Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond



On that day when I got thrown off the ship I felt scared because right there I thought I was going to die. Luckily I was not too deep down but the ocean felt cold and weird. All I could taste was the saltiness of water and heard seagulls high above. Suddenly I turned around and saw an island, there were different kinds of creatures, especially ones I’ve never seen in my life. Afterwards I swam up to the dry land I was really excited to go and explore new things. Out of nowhere I saw a purple lizard I thought it was quite strange. But I was not exactly on the dry sand of Paris, there were all kinds of people when I looked up, finally I climbed up the sand. Then slowly and carefully I walked towards a ginormous forest, there was a beautiful water fall. Quickly as I could I ran into the forest there were fruits I recognised like grapes, strawberries and oranges. I picked a strawberry and bit it but it tasted weird, that was unusual. Through the forest as I got closer to the mountain a branch whacked me across my cheeks, as I touched my cheeks I felt a long scar going down. 

As I climbed up the mountain I felt nervous and scared because I don’t really like heights. There I saw the top of the mountain so I rushed up without looking down, from high above it was a beautiful sight and really sunny but then I turned my head, there I saw my ship it was wrecked and looked old like it had been sitting on the sea for thousands of years. Quickly as I could I went back down the mountain through the lovely forest and across the sand. I wanted to get back to the ship so I was confident and swam again through the freezing cold water which could give you the shivers. As I reached the wrecked ship I saw all my crew, I felt absolutely amazed to be back with my friends but I was still thinking about that wonderful beach and the things I saw on my fun journey. Hopefully I can go back again with my crew.


I was in a ship with dirty clothes that were smelling like dirty unwashed fish. I was tired like an adventurer, I wanted to go to bed and sleep but it was time to go.

I was getting ready wearing my most clean clothes that had warm cotton wool and my grey boots. I was now ready it was time to go I was getting food that could save me but I had a helper that was in Paris, his name was Mr. Lynch he was a famous teacher that was brave and he saved lots of people.

“Now it's time we’re going, yarrgh!” I said. As we were going there was a fish that was dying, I felt that he had a family so I gave him some food that was good for him, as he ate the food I gave him he jumped up and waved his hand like a human waving his hand to say hi and good-bye. I had one day left to arrive at Paris so I started to jump on the boat and danced as hard as I could. At last there was a sound of a crack. I was scared and the boat was floating so I jumped into the sea on my next adventure. 


Once I saw a ship waiting for me to find a treasure. Then the wind blew us
 off… To a silent place. Then I saw a lizard, lion and dinosaurs. Then I saw a forest over there, the forest was very wonderful AND very scary. Mr. Lynch saved us by killing the pirates. Then Miss Kitson came forward and yelled "I am so happy to see you again". Then happily we sailed our ship. Then miss lily came and saw we were tired, THEN I saw a giant monster coming behind me!


As I was rushing up for a gasp of air, I saw an island, I saw all types of magnificent creatures around this island, there were: green unicorns, blue dragons, dogs in base ball caps, cats wearing onesies, little munchkins with green hair and massive sea monsters with spikes coming out of there bodies. They had eleven arms and twelve feet and ten eyes. 
Beyond the creatures, there was a huge mountain and a mysterious wood.

The amazing sounds I could hear were the magnificent birds tweeting, music playing, it smelt like coconuts and vanilla. I finally reached into the mysterious woods to find it was covered in chocolate, the trees were chocolate, the plants were chocolate, the flowers were chocolate, everything was chocolate. Then I reached to the huge mountain full of all the food you could think of! Chocolate pudding, roast pudding, cheese cake, curry, chicken, pies… all of it! I climbed to the very top of the mountain, I was looking down at this amazing island, and there it was, my wonderful ship, all the munchkins fixed it! They had made it even better than before, it had everything I’d dreamed of and more. And that was the day of the disastrous storm, or was it?...     


I was washed onto the beach by a strong wave, I felt scared and also I was lost, then I started to look for my crew and I went deep into the forest. I saw a little unicorn and a  fly. The plants were hard cotton candies and all different type of sweets! So I had a ride on a ladybird because anything that is small over here over there it is really big and anything that is big, it is really small over there. My dress was made with pretty flowers, and was really princessy. It was known as Magical Forest so I went to the top of the magic mountains and I saw my ship, I shouted at the top of my voice and I herd an echo of my voice and they looked at me and I went down to the ship to find my crew.


In the middle of the blue sea something crashed against my gigantic ship and I fell down to the deep ocean. I had to swim to the island, I did but it was hard for me to climb out...
The first thing I imagined was that I was lost with those creepy animals! There were some angry unicorns, they were angry because they're really loud and their actions were like they wanted to kill me!!! There were some lions that were killing some of the cute ponies... All of the animals there were so vicious.
There was a way for me to get to the top of the island, I ran really fast as a cheetah and went through the tropical forest. I saw the mountain but before I got there I needed to go through the forest that had invisible foxes, loud wolves and there was some slimy snakes! I took a deep breath, as that was my only chance I had to go to that frightening forest or I would die in that place because it was full of vicious animals and creatures.
I need my ship! I quickly ran through and then I realised that a poisonous snake was on my legs, I screamed and wiggled my leg then the snake flew away into the tropical forest.
FINALLY there is the mountain, I scaled up to mountain and I was at the TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN!!!!!
I saw my ship, then I fell down to the forest and I twirled up to the tropical forest, then I ran away and swam to my ship where I left it... 



Suddenly the boat was banging back and forth, back and forth. I was scared also everyone was scared, the first thing I saw was that I found myself in a country that had I never been to, my friend was there as well, I was scared for them. We went to find us somewhere to stay, suddenly we saw a big castle. We went inside but we couldn't find anyone in the castle. We all went outside to walk, we found a mountain, we decided to climb so we did till we got to the top, it was so horrible. We found a way to get back down but it was cold when we climbed up the mountain. After that we went back to the castle, suddenly we found a river so we went to the river to catch some fish to eat so we did eat the fish. It was the best food I've ever eaten. Me and my friends went to find a room to sleep in so we found a space to sleep, boys in the other room and girls next door I was saying it was the best trip I ever had in the world. Finally me and my friends went back to our houses, when we eventually got home our mothers were worried.