Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Holy Trinity School 


On the ship of diamonds, there was a captain called Albert. He had no fear of anything but he wanted to meet a person called Diamond Blade. Albert never saw him until now. His friends knew about his wish so they tried to make it come true. They had lots of ideas about what they could do, they had a solution to make it happen... that night they broke out of the ship and searched everywhere, but they could not see it. Suddenly, they saw a tinkle of a little cave; of course they had check it out, so that is what they did. Albert was still sleeping like a little baby until he heard a noise. He immediately woke up and jumped out of bed. He ran out of the ship going where the noise came from. As he arrived, he heard their discussion with Diamond Blade. The next morning the crew mates said for him to go to the forest and meet someone he really admired. He ran all the way to the forest and then on his way there he met 3 animals. He did not want to be late to miss the only one, Diamond Blade. So he rolled past them like a bowling ball and then remembered what they said last night. So he ran all the way to the ship and one animal (a jaguar) followed him and then Albert jumped on the jaguar and then he thought he was too late...         



As the ship was thumped by the by the substantial wave I was tossed towards a piece of debris! The piece with the skull and crossbones. As I landed on it I paddled to the beach. I felt the scorching rocks on my feet. I waded to the tropical jungle. I checked my knapsack for a snack. I retrieved a sea patty and a water skin. After lunch I anxiously ascended the treacherous, vicious volcano known as Adichiwa. I spotted the rest of my ship. The crew were all there from No Eye Egon to Cap'n Crossbone. As I cautiously cascaded then boom POW to the bottom, I rushed to my ship and we sailed away to the life boat. When we got home to Tamriel a week later, where new adventurers will begin again. Who knows where we will go next... 


One blazing morning five crew mates and one captain were on a ship. The crew were singing a tribal song that they always sing.

All of a sudden the wind was blowing quickly like a flash then the sea was picking up. Out of nowhere a storm came and the storm had waves like a tsunami, wind like a tornado and lightning like a lion and thunder like a wolf.

The next thing that we knew is that we were on an island. (2 hours later...) We found the ancient temple of Saviter, the god of speed. I could see Estaci eagles eating elegant Estaci eggs. In the temple all you could see was a big God with silver armour and with a blue aura. To be continued...


It was there. The glorious giant wave, the biggest wave anyone has ever seen. We all broke large bits of wood like surf boards, then waited and waited then jumped straight into the wave, surfing, but some people were not capable of handling it and fell straight into what I call the Devour. It wasn't a while before I fell too, I swam straight to the surface and looked North, East, South, West. Finally I saw it, the land of Hullaballoo! There was a lot of scrap n' stuff but the only thing there was to eat was one rather small coconut. So I set straight through the jungle and faced many particularly funny creatures: a flying jellyfish came whizzing through the air and I threw my coconut at it and it fell. And there it was, Mount Impossible...

It took me 60 nights and 50 days. I was exhausted. "Crew, I'm here!” I shouted, and there was a rumble. It was an avalanche. I slid down with it and went to the Jungle. A shadow appears. It was a Shadow Clanner: it was a wolf like animal, it was black and has green glow eyes. It led me through to my friends. To my relief I say, "I thought you guys were dead!” And we all set off back to where we belonged – Home...


As the wave wooshed by me, it lifted the ship into the air. I screamed as if I were getting chased by a gigantic sea monster, but as the wave tossed me into the air I landed on an island. The name of the island is Nabiru, I think. As I was on the island, I saw a forest on the island so I went into the island. As I was going in the forest I found fruit. After all, I'd had a long journey, so I had the fruit. They were delicious. When I was continuing through the forest to find my crew, guess what I saw... Flowers and birds: they were so beautiful. Then after a while the forest came near to an end. Then I saw a mountain. I ran to it and climbed up. It was hard to climb but I managed to go to the top. Then I noticed that there was a cabin at the bottom of the mountain. So I climbed down the mountain and sprinted to the cabin and knocked on the door, then guess what it was... My crew! I was so happy, I was in joy. I asked them why they weren't on the ship and they said the backup ship broke, so they ended up here. So we climbed down the mountain and walked through the forest and grabbed some fruit.


Firstly, I was with my crew on the calm boat sleeping as peaceful as could be. Suddenly, the boat started to sway left and right but I was in such a deep sleep that I did not feel a thing.

"Wake up sleepy head," said my crew mate Jezza.

“Ye-yep I’m awake."

“That's what he said," laughed John.

Suddenly, the boat was upside down and John ended up coughing. Meanwhile I was just stepping onto the glorious, wonderful shore full of flowers, trees and soft sand (obviously). I stood up in wonder of where my friends were, so I looked into the water to find that they were all gone. I was absolutely bonkers, so I ran then bumped into a lion, and then it said, "Oh I didn't see you there, how?"

I had no time to waste (but I was really scared) so I ran the other way then hit a coconut tree. I was about to get up but a coconut hit my head, I thought I was stone dead...

Suddenly, I smelt smoke.

To be continued...


On a windy day, something terrifying happened that I never thought would ever happen in my life

So let me begin. On this day a most horrifying thing attacked me while I was on the land. A three eyed creature that had three heads started to run after me. He was so scary that my legs were shaking. He looked like a dragon, which made it even scarier. I started to sweat as he looked at me. I tried not to turn back but it was hard not to. All of a sudden, I turned around with so much fear in my heart. As soon as I blinked, the animal started to chase after me out of suspense. I felt the world was about to end. I saw fruits that were juicy, but I run through the forest and up the hill. My heart was pounding like mad. I swam all the way to the ship as fast as I could. I was almost there so I kept pushing to go as far as I could. I had to grab a stick to help me. To be continued...  


When I was on the boat, I was vomiting, and suddenly a dash of a wave slowly came in and I fell off like I was tripped up on purpose. I fell off the boat and I couldn't swim. I was drowning stealthily and I didn't know what to do. I felt as if I was a bird that just learned how to swim. As soon as possible, I grabbed a piece of hard wood. When I managed to get on, I sat down softly and started swimming to the island. Finally, I got to the island and I got off the hard wood. When I got off I realised I had to find all the things I needed. I walked gently into the forest hunting for food like when people hunt for animals to eat. I looked on the trees to see what kind of food I could find. Additionally, I found a tree that had all types of fruit. There were mangos, grapes, apples (Jamaican), pineapples, watermelons, peaches, etc. I grabbed a handful as quick as I could, just in case it was someone else's and they were watching, creepily. Then, it was time to eat and find some gold treasure but I didn’t have time to eat just yet, so I put it in an Easter egg basket that I found. Afterwards, I went to the back of the forest and I couldn't find any gold so I went back to the ship. On my way I was looking in the ocean to see if I could find any treasure. I didn't find much, but luckily I found one dollar. It wasn't worth much but the journey was. It was way better than being sick every second. This was the most amazing experience ever! I'm now back and everyone was wondering where I was with their wonderful minds.

"Brother, where were you we all thought you were gone forever!" said the other guys.

"Where were you when I needed your help? See...” hollered the guy.

“Lastly, I just wanted to say that this feels amazing, I'm actually amazed and that I'm very safe and I have a surprise!”

To be continued...


As the waves crashed into the ship, I was thrown into the air. I felt like I was a bird. Then suddenly, I came crashing down into the deep water. In front of me sang a beautiful mermaid.. I went deeper into the sea then I became unconscious and floated on to the island of Nabiru. It was wonderful. Then a piece of wood floated on to shore. I looked out and saw lots of wood floating towards the island, then I remembered that the ship was hit by a huge wave. It was horrible! Then I saw a huge volcano, so I decided to climb it. Then I realised I had not eaten for days, so I looked for a fruit to eat and I saw this mouth-watering apple. So I ate it, it was tasty, then it gave me the strength to climb up the volcano. I made it and I could see everything, including the boat, so I came down and saw this land jellyfish following me. The creature was like a bolt of electricity. Then I stepped into the sizzling sand and I had a flaming foot so I jumped into the water and swam back to my ship.