Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Hoxton Garden Primary School



After getting off the ship, I came through a forest full of trees, there were so many, I couldn’t see the sun anymore. I knew I had to go through the forest to get to the other side. 

After I got to other side, I saw small houses made out of wood and some villagers. They were staring at me suspiciously, I was scared to go near to them because it almost looked like they were going to chase me. But I went to them and they took out their weapons and told me something.

I didn’t understand, I didn’t stay for long, I ran away as fast as I could to get to the beach again to find the ship. It was also getting really dark and I couldn’t see anything, I tried looking for the ship, then I finally found it.

It was too far away, I was going to swim but I thought couldn’t swim that far, so I had to run far away from the villagers. 

Soon I realised they’d stopped chasing me but they were behind me and injected me with something. I fainted, they took me to their village and talked to me.

 When I woke up, I couldn’t understand so I spoke English to see if they would understand me and they did, but they couldn’t speak English properly. 

I asked them “Where am I?” They told me I was in their small village and they wouldn’t hurt me if I told them where I was from. So I said “I don’t remember where I’m from, I have lived my whole life in a ship with pirates.” 

After I told them they replied, “PIRATES??” and tried to kill me.

Finally, my friends came, we had a battle of Pirates vs Villagers. My friends brutally killed all of the villagers with their weapons, then we stole everything from them and got out 

After, we found our ship then swam to it and our ship was safe and didn’t have any problems so we carried on with our journey and lived without any more battles on land.




As the sea washed me away, my heart was pounding. We all went in different directions. I was floating across sea, suddenly, I saw a dark island. Before going on that island, I thought that if I go on that dangerous island, I have no chance of living but if I let the sea take me away then I will die straight away.

So I swam to dry land. As I was walking, I saw a dragon with eyes of sapphire and fangs of a vampire. With blood red teeth. So I ran past it.

I was so tired that I saw a village and by surprise, I saw my crew and my ship.

I ran into the ship and we all set sail and roared away to sea. One question came up to my head, how did my crew find this island? I also knew that we had to defeat that dangerous creature on Creature Island.

So the next day we all set sail to Creature Island to defeat that creature. The moment I saw the creature, I said, “Attack!” so we all attacked. We all kept fighting until it was dead.

We all hoped that we would get to have another adventure that was as amazing that today.





Once upon a time there was a catchy boat, some of my friends wanted to go into the boat. What they did was weird, catching fishes and just then... 

Suddenly, a big clash of big waves started coming. I warned my friends, they didn’t believe me. So then I told one of my friends to see if they believed me, but they didn’t listen.

I went to jump out of the boat. Some of them were scared so they didn’t. All of them sank down until they could touch the deep water. Where all of the sticky sand which killed all of the animals underwater. Turtles and jelly fish always think that jelly fishes are linen bags. That’s why they die and maybe all of my friends will die ...I am about to cry. 

I went under the deep, deep water to save my friends because they couldn’t swim. One could swim, his name was Ali. He helped me get all of them out of the deep, deep water so they didn’t lose their breath.

I swam faster than anybody else. THEN I SAVED MY FRIEND’s LIFE. HE was SO HAPPY, HE SAID, "YOU’RE MY HERO, YOU SAVED ME!" 

“You are so welcome.”

So then I came up and put him in one boat and then I put all of others in the boat. They were safe as they liked the jungle and then they lived happily ever after.





As I came off the ship, I knew it was the end of me! I caught sight of a life boat that got thrown off the ship, so I went into it and sailed to shore.

I was glad that I had made it safely but I couldn't say the same about my crew because I could not see any of them. 

When I got to shore, the sand was burning my feet and I was astonished due to the fact that I had survived the ghastly storm! I was petrified, since none of my crew was with me, I knew I was alone. 

Would you be petrified if you were stranded and you were all alone with nothing to drink but the sea water?

I drank the sea water and boy did I regret it, I started to see things you couldn’t see in your everyday life. I saw little people, they were not friendly at all, I thought I was going mad. Everything went back to normal after the huge dragon came. It had huge teeth as sharp as razors, eyes as red as blood so I called him ‘Scarlet Eyes’ for short. 

Finally, his claws were sharp, they were knives. It felt like they were talking to me but saying, “I want to put you in my claws then rip you up in order to feed to my kids.”

Anyway, like I said, everything went back to normal! So I went back to the ship to see if there was anyone in there and there was in fact the whole crew there! 

We worked together and fixed the ship to go on more adventures together!





I sailed past the sea called, Forgotten, and I was lucky to be alive. I reached paradise to find a map. The map was in a bottle left on the side of the sea. The map had the directions to the treasure I have been searching for years. It told me to walk into the forest and so I did.

I was in the middle of wildlife I have never seen before. The map told me to take the first left from the forest, I was heading to a deep dark hole, my heart was beating like an engine but I jumped anyway. 

I found water at the end of the drop. I had to start swimming and I found myself at the treasure. When I picked it up it was a trap! 

The cave I was in started to shake, stones started to collapse over my head. I was so scared, I started running back to the ship hoping I would survive. Whoever planned this evil plan for me, I will be coming back for revenge. 

Ha ha ha ha ha. You're next captain RJ!!!!!





As I separated from the others, I tumbled into an enchanted forest, with lovely phoenixes and water that turned everything to gold. It also had apple trees that had apples that gave you ever lasting life.  

It had huge valleys, as big as the most gigantic wave, and flowers that when you looked at them, you couldn’t stop. Creatures that could grant you your hearts greatest desire. Animals that could talk like badgers, lions, mice and squirrels. 

There were huge giants that towered over you, of course they were friendly when they were in a good mood. If they were in a bit of a temper, there was a chance of you getting squashed or stepped on.

There were also dwarfs which were as high as a low table. I could hear sparrows tweeting after I started to wander, until the amount of magic got smaller and smaller.  I found the ship, thinking that what I had seen was all a dream and found the crew and told them all about it.





It was a very hard challenge getting past the sea monster with five fiery eyes and ten big mouths. Everything was going fine till the big storms and waves came. Me and my pirate friends worked as a team to defeat the huge sea monsters from the weapons we found. The sea monster's greasy legs were wrapping around the ship trying to make us sink.

We all landed on a mysterious island where there were all types of animals and birds, it was magical. As I landed on the lovely sand, it made my feet tingle, it felt like a wonderful holiday. There were loads of trees covering the whole of the land! There was a phoenix flying right above my head and there were parrots resting on gigantic trees. 

Things were going great until I saw a very venomous snake coming my way! I looked around and there were about a hundred of snakes slithering around me. I ran as fast as I could but cobwebs, branches and big rocks were in my way. I got out my sword to protect myself against these animals. All of a sudden, I heard a loud ROAR coming my way, I ran as fast as lighting! I didn't feel in the mood to get eaten, so I ran. 

I came back to the shore to get back in the ship but there were crazy monkeys trying to chase me! The sand felt so hot that it burned my feet, it was really slowing me down.

I finally hopped back on the ship safely with my pirate friends. I looked out the miniature window and saw a huge crew of angry animals that were trying to chase me! 

Now that I am back on the ship, I felt safer than before. I felt like getting back out there since the animals were gone but it was way too dangerous, you never know if you will run into a T-Rex on this island! 

After this little adventure, my friends invited me for a huge feast because we discovered an island.




First I didn’t know where I was or how I got there. I thought to myself, this looks like a beach. It was very rocky, I knew that if I went deeper in the Island, I might be able to find some people living in it. 

My stomach started to grumble I was very hungry so I went off to search for some food to eat. But as I was walking, I heard a terrible SCREAM. 

I went closer to see what it was, it was a terrible three legged monster. It had five beady eyes, it was so scary I knew that I had to go back to the ship to get some help. 

By the time I came back they were already gone. Maybe they already heard the scream and went to see who it was but there wasn’t one person there. 

I saw some people coming towards the ship and I knew it was them, so then we set off for Hoxton Garden Primary school. We thought we should come up with a plan to kill the horrible monster but we were out of ideas.




The beach was a very silent beach. It had soft sand with tiny scaly creatures. The shiny blue water had dolphins, sharks and killer whales. There was a gigantic forest with all kinds of insects and animals. There were trees as tall as skyscrapers. There were snakes as green as grass, slithering down the smooth sand. The leaves on the tree were falling off because they were rotten. It couldn’t stand for long so it fell off from the sand.

A pirate walked along, passing all the creatures. As he walked, there was suddenly an enormous volcano. The volcano was going to erupt. As he moved slowly to the back, he fell down, he stood back up and ran but he lost his way to the ship. 

A person came and said, "Are you alright? Do you need help?" 

The pirate said gently, "Yes. “ So the person helped him find the ship so he went back to the ship off of the soft sand. All aboard, he went with happiness





When we went off the ship we were scared. We didn’t know what to do. We all wondered how we were going to survive. As we walked out of the ship, we heard a big growl. We were all terrified. We all had to be brave and get out.

We all saw a big brown creature, we didn’t know what it was. Slowly it turned around and I realised it was a bear! It was looking for a meal. 

We all ran away from it and ended up on a beach. We also saw a forest and decided to go inside to try and find something that can help us survive. All we saw was a big, massive wolf. We all tried to kill it but it was as fast as a cheater. Instead it kept on chasing us and tried to kill us. As we were running, a pack of wolfs merged to try to kill us, we needed help. 

We soon found a little village and had no choice but to enter. We hid in a little hut for safety. We found some sharp swords .Me and some of the crew tried to kill the pack whilst the rest of the team headed back to the ship to warn the captain. 

We managed to kill the pack and be safe. We soon found the ship and all survived. Back at the ship, we were all happy to be alive. 

Our crew headed back to our island and partied. We all told our stories to the little children. We were all were excited for what was next to come next. 

We are the strongest team out there. We are as strong as an army of soldiers.






Once there was a group of pirates that were trying to get to their destination. But before they could go, they had to pack everything up, such as their equipment.

I have to tell you what had happen before all of the travelling began. We had to separate from each other because we found a huge alien that has three eyes, vibrating legs and a hairy body. That’s how got separated.

The boat was very dirty so that tells us that they didn't clean it for a long time. They started to head off from Hoxton Garden. On their way they heard a SPLASH, WHOOSH, BANG! They all jumped out of their skin! On the other side the wind blew the ship strongly and it was making every one fall to the other side of the boat.

The next day they arrived to their destination they were so mad because the captain didn't wake up. After every body shouted she woke up, she said, “woah! who did that?” The captain thought everything that happened was a dream but she was wrong, everything was real. Everybody said the dream was actually true. I was so ill so I had to tell my captain how to get rid of my sickness. I was vomiting everywhere and so were my friends.

After all the busy stuff we played a game of pirate skills, which is like a memory game. When the game finished we played another game that was like twenty-one dares but a little bit different. We managed to do it up to 21, but we had 22 people or pirates.

That was all of the things that we did so far.





When I set foot on the beach I felt soft, silky sand in-between my toes then I started walking around the island. After a few hours I came across a huge palm tree forest and as I walked in I heard the roar of a t-rex charging towards me. All of a sudden, a stegosaurus ran in front of me and protected me from the t-rex and the dinosaurs fought for half an hour. Luckily the stegosaurus won the battle then it lowered its head so I could climb on his back and we rode everywhere.

Eventually we found civilisation but it wasn't a village or a city, it was a theme park full of Dinosaurs!

Suddenly I knew what island we were on Isla Nulbar also known as Jurassic park. A while later I found out that the stegosaurus was a male and I named him Stan. Stan and I were walking along the beach when suddenly we saw a phoenix which looked really old. We started walking to it and all of a sudden it burst into flames. I ran to the ashes and found a baby phoenix and it was a girl so I named her Amber. Amber, Stan and I ran back to the ship while teaching Amber how to fly. When we got there I threw pokeballs at them and they shrunk small enough to fit inside them then we all had a nap on the ship. 

On the way home we saw a weird new squid like creature called the Kraken. It ate most of our food and it ate two of the cats that keep all the decks clean of mice and rats. There were only two cats and Amber left. Stan, Amber and I were the only ones awake so we had to battle.


To be continued.





While we were on the ship, a terrible wave came over us and it led us to Hoxton Garden Primary School. When we got out I saw a very cute rabbit nearby a hole and it was searching for food. There was also a very lovely smell coming from this beautiful posh restaurant. It was called ‘The Tremendous Restaurant.’ The smell was a very lush burger meal, it was such a delicious smell I could have eaten hundreds and hundreds of them. Also, there was so many adorable but also creepy and even tall animals there, like giraffes and a eery looking raven which looked dead. It was looking around to for its prey.

It was a green area because it was next to Hoxton Garden Primary School and in that school everything was all green. The doors were green, everything, even the floors were green! Also, next to the school there was a funny looking giraffe. It was a funny looking colour, it was not yellow with brown polka dots it was red with blue polka dots. I was so shocked that I was laughing my head off! The noise there was so calm that I wanted to run, so i did and then I bumped into some people and I realised they were my friends back at my old school so we walked and talked at the same time and we ended up at my old ship. I asked my friends to come along with us and they said yes. We were lost anyway! We had an amazing adventure.

It was one of the best days of my entire life. My friends and I were very happy that we found my ship again, thank god! On the way back to my school there were no terrible waves or anything else bad like that. The boat had not broken, phew! We were all safe and sound, nothing bad happened to us. There was enough food for us to share and eat on the way back to my old school which is called Hoxton Garden Primary School. I love my friends, they are like my family and they mean more to me than just friends, they are more like my beautiful caring and loyal sisters.

The End.





The brave Captain of the pirates was travelling to an extraordinary island and she was ready to explore the lost beach of the Seven Seas. Suddenly, a huge storm appeared out of the blue. The storm grew stronger and stronger until it blew all her shipmates away. It blew away the poor people on the island that she was going to explore! 

When she placed her foot on the ground she could sense there was treasure a mile away. She could see extraordinary creatures with humungous blue tentacles sticking out of the water. When she realised what she had seen she speed down the dusty, damp pathway until she reached a weird looking forest. She recognised the forest and thought she might have been there before, and that her shipmates might have got lost somewhere around this deep, dark place. 

Latifa looked carefully and thought she saw an animal with multi-coloured fur. She sighed and carried on walking until she found one of her old friends, Simran. Latifa was relieved because Simran was one of her favourite shipmates. Simran shivered and quietly whispered, "T...t..tiger on the loose! B..b…be v..vv…very c..c...careful!" 

This made Latifa very worried and so she carried Simran and got out of the island. Simran was freezing and Latifa tried to get help but it was too late, Simran had died! 

When Simran died Latifa found all of her other shipmates but they didn't recognise her. They threatened to kill her! Before they knew it she had taken her compass out and it lead her to her ship where she sailed off home.

On the ship she placed Simran on her extremely comfy bed and wished for the gods to listen to her and... they did! Simran had woken up from the dead and now had her life back. This story teaches fellow pirates to never leave their shipmates alone and always take a compass. Your only treasure is your shipmates and family.





One day we were travelling on a ship from Hoxton Garden Primary School to the Hackney Pirates. It was really hard to see our way because it was so rainy. The ship was moving so fast that we nearly fell in the sea! It was stormy and there was thunder. It nearly hit the ship but because it was moving fast it luckily it dodged it. The rain was about to stop so it was falling slowly. There were stones there, some were huge and some were small. 

Next we went to a beach and we were having fun because we survived the stormy thundery day. We were digging to find treasure. We dug and dug for a long time, then we had a rest so we sat down. We started digging again and we found a secret door which took us down, and when we opened the door the air was shiny and sparkling. When we went inside we found a treasure box. We opened it and it was full of gold, so we took it and we went through the forest. 

There was a huge wave coming. We knew we couldn't go on the boat because we would have died. We needed to be quick because the wave was getting closer. We ran into the forest with the gold. Everyone was thirsty and we had no water but because we only had five minutes until we would be there we carried on. The Captain was telling us to carry on too.

We saw nasty creatures looking at us. We went past slowly so we didn't wake up the bears and the wolves. One of our team mates pressed on a stick and it cracked and made a loud noise. We thought the bears and the wolves didn't hear it but they did, so the bear woke up and the wolf howled which made all the animals wake up. We ran and ran as fast as we could. There was a place were you had to jump so we jumped down. We had only twenty five seconds until we would be there, we were running and the animals caught up with us and one of our team mates got bitten.

He was surrounded and there was only ten seconds left, we could see our place of safety. We eventually arrived and were happy because no-one stopped even when they were thirsty. We put the treasure down and gave it to our captain.






When I arrived at the shore, I saw a lot of sand. When I felt the sand it was so hot, hotter than a volcano. Then I ran back to the ocean and it calmed my finger down. 

Suddenly I thought of a great idea to pass the sand. The first was to swim to the other shore. Then I saw a lot of spikes so that meant I couldn’t go, I had to go a different way. 

I nearly arrived at the other shore but saw it had a ton of barrels. That was a relief because I thought I’d never get to the shore. When I arrived, I open the barrels and it was my crew. 

Suddenly, a ton of barrels started falling down and crashed into the ocean. I counted 35 barrels but there were 37 people in ship, including the people from the barrels I just opened. 

I saved all 37 of my crew and they were now all asleep, but one of the crew fell down into the ocean! He was falling to the sand of doom, I tried to save him but it was too late. He died in front of my face and I couldn't do anything. I was so miserable that he died. 

When I returned, all the crew woke up and I explain what happened, some cry. Then I said, "Are you a men or a women?" 

They replied, "We are men not women!" 

I was so proud and said, "Come on men, we must build a new ship!”

It took us month to we finish the ship, we didn’t have a flag but it was OK because we had to get to another Island to inform the parents of the crew member that had died about their son. 

On our way to the other island, we saw our old ship and it was deserted. We were so hungry because we hadn’t eaten in a month, but it was OK now because we now had a ton of food. The chef cooked a lot of food and we partied all night. 

We didn't need a new flag any longer, because we got our old flag back. One of us said, "What are we going to do about our old ship, should we burn it?” 

I replied, "No, we are going to take parts out of the old ship and put it in our new ship to make it the biggest ship in the world, do you all agree?" 

They all cheered, "Aye-aye Captain!" 





It all started when I was in the forest trying to find treasure. I was having a look around a forest where lots of animals live. I was walking backwards when something made me stop. I reached behind and touched it. It was something hard. I turned around and I saw that it was a stone. I suddenly heard a sound which didn't sound great. I walked towards it and I thought to myself that it might be a animal, maybe like a bird. I said to myself, “this is a frightening forest, it isn’t at all peaceful.” I kept on walking until... all of a sudden I saw a creature with red eyes and green skin. I couldn’t see anything else. Once again i said to myself, “this strange forest is frightening.”

I thought to myself how I am going to go back to the ship? I found a doorway with a wooden door. I went through and I could see the ship. I ran to the ship as fast as I could. Finally, I reached the ship. I yelled, “i’m safe! Yessss! Hooray!” But unfortunately, I still couldn't find the treasure.

The End.





One long journey I saw a giant monster that was so ugly. It had sixty-nine eyes and fifty-seven legs. I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do. This is how my journey started. Firstly, I dug up the rough sand and went in. I then saw a huge ship that lead up to very, very holy treasure. 

I thought it was dangerous but it was very, very, very delicate. I touched the holy treasure and saw a ghost. He gave me a good idea and a good plan to find my way into the scary ship. 

The ship was very old, it broke down on me. I survived, most of my friends sadly didn’t. Only three survived. 

Let’s carry on to the good stuff, the end part of my story. 

I entered another ship, a gift from God because all my friends were not dead, they’d just fallen into this other ship through a hole. 

I was so happy, I shouted, “Hackney Pirates!”

Then suddenly we had to fight the ugliest monster in the world. As a team we did and that’s the end of my journey to Hackney Pirates.






We exited the ship, it was so scary because the ship was huge and we were going to fall down into the water, so that’s why we all got scared.

We were all trying to hold on to the boat, all together, so we did not drop. We were all squashed but we had to hold on to each other. The waves were too big and huge, they were making scary and creepy noises.

We told the captain that we were all scared but she said, “Be brave, do not be scared we are the pirates, we will never be scared of anything.”

Suddenly there was a monster, the captain shouted, “Start peddling!”

Everyone started to shout, “There is a MONSTER!”  “HELP!”

The monster had terrible eyes, huge teeth, four hands and a huge mouth. We all were shocked, we did not know what to do. We kept screaming, “HELP THERE IS A MONSTER!”

Then, a shark that was huge, blue, scary, with shark teeth and terrible eyes was hitting the boat, we were going to fall down so we were trying to stop this but we couldn’t… 

To be continued...





One day I was on a ship and it was raining. The rain sounded like splashing with lighting. There was wind, thunder and I was very ill. The ship was sinking and I jumped out.

I knew how to swim and I was going to a land to look for treasure. I found some gold on a beach. When I reached the beach, I saw a boat. I went aboard, the treasure and the gold with me.

I then went back to the old ship and saw that people were maybe dead or looking for me. Or are they gone for ever?

To be continued.





Yara was in the Island, she could not find her way back to Hoxton Garden.    

She found some of her friends and they were stuck as well. They all built a big ship using wood and some rubbish.

After they went to call the rest of year five but the boat was too light and the children were too heathy. Some of they had to get off. The boat went and came back.





I was on a ship and I was trying to find the way to Hoxton Garden. I was on a ship and a wave as big as the Eiffel Tower started coming towards me. I didn’t know what to do. I thought I could run but I had no chance, I could die. So I jumped in the water and I get wet but was swimming, 

I saw sand so I went towards the sand and walked away from the wave. There was no one there. I walked and then I saw a forest. I went inside, there were lots of flowers and leaves. It was so different from the sea.

I heard a noise, it sounded like a bear. When I got closer I saw it was a bear! It was so scary. I was going to run but the bear turned and looked at me before chasing me! I started running and saw a building with ‘Hoxton Garden’ written on it, what I’d been searching for. The bear was still behind me. I said, “Look over there!” and as the bear turned around, I ran to Hoxton Garden.