Literacy Pirates

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     Haggerston School


There I was standing all alone in the sea. I remember getting thrown out of the ship and getting split up from my team mates. I had to find the island and the ship, I just wanted to get back!I had to swim back, as I was swimming back I found a very lovely dolphin that helped me get to this HUGE volcano.

When we got to the volcano I happened to see one of my team mates. To get her attention I had to climb the volcano, it was super hard because we got thrown out of the ship and we got hurt. I was half way there until I fell down and hit my arm on the floor. My team mate heard me fall down and she laughed at me, but she did help me climb back and it was easier. We were talking about how we got here and we wondering where all of our team mates were.

After that we decided to get down to the beach and hopefully find the ship and our team mates. As we walked down the beach we found this creature that was half crab and half human, it was so weird and so nasty to look at. This is all we could find for now. It was as hot as an oven, it was terrible. I was melting and miserable. I could not help it anymore! It was a long beach to walk in. I was just hoping to find help and only help...


WOSH! The boat got swept into pieces...

Everyone fell over the board.

“AH AH AH” my team mate shouted, like a dying cow. I grabbed a piece of the boat and floated to the shore. I was safeI was warned about the other team but Iknew if I was to stay alive I needed to carry on searching for the crew... TO BE CONTINUED!


I thought it was all over when I realised I was still living, so I decided to not give up. So I started to swim and swim until of a sudden I saw a piece of the ship floating towards me...As the piece floated I grabbed it gently and slowly slowly it started to float me towards the island. It was so hot it felt like I was melting.I was getting so tired!

You wont believe it guess what?

I had no more water left! DU DU DUUUUUU!BAM!BAMM!


Suddenly I was rocked over board. I could hear the waves. In my mind I was thinking, where is my captain? Where are my team mates?

A wave brushed over me and I was pushed in the water. For a few minutes I was unconscious.

All of a sudden, I was washed on to the Neverland island. The beautiful beach had crabs, turtles and many different tropical fish. There where crabs as red as a tomato and turtles as green as a leaf. The fishes were as colourful as a rainbow in the sky.I went into the forest to look for shelter just in case I had to stay the night.

In the distance I could see a tall, black volcano. I ran towards it but I could hear something following me... “Thump Thump.” As quick as possible I climbed the mountain. I managed to get to the top but I could still hear “thump thump” but this time it was getting louder and louder and suddenly a big but friendly turtle popped out and we made friends but the turtle pointed somewhere and as I looked I saw my ship.

Quickly I rushed down the steep volcano and I sprinted through the leaves down to the beach. At the top of my voice I screamed " Ahhhrrggg Captain”.

I was on the island and they sailed towards me and the green turtle were safe on the ship with my maties.



"Where am I?"."Where am I?". As I shouted for help I knew that I was in the ocean all on my own - scared like a monkey losing its mother.I didn't know where my friends were or should I say I didn't know where I was?All I knew was that I wasn't on the boat and I was lost.

As I kept swimming I came across an Island. I swam near the Island to see the view of the water. I was walking until I came across a weird animal that had 5 legs and 3 arms. It was a unfamiliar animal. I kept on going and I found myself in a wonderful forest. It had tall trees and small cute insects. I just kept going and guess what I found? A Volcano stuck in front of me. I went to explore and climb up it. I could feel the hot steam coming to my face like a dragon spurting fire at me. I noticed some foot prints on the side of the Volcano so I followed them.

When I reached the top of the Volcano I came across my best friend Lola. I shouted out "LOLA!” “LOLA!". She turned around suspiciously and shouted "My Best Friend".We both went and hugged each other. I was soooo surprised to see my best friend.

We both climbed down the Volcano and we can across again a familiar boat ship. IT WAS THE CAPTAINS SHIP! We ran as fast as we could and we jumped back to the boat. All of my friends were standing there.They were screaming and jumping......

To be continued.....

Joana Soares

Every thing started when a few brave pirates went on a journey. It was a special journey , actually the biggest journey on their lives!

But the weather was unhappy and wasn't as excited as the pirates. It got really windy and suddenly it started to rain and in a flash there was thunder and lightening everywhere!

The brave pirates didn't give up,even though they couldn't fight the seas. They tried and tried without stopping and that's when a giant, massive and enormous wave splashed on to the pirate's ship. The ship broke into small pieces which has sank in the water and the little pirates had been separated from each other by the waves.

After that, captain Joanna found her self on an abandoned and desert island. She started to explore the island. She thought that the flora was really beautiful and green but the fauna was dangerous.

Right along her away, she found an unknown creature. Before she could even scream, it attacked her from behind but luckily she fell from his mouth and bravely pointed her spear through the monster.



There was a ship with pirate in it and the name was 'Pirate Sink' and there were five pirates in the ship and then a wave came and we all fell down on to a desert island. 

We was hungry and thirsty and there was nothing to drink and we fainted on to the floor and we were trying to make a home for us to sleep. My crew found some sticks and some food like coconut. Something was coming to me and it was a crab biting me and then I was trying to go to my crew but more coconut crabs bit me, it was as painful as a cat scratch.  Crabs don't like when you sing fifth harmony!

Then I ran into the forest. There was a bear that was 82 feet tall. It was trying to get a man who was running away from it. I was terrified so I tried to run but I fell into a bush and the bear found me. But I got up and ran again, I got away because I'M REALLY REALLY FAST!

I found a man with a wooden sword and then the bear ran away.

To be continued..


Deep under water there were tropical fishes and friendly dolphins and all different types of beautiful under water creatures. It was like heaven down here. It was very sad how I wanted to stay down there forever but I needed to find my friends and go back to the ship,so as much as I wanted to stay I couldn't sadly:(

Waves after waves slowly drifted, I was swimming like I was going to die tomorrow and like it was the last time I would ever swim again. I finally got up in the water and saw the island, I swam over to the island and said my goodbyes to the beautiful water and beautiful animals:) I saw a beautiful forest that looked like the most top rated forest ever. There were beautiful coloured birds flying around, there were animals like wild African dogs but they didn't care about me so there was no need for me to worry. I carried on walking. They had beautiful furry black and a kind of dirty golden colour on them. They were very happy playing with each other and they were very beautiful,their teeth looked very sharp and they looked like you didn't want to be on their bad side, although I don't think they would want to harm you anyway. There were so many beautiful animals and creatures I could tell you about but now it was time to move on.

I saw a volcano, it was in no use, so it was safe for me to climb up and look North, South, East, West. As I was looking through the outstanding forest I saw the stunning ship!! I was so happy to see it! I ran down the volcano with no fear what so ever. I was sweating but I kept on running because I knew that running was the best thing to do, I was so glad.

When I got to the ship I saw my colleagues and they were so happy to see me and I was so happy to see them ( apart from this one miserable lady that doesn't care about anybody and show the respect she would like back) but forget about her, the only thing to worry about now is that I'm back on the ship with my family after my adventurous journey!

I hoped you enjoyed reading my journey to find my pirate family, enjoy your day!


As I plunged out of the water gasping for air (uhhhhhh) and coughing out the water I breathed in, I looked around to see if any of my mates were any where near by but no one was there.

In the distance I saw an island covered with trees and a volcano. I swam to shore,but a great white shark appeared. I panicked at first but I knew if I did andif I moved it would make the shark notice me, so I floated silently. Suddenly a dolphin appeared from nowhere and saw I was in danger so it quickly swam in front of me and distracted the shark. By then I knew I had the chance to swim to shore.

I arrived covered with slimy,seaweed and smooth,sea shells on my hair. The island was covered with soft hot sand and mini crabs running around. I saw a forest with tropical fruits and went in hugging myself for protection but then a creature that only stayed in the shadows came out. I have never seen an animal like this ever before, its fur was black white and grey spots and its eyes were blue and green and its pupils were black. Its tail looked like it belonged to a peacock, its head looked like it was rough and hard but colourful at the same time. It came closer, in my head I knew I was going to be eaten but the great creature jumped and then...

To be continued.....


Where am I? What am I doing here? Just for a moment, I gathered my thoughts and thought about my crew and where they might be. Just then I realised that i was covered in green gloopy seaweed, along with a crab in my boot. When I looked ahead I saw a massive, no gigantic, land of trees with all different colours.I walked toward this gigantic land of trees and noticed that one of my boots was not on my foot and felt the smooth silky sand brushing against my foot. I was in this massive forest and saw a flock of birds. It almost looked like a rainbow but there was no rain to make such a beautiful thing.

Suddenly out of no where, I saw a massive, multi-coloured Parrot. I said "hello". With its reply back, well it said the same thing "hello". For some strange reason I think it could see something and wanted to show me what it was. The Parrot spread out its wings and flew just so I could see where he/she was going. I followed him/her and could not believe my brown eyes. It was a volcano. I was going to run but then I thought twice and said “If I'm nervous around a volcano shouldn't a parrot be?”

It was called Mount Neon. I guess it was called that because it had small little neon lines on it. Then just at that very moment I realised that this volcano is very VERY tall, why don't i climb it? I got my hands all grippy and I was off. When I reached the top I could see everything. From big Elephants to colourful Parrots, everything. I looked over and I could not believe what I saw.......

To be continued......


As I swam to the island I thought I wouldn't survive. I had already lost some of my crew. But we kept going and a wave pushed me to the island and finally we arrived. My body was covered in sand. I turned around and watched the crew struggle but they made it. Only three of us fell off the boat, the rest of the crew were still on the wrecked ship.

While I waited for my two teammates, I searched the island for any food, but the only thing I could find was dry sand,seaweed and some palm trees. We had to get off the island. In the distance we saw an old volcano in the distance. When they arrived we knew the only way to see the view was to climb the volcano.

We trekked up the volcano and no one fell but one of the crew stumbled half way down the volcano and grazed their leg but we made it to the top and the view was outstanding. The weather was scorching, sweat dripped from my head, I felt like I was going to faint – I was melting, but we didn't know what was yet to come.



There was a ship called 'Captain Sink' and itwas stuck on a very hard, rocky rock and couldn't get out. But suddenly there were 4 pirates called: Captian Rude, Captain Smelly ,Captain Crook and Captain Roo. They wanted to steal the boat as fast as they could but they couldn't because they were scared of the thunder and lightening from the storm so they ran as quickly as possible to their ship.

Unfortunately, the boat got carried away out to sea and wasn't seen again. The pirates were so upset, they wanted the boat, but it was gone.

As the pirates saw the boat get removed from the rock they saw something in the water. They went closer to see what it was and out came a shark with big teeth, blood all over it and one eye missing. The pirates was screaming!

After all of that they were on this beach called 'Captain Sea' and they were having fun. At the Captain Sea they saw this creature on the beach....

To be continued.....


I don't know how I got here, but I did. I think it started when I got chucked out of the ship in a different direction to everyone else. Just then I found a piece of broken wood that kept me afloat for as long as I needed to get me to the tropical island. When I arrived I saw the most bizarre creature ever, it was a creature with a tail as long as a tree branch. I started to stroll through the forest and the creature started to follow me. I started to pick up the pieces. I found my self at a volcano. In a hurry I started to climb it with a bit of a struggle. I finely made it and could see the sea glimmering in the distance. I looked beneath me and there was the creature still chasing me. I kicked the volcanic rocks down leaving the creature dead on the jungle floor. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the crew. I climbed down the volcano and they were there to greet me.


As I got lost from the pirate ship, we were in a the middle of nowhere, like we were in a hot steaming desert. All of us were wondering how we got here? Suddenly we saw weird creatures like with a cow body and a pig face and many weird things.

As we approached the cow body with a pig face it spoke, it said "GET OUT YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT!!" I wonder not to believe a talking cow body with a pig face? “Everyone let's get out or we will die!” I said "Don't worry we are pirates, we will kill them if they threaten us".The pig-cow (what we name the creature) said again "IT'S COMING RUNNNNN!...”

After we were asleep and woke up in a cave with another creature and guess what it was? It's a dragon face with an elephant body. We called it 'Elegon.' We all got scared except for me because I am a pirate and I am never scared of anything! Suddenly it spoke while fire was coming out of his mouth.

To be continued......


I think my life ended at that moment but then I thought to myself that I could find away of getting out instead of giving up. So then I swam as far as I could. And then suddenly I saw a life boat and I screamed as loud as I could and when they noticed me they came towards me as fast as possible and helped me and at that moment I knew I was safe. They were going to do their job because it was important so they left me on to the island and carried on doing there job .

So now I was stuck on this great looking island on my own with no one or nothing to help me with no clean water and no food. But I knew I could find away to survive. So I slowly walked towards the forest that was ahead of me. As I walked I could hear creepy noises but I tried to stay calm.

Then out of no where a monkey popped up so I ran as fast as I could and then I looked back and there was nothing there . So then I decided to explore the forest and find a coconut tree after looking for it for a long time I spotted it and I climbed it..

To be continued...