Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Holy Trinity School

As we set sail on our ship, we noticed that a storm was coming after us! I felt scared and dizzy. After I saw an octopus coming near the ship and it tried to eat us. Secondly I saw a big wave coming near the ship and it knocked the ship over and we swam back to the beach. On the beach I found a treasure map. I decided to find the treasure after I found the treasure I partied.  


In our ship we were sailing and we noticed that a storm was coming and everyone was frightened. Later on we noticed that the storm was slowly stopping and when it finished everyone was excited. We also saw a giant monster coming near to the ship it had lots and lots of red tails.  


I travelled across with my crew across the seven seas, we defeated a beast so ugly and horrid and we found treasure which was glistening in the sun light. We partied all night “Yarr hnar fidle de de!” but in one sudden splash we all got knocked out and disguised ourselves as people from a school...


One normal day, me and the crew was looking at the monster. Monster attacked us and we fell in the deep blue sea I felt my whole life go down the drain “Arrr!”. We got the swords and cannonballs and they went in the monster’s mouth belly. Then we were floating out to sea. Suddenly, the sea grew bigger and we were all gone. 
Then I saw land with lots of trees and hundreds of animals on the island and I swum to the land and I stared to chop down the trees and made a boat. Then I pushed it out to sea to find the crew and I found everyone and we made our way back to the S.S. Sally and we found the captain. Then we had a giant party for our return.


I felt dreadful and devastated about the journey we went on. It was like I was on a journey to kill the many headed hydra...
I bet my friends felt like this was the end of their life, it was a living hell beyond our eyes.

The monster had 5000 tails and a head on its belly button. We used 6 bow and arrows and a cannonball which went in to its tummy.

When we were travelling the seven seas Moses said ‘Yo there's a wave coming'.
So we all floated off to sea it was petrifying. When we climbed aboard we all started to say ‘Land ahoy!’ it was the greatest experience of our lives.

When we went to land we saw some amazing animals such as gorillas, lions and amazing plants. On the island we saw a hut, we went inside and saw a secret passage and went down it and went to a place like we were going through a wardrobe into Narnia but instead we went to a magical place called Jupiter. It was hard to breath and we were starving so we came back through the door and saw food that was heavenly.


One glorious day, a colossal sea monster attacked us. It had 10 eyes and 50 tails with demonic eyes.But Adeyemi spotted the giant monster. We used magical swords, 7 bows and arrows and cannon balls. Later on the monster was dead. Suddenly, an enormous wave hit the boat then we got separated. All of a sudden, a monkey pulled me with a rope the monkey had brown eyes. It gave me coconut water and a banana to eat and drink. Before I knew it the monkey turned evil. It was a demon. I only had a magical sword then I killed the monkey demon.

Eventually, I spotted Adeyemi then the rest of the crew. The captain fixed the boat called The Wing Nightingale. Now we were on our journeys. 


One day in the ocean I was with my pirates friends and one monster with 4 mouths, 9 noses, 3 eyes and 8 faces.
Me and my pirate friends saw another pirate, whose name is Micah and Mark so afterwards I made 2 new friends and we tried to kill him. So one day me and my friends saw the monster dancing the neanea! And after me and my friends kill him.

Firstly I went to the deep dark area which was horrible. It was mysterious and fun UNTIL AN UGLY AND SHARP TEETH monster suddenly appeared. I was frightened my cheeks were going red and I had sweat dripping down like I was trapped in terror! Out of nowhere I suddenly said to myself "I can do it and I’m tough" with confidence! Unfortunately the the humungous monster gave an un expected roar that a monster wouldn’t do. I LET MY SELF DOWN. The storm roared as loudly as a petrifying sea monster! I SUDDENLY SHIVERED IN MY BOOTS OUT OF NOWHERE! But the worse thing was the storm started to echo as I SHOUTED! Cautiously as I shouted again the mysterious area turned out a DISGRACE!


When we defeated the giant squid we found an escape boat to SAFETY. After we had to sail out to the seven seas most of us were famished but we wouldn’t let hungriness get to us. Then when the crew got to the captains ship while he was sleeping the crew woke him up and the captain was so happy to see us and thats how we got back from the seven seas.


One glorious morning I woke up on a pirate ship looking out of the beautiful ocean. All of a sudden, a muscular figure came towards me. I realised it was the captain of the ship, his name was Captain Hook. He was a tall fine figure of a man, with long black hair, an eye patch and wore good quality of clothes. I was scared of Hook, because he spoke in an old scruffy voice and threatened to kill me. I decided to plan my escape. As swift as a flash, I found a boat quickly, untied it, jumped on it and rowed as fast as I could.  My arm started to hurt, so I stopped rowing. While I was resting I saw out the corner of my eyes, I saw something strange in the water. As I looked more closely I saw a giant sea monster. I had no alternative but to return back to the ship. With fear I quickly rowed back to Captain Hook's ship. The sea monster was coming very fast behind me, I kept on rowing and rowing until I could see the ship in sight. I quickly climbed up the ship, the monster followed behind me!


I felt scared like a cat being chased by a dog in the storm. As the water came nearer and nearer to the ship, me and my mates ran as fast as we could. All of a sudden the water caught me inside of its big bubble. As I tried to get out of it, it clouted me back in I was struggling to swim because everyone knows that pirates can’t swim! 2 years later I met up with one of my friends on a island when the storm stopped. Soon as I came on the island I looked for food like a cat chasing after the mouse. I came upon a spider monkey protecting the food of the island. My life started to sink down into the quick sand it made me feel petrified the sand was boiling hot. After that the spider monkey decided to save me with his strong legs.


All of a sudden, as I woke up, the sound of rain crept towards my ears. I was terrified. As soon as possible, I stormed out of the ship when I saw land. Just at that moment, a gigantic ten foot lion emerged and came closer. The land was a living hell. After that, I took out my razor sharp sword then slashed the lion in two. Later on, the wave surrounded the land and slowly ate it up.  Like a cheetah running away from it’s predator the rain came tumbling down.


It was a bright and breezy day on our ship, but we were looking for treasure so we looked for a worthy battle. I was the top, the best on the team as we were sailing we saw land “Ooh Argh! We found land!” I shouted at last we got on land. I saw giant gorillas, wild beasts and white sea monsters with another crew with pirates, they were shadows. I took my sword out with confidence and rushed upon them… No one dared to fight me. Later that day the giant gorrilas, white sea monsters and wild beasts dared to fight me. But I knew I couldn’t do this on my own so my crew helped me. So we threw 6 arrows and 4 hyena bites and 2 bombs. I took them to a cell when they were injured to show my brillant, fantastic, amazing skills and tried it on them because they were soon dead and the reason I locked them in a cell was because they might escape when I used my skills blood was dripping down like I was tearing it souls away.

Lawrence Jr.

Lawrence Jr. was brave and strong from a rich cool family, the captain was captain Stark who always liked to party. When I was thrown off the ship it felt like I was getting beaten up. All I could see was a fearsome scorpion shark. The watchman Adeyemi needed help so I swam as fast as a lightning bolt to save him and then with my mighty golden sword I slashed the head of the scorpion shark. Queen Hanna Montana wife of captain Stark nearly got captured by the S.S. (scorpion shark). 


When I was in the storm it was dark like I was locked in the ship by myself. The monster was a little bit scary it was so hard to defend against the ginormous huge monster. I travelled in the high blue gloomy sea.


We were on the boat and we were washed off the edge out to sea and then we span out of control and then a piece of the ship broke off and the 10 mates fell out of the boat and when the mates fell out of the boat the Loch Ness Monster came to get the captain and the Loch Ness Monster had 8000 thousand legs.

We were going past the Loch Ness Monster throwing 20 swords at its head and we shot 50 bows and arrows at the Loch Ness Monster.

So when we arrived at the island we saw a wolf and a squid and on the island we saw some treasure and on the island was some delicious food and there were beautiful palm trees and flowers and there were so many animals on the island and they were very interesting.


All I saw was a wave hit me I fell over board suddenly, I woke up on land with animals around me. I thought I was safe but little did I know what lurked in the jungle...   I was running around looking for help but all of a sudden I saw a web but it was too big to be from a spider I touched the web it was acid, without warning I heard a roar it was a 10 eyed monster with 50 legs so I made it run into its own web and burn, the stench of burning flesh filled my nostrils.


I thought it was all over, when all of a sudden a familiar figure saved my only life. He/She went strait into the deep, blue ocean...
I couldn't really see, but I could tell by the outline what it was...
It was the rarest golden Night Fury, it lives under water.


Moses Adeyemi was a strong wealthy boy who loved to be a look out. He was a part of the richest pirates that could kill any monsters. He helped his captain who was called Captain Scorpion  and he was broke as he could ever be. All of a sudden Moses herd weird noises and he thought it was a sea monster. But Moses already killed the monster the captain was jealous and Scorpion went to his bedroom and dropped poison in his mouth. Moses drank it and felt sick so he was about to kill the captain’s wife called Queen Hanna Montana and the captain regretted it and he offered Moses to chance to be the captain because he had potential and he was strong. There was a monster and Moses never knew so Scorpion tried to kill him and he did it and Scorpion said can I have my captain title back because I did my best to kill a monster and Moses said, ‘I want to duel you in an archery battle!’


Once a upon a time a gigantic sea monster with five heads, 5000 tails, a prickly back, also blue and white skin. To defeat the monster we had to use 6 arrows to its belly, 10 swords to its eyes and five cannons to its head. We had a party with coke pepsi fanta and all sorts of fizzy drinks but then all of a sudden a storm hit the deck.

Rain was coming we heard giant footsteps it came louder and louder Adeyemi said looooooooooooooook! Everybody jumped off the ship we nearly drowned we had to fight for our lives Queen Captain Olivia went into hospital they said she would be back by next month. Days and days passed and there was a new queen who was married to the Captain her name was Queen Hannah Montana. But then a shocking return from Queen Captain Olivia. Olivia and Hannah had a fight sadly they fell in the water while fighting and died! Captain was at a loss he never spoke until one day there was another queen called Queen Ellie, suddenly a monster came barging in and it went into the ship to battle the pirates. They had a long fierce battle but the pirates came out on top but Olivia and Hannah actually survived so in the end the captain had 3 wives.


All of a sudden I felt a stab in my back as I was getting closer and closer to the ship edge. Suddenly the captain called my crew it was too late, we were all over the ship man overboard I grabbed my best friend but she slid out of my hand we finally were together. One month later the water calmed down as we saw land ahead, was called by the crew. It took a day to get to the magical land Neverland the pirate’s partying spot. All the fairies were flying around us. Amazing creatures like monkey giraffes and spider snacks. We took off through Neverland flying like fairies. Then the sea came as angry as a kid dropping their chocolate ice cream or as angry as the captain when he hasn’t got his golden ginger beer because it spilt down his top. Men and woman shopped in the market like a monster gobbling up his prey. 


As we saw the sea monster called Cthulhu we were as terrified as little girls but we knew we could defeat him because we were courageous pirates who never give up. All of a sudden, my crew got their pirates swords, cannons, muskets, sticky bombs and bows and arrows and defeated the gnarly beast. They partied by drinking ginger beer and rum until they fell asleep. However, there was a world-eating storm. So they prepared with food, water, life boats and life jackets. But they have never seen a storm like this one. Me and some of my useful men got our life boats and life jackets and set sail for land. Fortunately, they found land and called it west-beard and found water, food, gold and animals. My crew became rich as captain Jack but another storm was coming and they forgot they were in the Bermuda Triangle (a place where things go missing). So they went to England to trade all their gold for money and got 10,000,000,000 pounds, and became rich and they got their own statue in England as the courageous pirates.


I was just on my way back from a mysterious island. Firstly I jumped on a boat that was coming towards me when I got off 2 sharks came towards me I got scars fighting the sharks but I think it was worth it. I had confidence so I jumped into the sea, swam for my life I felt something grab onto me it was another shark. It had torn up my clothes, I swam for my life but it was still coming after me, it was terrifying so I jumped on to a boat. It did not make the shark better it made him MORE ANGRY. Also his friends joined the shark it was so petrifying I jumped off the boat, they lost sight of me and I swam and swam.