Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Harrington Hill

Diante: The Final Gulp!

OOO! I was washed deep down into the sea. Little bits of pieces were falling like rain drops. My mates were drowning around me. As I looked, the shore was in the distance.  Brrrrrrr! A rattling old life boat appeared in the distance. Was this my chance to be saved?

“Help, help!” I screamed at the top of my voice.

To be continued…

Jayshaan - THE NEW Beginning

“Woah!!!!!  What’s this a wave throwing me overboard, no!” I found myself in deep thick sand. A huge eagle pulled me to my feet. I replied “thank you.” I looked around for the nearest coconut tree, I found one and shook it. Thump! A coconut fell on my head and then I found a rock and opened the coconut. I fed some to my pet eagle and I drunk the milk. I found the nearest river, my eagle and I both drunk some water, something about me felt strange. But I carried on with my journey. There was a mountain. My eagle carried me on to the mountain. Up on the other side was a volcano but my suit was heat resistant so I climbed across and I had a special bucket so I collected lava and my eagle carried me to the ship.


I landed on a coconut tree and landed face first in the sand as I got up I looked at my leg and it was bleeding. I looked left, I looked right, where were my crewmates?  I looked down and I found a magical map, it could take you anywhere in the world, even to a person. I told the map I wanted to find my crew mates, I transported! Zoom! It took me into the boat and there were my crewmates, all of them said “happy to see you.” All of us went on a journey to the jungle to find treasure and a magical sword that can make you invisible. So my crewmates and I faced many dangers on the journey: sharks, whales and then we finally got there. We jumped out of the ship and cut the leaves with the tiny swords all of us have. We found a temple and there was the treasure and the magic sword.

Mehmet - The journey begins

It all started when the pirate made me walk the plank.


The water was too deep. “Woohooo,  there isa land.”

* Waves muttering*

Finally we were at the land. “Coconuts”

*eating coconut*

“Yummy.” There was some wood and stone and an axe and animals also a pickaxe. And nails.

*Chopping wood and getting stone*

* Building house*

Done! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! What was that? “Hello who are you?” “I’m Mike ““Oh I’m Captain Doom.” “Help me please, Mike” He asked me. “It is night time Mike”

“Ok” “We are eating food.”

*Eating food* “Let’s sleep.”

“Ok.” “Haaaaahaaahaaahahaha, you will see in the future"

THE    END                                                                                      



I knew that I should have listened to my swimming teacher. Now look where I ended up. Ummmm now what should I do? I should probably go and find help.

Shshsh, what was that? Wow a monkey.

“I am a baboon, not a monkey.”

“You can talk?”

“Of course I can talk.”

“Can you help?”

“Ok. What do you need?

“I need you to help me get back to the ship.”

“Alright let’s go.” 

“Great, let’s go.” 15 minutes later… “We’re here!”



As I dived through the air into the freezing cold sea, it felt like 1,000 daggers stabbing my body. When I slowly swam up to the surface I crawled out the sea, my foot started bleed, as red as captain sea horse’s old parrot ruby. Then I made my way to the jungle. Slowly, all the vines were thrashing my face. I had to move them out of my way. I felt like I heard footsteps. I’m not the only one on this island. I felt like I was surrounded by weird creatures around me, like a one eyed tiger or a three legged snake getting ready to pounce on me like I was prey for a predator. Fear went through my veins.


Suddenly, as I went down to the sea I swam in the water in 20cm. It was so not good that day. I felt hurt because my foot got hurt with blood on it.  My BFF Chelsea and I got lost in the beach. Chelsea and I saw a shiny horse. It had a shiny white skin and it saved me and Chelsea from the cut on my foot. It was with blood but it stopped because of the horse.

The horse suddenly said “you’re welcome.” Chelsea said, “Did you just say ‘you’re welcome’?” “Yes.” Said the horse. “What?” I said.


How did I land here?

I now don’t know where I am. Well, I will look around me. ARHHHHHHH!

I don’t know how to swim well. I should have listened to my swimming teacher.

Now I have to call someone to help me. Ummmmmmmmm… Nobody is here.

Well, I need to shout out loud and say “HELP!”

Someone said, “Who’s that?”

I shout “I landed in a weird space!”

“I feel something under me!” he said “what?” “I think it’s a monster that is huge!” “What is it?” “I don’t know!

“Okay where are we?”  “In the middle of the sea!” “Okay coming.” “Here” 

So we went under the water we saw a boat under the water…


Today was a SHOCKING! Day. You won’t believe what happened. So, it all happened when we were on the ship, with my mates: Hasan, Captain Beard and smelly feet Joe, we were spying around our ship, so there was no danger. Something happened though…. Really bad…. A thunder storm with a tornado were teaming up to destroy our crew! And even bad…. Our ship! We tried to sail away though, it broke us down. “Woohooooo!” Shouted Smelly Joe and the rest of the crew suddenly… we landed on an island which almost looked like forest. In blink of an eye something was appearing… (Inside, however, I wasn’t scared and I wanted to know). It was a PIG!? Running away from… A T-rex “Oh no. What do we do!” Screamed Hasan. “LET’S GO UP THE HILL THERE!” screamed Captain Beard. Though it looked like it was friendly it didn't attack as so… I tip toed towards it. I stroke it, it was laughing and enjoying it. Let’s go up that hill to check out the blue, bright, and beautiful ocean though… in corner of my eye I saw… TREASURE but… our ship… was next to it! “Let’s go there then crew” Captain Beard exclaimed proudly. As we went down the hill, half of the crew wanted the T-rex to join us. It was supersized… So how could we put him in the boat…? Let me think. “Good. We can uh…. Tie ropes around our sship?” I questioned to the crew without thinking what I said. We did the thing I said… “It looks good!” said Captain Beard. “No problem. Guys what about the treasure?” “Let’s get it.” So we picked it up and sailed away. ”What a day.”        


First we were listening to the captain and then we remembered that we were fighting a monster with 7000 eyes and 21 legs and spotty and with 39 sharp teeth. It stank more than smelly feet so we were fighting it with all our might and it went out of the boat. Then a tornado came and l tried to escape from it but it got me and it was turning and turning and then l forgot what happened.  Then l landed on a beach and then l made friends with a monkey and he helped me live there and he gave me food to eat every day . Then l found a boat with one of my crew and he told me to get on the bout and he took me to a wooden house and my monkey was ...  To be continued.


Dear diary,

Today, was SCARY DAY, well I will tell you, there was a big ugly, stinky, monster who wanted to destroy our precious ship. It had 1000 EYES, 21 teeth and 200 tentacles also a storm came and threw us into the air for like 20 minutes. Sadly I broke my leg when I felt out of the ship, I lost all my friends but only one of my friends survived call Juan Carlos.

We travelled to an island and we met many animals and we adopted them as our pets. Well, my one was a T-rex and my friend’s one was a tiger.

Furthermore, we travelled everywhere and we called ourselves adventures.


I my name is Naima, a little tiger and I have a brother and a sister with no mum or dad. Anyway. Yesterday I splashed into the freezing water. My brother and I and my annoying little sister felt so, so scared that we peed on ourselves. The water was as cold us an ice cream that had just got out of a freezer. I couldn’t get out of the water so I screamed “HELP HELP!” But nobody helped, after a few second I saw a one-eyed donkey. He didn’t look happy he was furious as a redbull chasing me but nobody was there. Oh my god…..

I ran away as quick a cheetah… After, something bad happened. Really bad, the one-eyed donkey came to me. “I can’t get out of here!” My sister finally………. To be continued.