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Jolly Rogers

 Today someone from the green peace came to visit us, green peace is an organisation for the environment. The person that came to visit us was called James Turner.

James goes to the hottest and coldest places in the world. Last year he went to the North Pole. So he told us about the animals that live there. Like Arctic fox,polar bear and a snowy owl. The animal that he has seen is a polar bear. Then he showed us the Arctic from space and told us how the ice melting could affect the rest of the world. Because if the coldest place in the world's ice is melting then the rest of the countries get hotter and hotter. Then he talked to us about frost bites, how the icy sides meet and and how they have water in the middle. The water is really clean because no leaving creature has ever touched it and that means that you can drink from it even though it's really salty because it's sea water plus it really cold comparing to the water we usually drink. 

The whole reason James and his four friends went there was because of the time capsule. The time capsule was to be buried Under the snow. It had a flag on the top and it was designed by a kid about 10-12years old. He also showed us a picture of one of his friends and his eye lashes were frozen! His Friends name was Reany. At the end he showed us a picture of Reany again but this time Reany was holding a flag saying 'save the arctic'  and that was when they got to the North Pole.