Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Holy Trinity Primary School



In a dark deep cave there were boats and there were four different objects. It got lost but we had to find the objects when it disappeared into a tunnel so to find it we had to press a big blue button to open the door and when it opened magically by itself so we got scared so we screamed and we went inside and we got a map to lead us to the 4 objects and at this room Lily got lost because the door locked. So then when we returned all the 4 objects. Lily appeared from a tunnel and we all cheered and Lily told us how she survived and in fact we all survived and we captured the creepy green greedy monster. Then a creepy voice appeared from the walls and we all listened and a flash the 4 objects came down from the tiny tunnel and we all cheered and then Mrs, Lily rewarded us for being good pirates then we went home.    

The End



Crash I hear as I'm flung into the air. I wake up and I find myself head first into smooth sand. I get up and I see the only way to go is through a dark creepy forest. The forest is cold and gloomy, the leaves feel like sharp needles piercing my skin. As I get out and get back into the warm sunlight I notice a huge mountain as big as a skyscraper. When I finally make it to the very top of the mountain I see my ship with the rest of the crew. I rush all the way back and I find my crew and we all try and find trees to get wood for our ship.



It was a stormy night. Captain Spurlg was sailing away on his ship. Captain Spurlg was shouted "There is a wave coming our way and there are evil green monsters trying to take my treasures away from our deck. Captain Spurlg was on his way to a stranded beach and he was SHIP WRECKED. Captain Spurlg was so sad he said "I've been stranded on this beach before.” Captain Spurlg was on a ship wreck and then he thought to himself "I don't know if I will ever see my ship mates. This is the worst ship wreck I have ever been in in my pirate life.” Adventurously, Captain Spurlg saw a mountain in sight and shouted with excitement “There is a mountain and maybe if I climb up the mountain it will lead me into a mythical place or a magical forest. Captain Spurlg will be so relieved if he could see his amazing ship mates again. He really misses his ship mates.”

The next morning, Captain Spurlg decided to go and find out what was sitting or living up that poor snowy mountain. Before Captain Spurlg went searching in the mountains, He went to search for some safe clothing so he can climb up the snowy, slippery mountain. Captain Spurlg decided that it was time for him to climb the mountain. Captain Spurlg was so excited but nervous to climb up the cold mountain and Captain Spurlg said nervously "I have never climbed up a mountain but I am going to try and conquer my fear of climbing a mountain for the first time.”

Captain Spurlg heard a WEIRD ANIMAL NOISE. "What was that noise? Come out wherever you are you are you evil green creature. I know you have been following me since I first got stranded on this ship.”



In a distance I saw a big wave. As the wave was coming towards me I jumped into the sea with the group. I was dreaming under the sea if I was going to die or go to the surface. So I splashed my legs towards the surface. When I got to the surface it was so calm. When I looked around I saw a... I saw a land. I swam to the land. I owned the land. So what I did was try to look for the group, but they were not there. He turned around and saw the ship. He went into the ship and looked for the group. Finally I saw one of the group mates. So I picked him up and went on finding them. After all of them I said "I owned a land". So I took them to the land and showed them it. They look around and there saw animals and even more animals. First I saw a lion, tiger, shark and a dog! One of the mate said" you own it? "Yes I do with animals. We can live here.  



"SPLAAAAASH," "AAAAAAAAAAAA". I felt like I was a snow man in the cold seas. Suddenly, I saw a dolphin heading my way, he wanted me to go on him to give me a ride to a beach.

I was worried about my ship. I thought it drowned in the deep waters end. Then I saw a deep, dark forest. I wanted to be brave so I went through the deep, dark forest bravely. I saw a bear coming and I ran as fast as I could. Finally, it went away in the Sea.

Casually, I was walking then suddenly I saw a mountain it was as long as a giraffe’s neck. I used the last mussel that was in my body to climb the long mountain. Suddenly, I saw my beautiful ship floating in the glittering water. I ran fast as I can to go on my ship. Finally, I went to my ship. I was so happy.



I felt shocked that I was still alive. I got to shore and I screamed "aaaaaaaah" I darted through the animal filled forest. I ran because there was tigers with pointy teeth and I climbed the mountain looking for the big ship I saw the ship and I jumped off the tall gigantic mountain raced through the forest and back into the sea I went deeper than volcano whole until I finally got to the beaten up ship with wood damaged and glass was smashed I was amazed it was still in shape. I set off fireworks I was so happy BANG POP POP the fireworks went they were blue yellow pink and gold. The whole crew got together and had a barbeque we ate rabbit chicken cow and snakes what an adventure



As the crew boarded the ship, the captain ran across the plank to see if any creatures were making their arrival. Rapidly, the ship set out to sea and the pirates started their journey. All the elegant dolphins made a pattern across the sea to entertain the pirates. The captain made a schedule, their lunch time was a short hour away. Meanwhile, deep into the sea an old pirate who was part of the crew spotted the ship. This pirate was separated 2 years ago during a battle and his crew abandoned him and forgot him. He could communicate with sharks and sea creatures, so he planned to attack the ship and strike revenge.

Back at the ship the crew went to the deck and had their feast. Hot dogs and chocolate fudge with 3 spoonfulls of custard. They stuffed the delicious hot dog in their mouth and devoured the mouth-watering dessert. Many sharks popped up to the top of the sea with the pirate and struck revenge.

Without hesitation, the sharks jumped in the air and got on the ship. The crew jumped off the ship and only the captain was left, five eagles swooped down and joined the pirate. "You abandoned me, how dare you!" screamed the pirate. Just before the captain spoke... the eagles held him in the air and the sharks ripped his flesh with their razor sharp teeth.          



I dropped in the deep and blue water and felt worried about my crew mates. Struggling to get up my arms and legs were wiggling like an octopus’s. I saw something that made me calm. Floating up to the surface, I took a deep breath of the beautiful, realizing all around me. Suddenly birds were on me. Quickly, Quietly I swam to shore and walked bare footed with footprints following me so I know the way back. Now I know this is an adventure for me the pirate captain. Walking on the soft, special sand it only felt like 5 minutes but you will be surprised how long I have been walking for. In the forest I saw squirrels habiting and some collecting nuts. It is not as dark as it is in night. Then I saw it. It was not something it was that thing. CLASH!! "What was that?" a volcano's rocks are crumbling down like in winter when it snows you might bring your sledge and slide down the hill. My challenge was to make it to the top of the mountain and find the ship and my friends. And that was what I did. Running and tripping on the rocks I ran up the volcano and down through the forest and back onto the beach into the water to have a party with my friends. This party was not a normal party this was the Captain’s party.



As I washed up upon shore, I could taste the salty, dry water that originated from the salty, fresh sea. I could barely remember anything that had happened or where I was. I took one look at where I was and I could not see anything at all! I attempted to pick myself up and try to recover anything that happened. As I searched for clues, I saw little spots of blood. I looked down, I saw that I was wounded and I started to feel a bit dizzy. My legs felt numb. I couldn't talk, and within seconds, I was on the ground with blood on my hands, stomach and legs. With no memory of what happened whatsoever, I feared that this last piece of air that I was about to let out, was going to be my last. Next thing I know, I was resting on a bed that had a fresh, cold breeze brushing past my weak, fragile body.

I didn't know how I got here or where I was again. But I wondered if I was going to be left here all by myself.



Today I walked past the sea and a flash back came back to me. Let me tell you what happened on my journey so as you know that I am a captain and love to explore new ADVENTURES! So let me start my story this is all the things I saw that was not amazing. Guess what I saw. I saw a disgusting crab walking on the beach. As I was walking a crab pinched me so I SCREAMED MY LIFE OUT! I was shaking my feet was shaking like I JUST TOUCHED ICE! WHEN THAT HAPPENED I SAW MY FRIEND ON THE SAME MISSION AS ME! So we went the same way as me and there were talking so we forgot what I was meant to be doing on the mission so we saw a monster so we remembered what we were doing. We destroyed the monster with our BARE HANDS.   



As I fell into the POWERFUL, STORMY Ocean I saw a land. I swam as POWERFULLY as I could and it felt like it lasted two days long. MY LEGS WERE ACHING! Finally, I got on the astonishing dessert island and I saw someone and I asked what island I was on They replied to me "you are on river island. “On the corner of my eye, I saw an enormous forest. I ran straight to it hoping that I would bump into more crewmates. But no one was in sight. Far away I could see a figure of a man. Then it made me climb up the tallest mountain on the dessert. So I tried my hardest to climb the tallest mountains to discover the figure of the man. As I climbed up the mountain I got to the very top. Then I saw one of my crewmates and he said that the ship was at the bottom of the sea.



Ahhhhhh, as I was dashed into the Atlantic Ocean I felt the pop of the bubbles surrounding my body, when suddenly I saw land with sand as golden as the sun. I felt the sun making me feel a drop of sweat sliding through my oval shaped head. Just as I blinked there was an animal as cute and smooth as a new born baby, curiously, as I looked left I saw a mountain as tall as a demon monster looking for its juicy prey. I climbed the rocky mountain 'ouwwww' I screamed as I pricked my toe on a spike as sharp as a needle if not only sharper.



The ship started to shake. The waves were becoming angry my heart was sinking into a dark black tunnel, I didn’t know what to do. All of a sudden the ship tipped and I fell into the cold black water I used the last of my energy to swim to land, but the problem was land was not in my sight. I started to panic where would I go I thought but then some luck swam to me, I saw a golden sandy island so I swam to it with relief. As I approached the island I was starving hungry, with some luck there was some mangos lurking in the trees but before I could do anything I had to rest. After a long rest I climbed up the palm tree like a monkey reaching for the juicy mangoes, In the picturesque view I could see my boat, my body filled up with excitement and I ran with mangoes slipping, falling but kept going. Soon I was on my ship shoving the soft mangoes in my mouth, after my feast I was planning to return home but not quite easily the clouds were getting darker and a flock of birds flew over me I kept on going it didn’t stop me I knew I could do it I span the wheel as fast as I could whizzing around I could see my house in sight. As I returned home I had an unexpected call it was friend Captain Link he needed help he was stuck in the storm again, I loaded my ship with equipment and wore some safe clothes and off I was again on adventure. Link there he was falling in the seas I shouted his name he said something that I couldn’t quite understand, but I had no time I threw a rope out to him he caught but nearly fell I pulled him up on my ship and I sailed home AGAIN, and we were home safe and sound. 



This was not an excellent day, I've been tossed off my own ship! "It's embarrassing. Captain Spurlg was determined to get to Neverland could you imagine the life I'm having now? If there was another way to pass my way through the jungle I would go for it. So I rushed through the furious trees, which kept on screeching my name. I kept on climbing the mountain I saw my ship in the distance I ran down the mountain like a cheetah. As I saw a flashing light, I ran across the sandy, golden beach I ran to the light.                                                                                                                  


Suddenly, there was a wind a second after that there was a Whoosh all of a sudden a storm broke in. The storm was so strong that it made the ship rock manically front, back, side to side it was outrageous.

A great rock unfortunately appeared then in slow motion I fell forwards. Slowly, I fell towards the sea bed all passed out in the great storm. In the morning, I seemed to find myself on shore and a mermaid helped me, and waited until I woke up. Her name was Scarlet and she swam all the way with me on her back to the Neverland where I always have dreamed to go. The first thing I saw was a forest, behind it was mountain it was hard like rock, I ran through the forest until I saw the mountain. When I got to the mountain I started climbing it very quickly. Suddenly, a piece broke off I kept steady and still so I didn't fall I reached the top and I felt like a CHAMPION!