. It seemed like ages then I finally got to the top. I looked around to find the Captain swimming away on the life boat from that same cheese sandwich monster from day 79 on our trip to this dreaded Eel Island.


It was a dark night, all the pirates in one old and inspired ship. On the 21st of august Captain Man decided to send an army to his enemies, and he said "I'm Captain Man, the leader of this ship. I command you to attack our enemies," and they responded "Aye aye captain!" but if they wanted to go and destroy their enemies they had to get past Mr. Umpalumpa who was the most horrid captain that a human being could have been, but they weren't human beings, they were dirty and stinky tiny dogs... We were fighting, half of our pirates were dead when finally Captain Man said "We should all leave this island it's full of dangerous animals." "Aye aye Captain!" they replied back. They all jumped back into their rusty boat which is called Samurai Boat and rushed back to the sea. They pushed and pushed until they got back to their home. They all got home and started to think about Captain Man, as he was left in the horrible Eel Island. We tried to call Captain Man by our special contact phones but he didn't answer. In the middle of the night when everybody got up to get a cup of ginger beer they heard a noise coming from outside. It was Captain Man with a big golden box on his back, we went around the ship to help him, he was happy and excited but we didn't know why. It was the treasure that was in the island! We were all excited and we all wanted to know what was inside the treasure chest. Captain Man opened the box and saw.... Golden rings and they all lived happy for ever.


Once upon a time there was a pirate called Captain Splurge who didn't care about anything. He was good but he didn't care about writing. He was messy and also wrote messily as well. He did not like water falling on him. He hated water until one day waiting at the bus stop the rain started to fall. He was angry and promised himself to never wait for the bus. When he was on the ship a massive wave came and whenever he was on the ship he would always wear a raincoat. The wave came and lots of water splashed on him, thank goodness he wears a raincoat, how bad it would had been for him without wearing a raincoat! He would have killed himself! Then a huge sea monster called Eel wanted to eat him, he fought and fought till he finally defeated the terrible sea monster. After he had defeated the sea monster, he was so tired and exhausted that he then fell in the sea. He swam fast and came upwards and to his surprise he saw himself in another sea. He was very scared and frightened, he saw a sandy beach with no one on it, he was alone by himself and none of his friend were there nor his relatives. Then he swam to the beach.