Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Harrington Hill 


            I was in the big ship with my friends when the Captain said that we had to kill the pirates. They were coming for us to get the treasure, so we had to kill them quickly or they would get us and the treasure! We got the cannon ball ready to shoot the enemy pirates from the other side of the island, so we could destroy them and get their treasure, and get rich, and eat delicious food and drink. A big cannon ball hit our ship, and we all dropped. There was a big wave and sharks that could kill us and eat us into pieces. The big wave came and splashed us. It swept us into a forest with two friends, Polat and Ferhat.

            I looked around. Up in the sky I saw a gold coin. Then we looked around the place, and we ran because there was a big monkey trying to kill us! We climbed up a tree and the monkey came and we dropped off the tree, and saw a house with treasure inside.

             We went and asked if we could sleep there. A woman said “Yes, you may.” When the woman slept, we got the treasure and ran so fast that no-one could even see us.

            Then we went and we built a tree house to sleep in, and to keep the treasure in. A big man came and said “I will take you to a secret mountain.” But we said ''No, because you are trying to take our treasure'.' So we put the treasure in our bag and went to find the secret mountain, and our captain, and the others, to make another ship so we could go home to find some more treasure. We ran and ran to get up the big mountain, and as we were running, we finally saw the top of the mountain.



Splash! I was cold and wet when I fell into the salty, cold sea. Waves kept on rushing through us and we were drenched. Suddenly something caught my eye. It was an island - a treasure island! I started to swim like a cheetah, faster than I had ever swum before. I realised I was getting closer when, all of a sudden, I looked down and saw a gigantic white shark! But surprisingly, it was a friendly shark that just wanted to help! I was not convinced that the shark was friendly.

A few minutes later I reached the island and saw gold and treasure everywhere I looked. I walked closer and closer towards the gold but I stopped by a big, fat, hairy shark. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I screamed. I was feeling terrified. I ran and ran and ran until I was sure the shark was out of sight. I was scared because there was a storm, which meant there had to be waves, so we badly needed shelter. So I ran to find shelter but I heard a rumble. It had to be the start of an earthquake.

To be continued...


Crash. The ship was wrecked, everyone screamed and shouted. We jumped off the ship into the ocean and swam. Swimming was easy, but there were sharks around, so we began fighting them all. As soon as we got to land we noticed it was a treasure island. Before my eyes I saw a large pine tree and brown sand. We were shocked by the fact that the river had a wonderful view. I felt delighted when I washed off all the dirt from my body. It felt so great being clean. I also saw ash, smoke and orange leaves. All of a sudden my ship mates and I heard a thud, but we were so hungry that we did not feel like going on an adventure, so we asked one of our shipmates to get us some food...

A few hours later, he had not come back. I wondered where he was. I went to look for my old shipmate but he was nowhere to be found. I was sad. I was kind of shocked about the fact that I was alone. Suddenly I heard a thud, so I went thought the woods and saw there was a bad creature. It was not friendly at all. A black, hideous, devastating creature had trapped one of our shipmates. The creature was slimy and could breathe fire. He had bloodshot eyes, and purple scales going around his body. I ran away and began thinking of a plan. My plan was really good but it didn't work at first. I tried to set a trap using food. The creature began chasing me to the trap but the creature scratched me, and my ruby red blood dripped like tap water.

For my second plan I put food on the grass with a hole inside, and when the creature went onto the grass I pulled the leaver and the creature fell inside the hole. It got stuck there forever! I ran as fast as the sky can go dark. I freed my friend...We tried to escape but there were electric eels and two white sharks. We tried to go swim but it was rough. Before my eyes a strange man appeared in the river swimming towards me and...

To be continued.


SPLASH! The blue, crashing waves splashed against the ship. The ship started to tilt to the side. At this moment we all fell into the enormous ocean it felt like I was about to die, but luckily a piece of the ship had floated towards me and I quickly grabbed it. In shock I saw a beautiful piece of land. It seemed like a Treasure Island. I could see a huge turtle with a shell made of diamond. I had finally reached the island! It was the most amazing thing that I had seen in my life, I could not believe my eyes. There was a forest, it looked suspicious so I followed a trail of leaves and coconuts. It led me to a very old rusty house. I was not sure if anyone was home, so I slowly made my way into the house. Someone was inside, it was a man. He was very kind to me and became my friend. He said he was looking for something...

To be continued.


SLAP!! BANNNNG! As I fell out of the ship and toppled into the sea, I heard the captain crying and lighting the dark ebony coloured cannon to fire a warning shot, I looked around and saw that one of my shipmates, Kayla the Navigator was about to drown so I, in a flash, swam over and dived into the darkness below to stop sharks eating her. Luckily, I managed to get her in time and swam her to shore for my other shipmate, Uncle Billy (we called him that because he was the oldest out of everyone), to take her into the forest to climb the dazzling psychedelic Mount. Raye. I swam back into the ocean to rescue my unconscious colleagues, Michael and Mia. I harrumphed, saying “Do I have to do everything me self?” I couldn’t carry both of them at the same time due to their weight combined. I, Blackbeard Eren, had to carry Bighead Mia first to shore, but I had to take her quickly as 1-ton Michael was drowning!

Eventually, I managed to take them and the other shipmates to shore. My other Colleague Zender had to rescue 1-ton Michael and Bighead Mia.

Further on, I had found my feet on treacherous, psychedelic Mount. Raye. I was totally prepared to go cold turkey! Along the way I met Pig-nose Pepe, who was either half-dead or had Goosebumps as he was shivering and clattering his teeth.

By the time I was half-way up the Mountain, it was 1200 hours and I hadn’t eaten yet. I looked around me, and what I saw was heart-breaking. My BSMF (Best Shipmate Forever), Pig-nosed Pepe, had died. Unfortunately, I had to carry on.

By the time I had reached the top of the mountain, we had 3 deaths, 4 injuries and 2 frozen bodies which had to be thawed out. As I was the Cap’n of charge (for the time being) I told Cabin Girl Jeyda to carry all the important rations to dig out the treasure.

At last, we had finally got into the treasure chest, which contained 999,000 THOUSAND POUNDS. But we had to take some to the Real Captain. Getting up the mountain was hard enough, but getting down was hell!

To Be Continued...


Dancing in a rotten boat while sipping apple juice inside a metal bowl. Captain Flint was laughing when a heavy crash hit the boat forcing the boat to wiggle. Shipmates waving good bye and people jumping into the deep, dark, damp, ocean, while enormous rocks scratched the bottom of their mouldy feet.

I was swimming as fast as I could. When I arrived, I saw a glittering turtle with gems dangling from its back. Trees rustled side to side. Waves cooled down as a bear with a pot of honey ran away from the butterfly. I could feel in my popped veins that this island was magical. I desperately needed to find shelter and food, uh, how much I missed drinking apple juice. I gathered pieces of wood and used all my power and created fire. BOOM WOOSH. I heard a noise coming deep in the island and tiptoed through the island’s path and wondered where the noise came from...

To be continued.


I helplessly crawl on the beach wanting help, I want food, NOW! My belly rumbles as I cut the poisonous sting of a scorpion. I pinch my nose with my skinny fingers, and crunch onto the crunchy flesh of the poor thing. Then I realise there are two hares on the mountain. Staring at me. I rapidly storm across the forest, not caring about the risk I have put myself into. The slope of the mountain is high, I think I can’t make it, but I am really hungry and need food on my plate. So without thinking twice I swiftly scurry up the mountain. I can see them! Two hares facing backwards, I approach closely. Tiptoeing, with my frozen feet. Then with one hand, grab their ears and run back to the forest where I will cook them with glee on my face.

The forest is near, so I choke them. I have to I am HUNGRY! I slide down the slope and enter the forest (while shadows of bright eyes narrow onto mine.) I have made a mistake to enter. Thankfully, before my fortunate hunt, I had made a powerful fire place. I place them onto the neat hot sticks which I turn slowly with ease. After many minutes of impatient waiting, I chuck my face onto the meat and ravenously eat. However, my wonderful feet scream of pain, entering my left ear. I don’t worry and I carry on my fantastic meal.

But another noise approaches my ear, this time the right. This time I do take notice… Just then I wish I had never turned as the worst thing in my life has appeared to arrive. I am surrounded by many unusual beings with irregular looks. Many of their teeth are soft and short, others are long and sharp. My mind is blown…With my mighty legs I speedily dash through. Then I fixate my eyes to the ship. THE SHIP?! It’s burning! What?! They have come to rescue me. I see another ship from behind. I hope it wasn’t the thing that I was thinking about. Surely not.


To Be Continued…


Splash! With one enormous blow, all of my ship-mates and I splashed in the water. Amazingly, we discovered an island and we named it… Treasure Island, despite the fact that we were actually looking for Spain. “Arr we should have gone on top of that 4 billion ft mountain?” Smelly Pete asked whilst scratching his filthy, long, black beard. “First we need to explore this mysterious island, just in case there is any treasure, you never know.” Smirked Emily the Navigator, whilst gulping 10 bottles of apple juice. “Just shut your mouths and let’s explore this place of wonder, which might have another treasure map,” sighed Mr Gorilla whilst banging his chest. Creeping and crawling towards the green, lush forest, we approached a bird. Not any bird, but a bird with razor sharp teeth and also razor sharp wings. It was ravenous, and also it had the face of a canine dog. “Ahoy ship-mates, please get your weapons and three people should make their way to the ship. The ship is called the HMS Harington hill…”

To be continued …


BANG! The ship was wrecked. Everybody was scared and there was stormy rain. We got carried by the rain and the boat took us to another island called Treasure Island. While we were there, we saw turtles with diamonds on top of their shells. That was the best thing I had seen in my life. After all that, we saw a cave which looked like it had treasure inside. We were going to go in but there was a problem, and that was a creepy, slimy, red-eyed and red rumbling belly waiting to catch us with its claws, and stick us in its slimy putrid mouth and crunch our bones with its dangerous sharp teeth.

But then we took out our mysterious pointy sharp swords and pierced it in its slimy red eyes that were dripping with mysterious blood. We needed shelter badly!! We threw a grenade at the rocky cave to make a doorway big enough for a pirate to go in. Immediately, we saw something shining, then we went to it and we saw golden coins and diamond. We grabbed all of them. We grabbed all of them, we were the richest pirates in the world.

To be continued!!!


The sun blinded me as I climbed carefully up the mountain. Blood dripped down off my cuts.  Eerie sounds came from behind me. What were they? Glowing eyes peered behind me. My heart beat faster than ever before. Despite the fact that I’ve been in even more deadly situations, it made my skin jump.

Day 100. It all started when we were hit by a wave. I yelled in fear. My skin went pale. I was on the lower deck as half the ship fell into sea, with me in it. The creature had a massive tentacle for its arm and a dragon’s scaly head.

As I reached for my sword I heard a scream which I thought came from Crazy Emily. I ran and ran quicker then flipping a page. Panting like dog, I reached the Deadly Spy Glass Mountain and started to climb up it. As I went up, the creature came back to me. Instead of being a chicken, I reached for my new pistol and fired till he was dead. I continued to climb.

BANG. I was out cold. I woke up with a head ache. I saw the wind blow the sand which glowed silver.

To be continued….

Day 100. It all started when we were attacked by a vicious wave; hungry for human blood.


The monster came out of the water. Sadly, someone killed the monster. Out of his belly climbed octopus, fish and sharks.

The pirates were cleaning. After, we were tired and we went to sleep. Then we heard a crash we were in the Treasure Island. We got off the ship and we to the giant mountain.

I was walking through the forest and I saw a big, slimy, disgusting monster, so I tried to climb up the mountain but it was very difficult because it was slimy.

Soon I was at the top and I could see the ship and the forest and my friends who were looking for treasure. I saw a light so I went to it, but it was a big diamond and suddenly a storm came. My friends ran to the ship but I tried to take the diamond, so I took the diamond and put it in my bag and I ran to my ship. Soon, I was in the ship. Soon I was home and a man came to…

To be continued.


Drinking rum from an ancient rusty cup whilst dancing on a large ship, a big wave came crashing on the deck of the ship forcing the ship to wobble. CRASH! Suddenly I fell off the ship, getting pulled from the massive wave screaming “HELP!” I landed on a small island with scratches on me from the sharp rocks. It was calm. No one was here except from me. Then, a vicious squid came popping out of the water, wanting my cold, scarlet blood. The water was splashing on my skin. Then I got out my sharp, silver sword and cut his slimy neck off. A splash of gooey blood splashed on my face. After, I saw a magical forest in front of me, so I stepped inside slowly, hoping that nothing would pop out. Then, I carried on my journey. Walking, walking, walking. After 1 hour of walking, I finally saw a bright spot through the luscious, emerald trees, so I followed it.

To be continued....


‘AHHH!’ Echoed the sound of the scared shipmates shouting as the ship shook violently. ‘WOOSH’ went the wind, shaking the sails in the horrific hurricane. My heart was pounding as I jumped in fear. SPLASH! The water smashed against the deck. Suddenly, the boat tipped and all the shipmates got pulled over the edge like a sea monster dragging its food. My knees were trembling, and rum bottles slid across the deck.

Finally, we arrived at the destination (Spain). We started looking around and we saw a family of turtles with diamonds on their shells. All of a sudden everything went silent, and we started to look around - that's when we realised it was not Spain at all, it was not a sunny beach, it was TRESURE ISLAND. We had found Treasure Island by accident. We started looking around, I went into the forest and started digging I looked at the map. I felt excited. We dug up the treasure and headed back to the boat to have a nap. Later on in the day the ship started rocking and we fell out of our hammocks. We went upstairs to see the world’s biggest sea monster called the Giant Chicken Octopus. It had 1 arm and 9 eyes. Captain Flint slayed the Giant Chicken Octopus and loads of remains fell out.




Bang!  “Help.” A loud hit from the, angry, crazy monster. “Captain”   Blade shouted “The monster is back and ready for more continued Blade, I will come in 5mins ok!” whilst giving an evil grin.

5 weeks later:

“What happened?” questioned Blade there on into the water. He was dying in dryness looking for water…… need water…need water….need water….need water as he fainted onto the ground.

“Wake up, wake up wake, up sleepy head…..”

 “Mum!” is that really you?”  

“You need to wake up in real life Blade.”

“But I have so many questions to ask you.”

“NO Blade”

“Get up”

All of a sudden a face came up, a creepy face, it was his mum but a zombie dead version of her… Getting up and thinking to himself ‘I need to persevere, I need to keep on GOING’


Blade was eating dead mice and turtles, plus never forgiving the Captain for what he did to him (yes, he did see the treasure and yes, he saw captain packing his bags yesterday. Also, Blade threatened one of his crew to tell him what the Captain’s next plan was and guess what he found out? This was the Captain’s plan all along, he paid the sea monster with one million fish and the monster said yes).

The next day Blade decided to walk up a 1000 metre mountain…… near the top, he had a vision then, “AAAAAAAAAH!” he fell…



The ship incident...

Once upon a ship, an enormous storm came along enveloping everyone. Imagine the ship mates’ gruesome faces. BANG! Unfortunately, the storm was so big that it ending up wrecking the King of the Ocean (the ship). Emily, Cassy and Lucy all fell off the ship in the blink of an eye. SPLASh! Tired, the three girls had been swimming for days, weeks or even months and finally spotted a lovely rainforest (at least that’s what they thought).

The smell of rotten cheese came drifting out into the three girls’ noses. The sound of squawking, mad toucans scared the girls. The sight of rotten leaves made the girls felt uncomfortable. "What is causing all the unusual features of the rainforest?" Exclaimed Emily as she inched backwards, hoping the ship will find her. "Ohhhh look friendly butterflies!" Exclaimed Lucy running towards the butterflies, not knowing what they were actually. "I don't think they are FREINDLY butterflies!" shouted Cassy, running to save Lucy. So the three adventurous girls run as far as they could before the unknown species of butterflies could catch them and eat them for dinner!

To be continued.......


‘WAVE’ was the only word that echoed through the ship in the few unnerving and devastating minutes on the ship in the storm. The Captain had just exited his quarters and the crew had already been paralysed looking at the wave rushing in toward them like a speeding car on a narrow road, ravenous for their bodies. There were a few seconds of sudden silence as they watched the 50mph wave homing in toward them. Then...BOOM! The wave capsized the ship as if it were a tsunami. The crew were flung into the air without warning, certain they would die. Most of them were knocked unconscious but I was one of the lucky ones who was still breathing. I heard screams and suddenly landed into the freezing water that lay below me. This was when my swimming technique, which was doubted by two shipmates: Eren the Bigmouth and Speedy Tyrese, came into action. I used all my energy to hurl myself to the Island that my shipmates had failed to reach due to the fact that they could not swim.

Once I got to the island, I had no idea where I was or where the ship was. I was almost certain that my shipmates and Captain Flint had not survived the disastrous occurance. That meant only one thing.....I got to keep the treasure for myself! Don't throw me overboard! I had to hurry and find the highest point on the island so I could find the treasure. There was a conspicuous mountain in the distance so I headed in that direction, but a sudden growling nose unsettled the ambience. A Giant Turtle covered in diamonds jumped out of nearby bushes! I had almost lost my marbles at the mere sight of this. “Aargh me maties!” The turtle attacked, shooting jagged diamonds from its shell into my right eye and left leg. I ran as fast as my bad leg could carry me and I luckily made it out alive.

A few minutes later, I had made it to the mountain: Spy Glass Mountain, which stood 700 feet above ground level. It was a struggle getting up, but I ended up persevering. I looked around on the top of the mountain over the land to see where the treasure was, but the one thing that caught my eye was the fact that the crew and Captain Flint were on the ship! There goes my chances of self-riches.

To be continued...


Splash! Waves crashed into the ship as the ship rocked side to side. I tilted over into the sea... fainting. Meanwhile, some people went on shore, some on the land, some in the forest and some in the sea needing help. In the island, there were turtles with diamond shells and monkeys with gold swords. My heart started beating really fast from the treasure I saw. At the same time I was really hungry, I didn't know how to find some food. I was alone because some others got lost. I got some water from the sea. It was nasty so I spat it out. In the distance I saw these humans who looked very suspicious - I noticed they had shiny, sliver hooks coming out of their sleeves.  And they were saying “Arggg!” Then I noticed they were PIRATES!!! I screamed so loud, I ran as fast as a cheetah, I dashed into the darkness of the forest, where the treasure was. When I looked on the map, I knew X marked the spot. I was where the treasure was. I dug and dug. I finally got it out. “It’s mine,” I said to myself, but the mean, angrypirate was there. They saw me. Boom!

To be continued


I woke up and I saw a sea monster behind me. I felt scared and I ran away, then I was really scared. I needed some help from a friend. I was quickly saying “help, help, cut the monsters head off.” I was rushing into the deep, dark, gloomy, spooky forest. There were large green trees with pointy branches. I bumped into someone. He was really tall like a giant and he had long brown hair. He had a pirate's coat and hat. I said to him “will you help me? There is a sea monster trying to eat me.” “I will save you.” He said. Then, I stood behind him and the sea monster said “where is Paige?” The monster was getting out of the sea, then the giant and the monster had a battle. In the end, the monster got killed by the giant. Afterwards, I said “Thank you for saving me from that monster.”

To be continued...


SPLASH!  The ship flew in the air as I fell in the deep ends of the water. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, my whole life was in danger. The day of my life went down in the water. Suddenly, I could see a broken bit of the boat. I swam to the top of the water and floated on the wooden slab and sailed to the unknown Treasure Island. As I sailed, I saw creatures that I never knew existed. Diamonds, gold and mouldy trees which laid beside me I walked along the in the most dark forest I’d ever seen. My knees were trembling and wobbly and I became weaker and weaker in this spooky, dark forest. Suddenly, I saw a person in front of me. I walked forward, taking little baby steps. The boy looked at me in a kind-hearted way. I asked him “who are you?” The boy replied, “I’m Carlos and I’m here to help you find your crew. I saw everything that happened with your crew so I want to help you.” The boy walked towards me and handed me an apple and a bottle of water. I had lost rations because my ship sunk in the deep end of the water. We made our way to the mountain to find our way to the ship and our poor crew who were starving to death. When we finally made it up the mountain, we saw a volcano which was erupting near my unsafe crew, I raced toward the crew who were in danger........



SPLASH! As I was on the boat, I fell on the deck. Later a powerful wave came and, by accident, the cannon shot and hit my leg and I jumped out of the boat and go to any island I see. After a while I saw an island and I swam there as fast as I could. When I made it, I tried to use some of my cut clothing to stop bleeding. I had to go swimming for some fish or get a coconut to drink, but I saw a strange animal. It was like a turtle but it had diamonds. Later, I knew this island was full of treasure and supplies to make me survive. At night I made a fire to keep me warm and got a little blanket made out of leaves and a little tree house made out of wood. I cooked the fish that I caught and I made a cup of coconut juice.


It was sunny. As I was searching for treasure and supplies, I found a chest that had some supplies that would help me for a month. It had a little box of medicine and bandages.



I walked through the forest in Treasure Island feeling brave with my determination inside. In the forest I saw colourful parrots, malicious spiders and old rocks. I felt brave, hungry and kind of sick but I used all my determination and perseverance to continue to walk through the forest and climb through the mountain AS FAST AS I CHEATAH. I was feeling ravenous.

THERE WAS Birds flying at the top of the trees and rocks everywhere.

There were diamonds at the top of the mountain.

So I collected them ALL, BUT still I did not find the gorgeous treasure.





SPLASH! I was cold and wet as I fell into the salty, cold sea. Waves kept on rushing through us whilst we were drenched. Suddenly, something caught my eye. It was an island. It was TEASURE ISLAND!!!I started to swim fast, as if I had never swam before. Then I realised I was getting closer. All of a sudden I looked down and saw a gigantic white shark!! But, strangely, it came next to me and wanted to help me. I forget about the shark and kept on going. Finally I was there. It was full of treasure and gold. Everywhere I looked I saw gold. I walked closer and closer towards the gold, but I stopped by a big, fat, hairy shark.


I was felling terrified and shocked, so I ran around and around the island until the shark was out of sight. I was scared and exited. There was a storm which meant there had to be waves so we needed shelter. “Awwwwwwwwww!!!” But the wave pushed me in the water…                               



I AM lost on an island and the waves are as tall as mountains. As I look into the distance, I see white mist which obscures my view. A few minutes later the mist vanishes and a ship suddenly appears. Is it my lost crew? The ship sails towards the island that I’m on. As soon as they arrive on the island I the ship and the Captain sails to Treasure Island.

A few days later, we are halfway through the journey to Treasure Island. Everyone on the ship is partying joyfully, playing fun games and guzzling masses of rum and some people are happily fishing. There are loud songs playing on the ship's radio and jolly pirates dancing. When we arrive at Treasure Island, we get off the ship and explore some bits of it. I have brought the map from the Captain's cabin....

To be continued... 


I plummeted into the sea. My vision became blurry as the water ricocheted to and fro.

I wanted to scream but I couldn't even breathe. It was like I was being sucked into a whirlpool, though the only difference was that it never seemed to end. I knew I could find a way to get to land, for I was a great swimmer and I had the confidence to swim to land. Before I had second thoughts, I swam to the nearest land hoping that I would be able to survive for a few nights.

At last I felt my palms grasp the sand, a sigh of relief ran through my body. There I heard my fellow shipmates sing a song “OH ITS ANOTHER DAY BEING A PIRATE, OH WHAT GREAT PIRATES WE ARE, OH WHAT GREAT PIRATES WE ARE”

Yes it was them, my beloved crew! Dashing through the sand, I tumbled over a large stone that was blocking my path. My sword dropped out of my leather belt and cracked open the stone that lay in front of me. I gaped. I gasped. My mouth dropped open. I couldn't believe it. It was treasure. Oh how lucky I was, but what I didn't realise was my crew had spotted me and had also spotted the treasure too. I made a run for it, however I guess I didn't run fast enough. "YOU DIRTY SCOUNDREL, GIVE ME THE TREASURE OR IF YOU RATHER DIE THAT COULD BE A POSSIBILITY"

I shuddered at the thought of myself dying. How awful would the world be without me! Thoughts rushed through my mind.

All of a sudden, my heart thudded rapidly as a sword was lifted up…


To be continued...


WHOOSH! The last thing I remember was being washed up on shore. The howls of wolves. The stench of poo. The wind biting my cheeks. It takes a moment before it all comes back. Then I remember; the evil chicken monster attacking our ship.  Shipmates screaming. The chicken monster laughing wickedly. “Wipe that silly smirk of your face!” I exclaimed angrily. But the Chicken monster wasn't amused. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh” the chicken monster exclaimed.

This made everyone fly in different directions which caused me to land face first on the water. I became unconscious.

2 weeks later

Now I am here. Two weeks after being separated from my crew. Suddenly, I realise where I am. I`M IN SPAIN, IN THE FOREST! As I make my way through the forest, I see and hear peculiar and familiar noises. Once again wolves are howling. Once again the aroma of poo spreads round the forest. Once again the wind biting my cheeks.



Splash! All my crew mates dropped right into the deep and dangerous water. Luckily I was a good swimmer so I did not die, but some of my crew might have died because they could not swim. I swam to the island as fast as lighting, then I saw a mountain that was gold. I had to go through the Forest of Doom that had a lot of snakes. I had to battle my way through the forest, then I saw the mountain that was 15 feet away. I ran like the flash and I got to the top of the mountain. I heard my ship mate saying "we have found the gold!" I ran down the mountain and through the Forest of Doom, but there was a problem. Captain Flint did not survive the storm, so I had to be the new captain and they had to call me Captain Speed or Tyrese.

To be continued....


I wake up and I see sand everywhere. I stand up and I see a bird covered in diamonds. I come closer and the bird flies away. I try to find my friends but no one is here. I’m really scared, but then I see a turtle covered in diamonds.

I get hungry so I go to find food. I find nothing, then I go to the water and I catch a fish. I eat that, so I drink some water but there is just the sea water. The night comes. I try to make a bed to sleep, I get some big leaves and put them on the sand. I find sticks to make fire and so I make the fire and I go to sleep. I wake up and I decide to climb the mountain so I can find my friends. I finally reach the mountain and I climb up the mountain.

To be continued....


My whole life flashed before my eyes. The wave was coming, a huge pile of water was raised above my head restricting my view. It was like the ship was in a bubble full of water. SPLASH! The wave hit the ship. I was launched into the air. The ship flew across the island. BANG! I hit the ground, blood spread across my right arm, pain was travelling around my body. Unconscious and in pain I got up and started walking. ‘Am I dreaming?’ I thought to myself. “Lololololol” a turtle was singing. “WHO ARE YOU MAN?” The turtle asked narrowing his eyes. “My, my, my name is James Bond, but friends call me James.” I answered. “YO dog name’s Mike, friends call me Mikey” rapped the turtle weirdly. “How can you talk?” I asked. “YO man, we brothers here were born to talk.” Feeling light headed, I looked around and asked “where am I?” “T to the R to the E to the A to the S-U-R-E, Treasure….. ISLAND dude. ALL the magic comes from here.”

TO BE CONTINUED .......... ps. peace out, from Mike the Turtle!