Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

 Jubilee Primary School


As I jumped into the water I heard a colossal splash! My fellow crew mates were dropping around me like snow falling in the late winter. I could taste the salty water which was so cold that there were little bits of ice in it. I could see the Island of Jersey in the distance ahead of me. The waves reached my nose, I could smell the seaweed beneath me. I felt something on my leg. I reached down and grabbed it. It was a sword which was made out of iron, but it was slightly blunt. Suddenly a huge creature bolted out of the water. It had tiny green eyes but its teeth were as big as a cow. I drew my sword and threw it. Squelch! A weird goo poured on me. I was soaked but the sea washed it away. All I could hear was screaming and shouting. Finally, I was a few meters away from the island. I stood on the boiling sand. It was so hot that I could fry an egg on it. I stumbled and tripped. I reached a large bridge which looked very weak, when a wolf pounced out of nowhere. There was no other place to go. I had to cross the bridge. As I stepped on the plank of oak wood, I heard a loud creak which deafened my ears. I walked as fast as I could but it was not fast enough. I turned around. The wolf was just about to pounce when something pierced through the wolf. The wolf fell into the water below me. There stood an extremely fat man whose belly was like a balloon. His beard was scruffy and dry. "Catch!" he said as he chucked a mango at my feet. I picked it up and crunched into it. Its juice was as sweet as sugar. "And who are you?" I asked.


Once I climbed onto the deck there was a SPLASH. I thought my life was over, but was it? A tide came in and washed me to shore. I was astonished to see what I saw. The Island of Jersey! I saw a boy next to me from our crew. His name was Sam, my best friend. I saw that he wasn't breathing so I went to rescue his life. "Atakan? How? I thought we were dead," Sam cried but I just smiled. "You're never dead without me Sam. Oh look there's Bartek!" I responded. We rushed to him and saved his life too. "Wait! I thought we ..." We all laughed. "What will we do next?" we said and laughed. We wondered into Jersey and found ourselves in a gang of robotic tigers. We ran deeper into the island. "THTTTTTT," Sam turned around and...

"Volcanoooo!" We ran back through the island and swam to the ship.  


As I jumped into the salty ocean I thought of the terrifying tsunami. Even though we knew the dangers we decided that we were brave pirates who had survived a tsunami and believed we could survive the Island of Jersey. Almost sinking, I entered the Island of Jersey. I was saved by the legendary Tom, Captain of the East Pines, who had also almost sunk in the quick sand.


"Can this really be happening?" I thought as I was sinking in the Pacific Ocean, choking on the nasty salty water. But it was at that moment that I realized I knew how to swim. Swimming for my life, I wondered where the other crew members had got dragged to. I saw the Island of Guernsey. I was crawling up the Island, when I saw the king getting ready for battle. I noticed that I was being pranked with fake sand. My face was changing colour to red. It was at that moment when I understood that the king wanted to battle me. Could I actually battle the mighty king of Guernsey? I had no weapons, but I remembered my pirate training part 5 (battling without weapons). The king’s eyes were red and he had triangular teeth. On each foot he had 25 toes and he had a semi-circle shaped head, covered in face paint like a clown. I couldn’t bare to look at his half clown and half donkey body. He looked like he was adopted by a clown and a donkey. I tried not to not look scared but I definitely had a disadvantage to winning the battle. He had sharpened weapons but I didn't have anything to protect myself.


Suddenly, I fell into the water and everything went dark. My crew were lost in mere seconds! I was pushed around but I still was alive. Many days went past and then I finally arrived at an island called Jersey. When I got up, I looked around and I was still frightened! I heard my crew shouting my name. We gathered together and created a plan to take over the island. We started making stone swords so we could defend ourselves and attack. "Look out, there is some sort of machine coming our way," I shouted. But it wasn’t a machine. There were monsters who breathed acid, creatures who ate flesh and aliens that ate brains. We weren't afraid of them so my crew and I fought and fought with our swords. Eventually we defeated the horrid and sloppy monsters. We arrived at the heart of the Jersey and found pirate swords and armour as shiny as the sun which no one had ever seen before. We got our dragon spirit armour and swords and suddenly we were the guardians of the Island of Jersey and a house as big as Heaven. A dragon followed us as we slayed the other monsters, but something knocked us out and we became unconscious. When we woke up we were surrounded by an unknown dark magician who demanded the armour back so he could take over the world. "Give us our armour back!" I shouted. But he never gave it back. I saw the armour at the back of the chamber so my crew and I grabbed it. We ran to the exit and made a raft from the armour. The raft was so big and steady, we jumped on and sailed away.


As I was sleeping in my cabin I heard water splashing on the deck. I quietly slipped out of my hammock and slowly walked to the upper deck, what I saw was something so colossal that I could not believe my eyes. It squirted poisonous chemicals out of its mouth. Everyone was screaming and shouting. "There is a cauldron!” Suddenly there was a crash and the ship split in half. The crew, who had drowned, were useless. My team mate managed to survive. He swam to shore to catch his breath, but he struggled. After he reached the shore, he looked out to see if there were any other pirates, like his friend, but there weren't. He was alone. Exhausted, he pulled his body across the forest floor. He found a mango and bit into it.


"Oh no!" shouted the Captain. "There’s a brown ugly sea monster. It has 10 big eyes." We chopped off his arms, legs and its big toe nail but nothing worked. The crew began to go under and the Captain quickly went to the safety boat where he watched the crew sink. The crew began to use their swimming skills to get to the nearest island to stay safe. The island was full of sweets but suddenly I realised it was the most dangerous island ever, it was the Island of Jersey. As I ran I saw a wolf. The wolf had sharp teeth, but I was happy to see that he had a very big back which I guessed could carry 10 people at once. He pushed my tummy up to his long fury back and he helped me find my way out. He quickly became my friend. We climbed up to the highest mountain and saw a person. He almost looked like my friend Nimow. Because the wolf ran so fast, we tried to find my friend but we couldn’t see him. Then I saw thought I saw him but again he was not there.


As I was sleeping there was a leak in my cabin. The ship had crashed into a sandy island. When I got off, I felt melancholy. I couldn't see my crew. I looked behind with fear and I saw a tangled forest. It was packed with trees which whistled in the breeze. I heard a grim barking and felt really terrified. I hacked through the bushes with my sword, looking for somewhere to hide. Once I was deep into the bushes I saw ahead of me a colossal snowy mountain. I shivered as the temperature dropped. All of a sudden I thought I saw my crew mates on top of the mountain. I started my challenging journey to the top of the vast mountain. I grabbed hold of a loose, rough rock but my hand slipped. I plummeted down the mountain, screaming for help. Landing with a thud, my eyes opened and to my right I saw a hook. I knew it was used because the hook was all stained. I pulled the hook by accident but it was stuck on the mountain. From the side of the mountain I saw a crew but it was not my crew, it was my Captain's worst enemy, it was Captain Robert.

Irem H

After I launched into the air there was a splash! I was in the colossal ocean drowning. I realised I knew how to swim and tried to kick my feet against the polluted water. Eventually I swam to an island. I came across a really stinky boot with a map inside it, which I thought could be very useful, so I put it in my pocket. There was one more thing I saw, it was glistening gold. I couldn't believe my eyes, it looked very valuable and precious. When I was about to grab it with my hands I noticed it was too heavy and I couldn't lift it up with my trembling fingers. So I tried to open it, but it needed a key. Then I thought about what I could use to open it because I still had the hideous sea monster's sharp, narrow tooth. I used it to unlock the chest. The treasure inside was glittering like I had never seen before. There were gold diamonds, rubies, emeralds and a glooming crystal necklace! I lifted the treasure up because I knew I needed it for my Jubilee crew. But I began to consider if my crew were no longer alive or if they would never be found. Despite these thoughts, I carried the treasure with my bare hands and began to swim towards the Jubilee ship.

Irem k

Splash! As I fell into the polluted water of the sea I thought I was about to die until I remembered how to swim. I swam as fast as I could through the freezing cold water towards the closest beach which surrounded the sweet bubblegum flavoured Island of Jersey. It was full of robotic tigers and amazingly tall trees but what was behind the gigantic volcano that exploded every day and night? I started to walk towards the jungle and there I saw a path leading towards the volcano, so I decided to follow it. At the end of the path, I had reached the half point of the island and continued to climb. Finally I reached the volcano, I looked down on the other side and I saw wood. My heart raced as I ran as fast as I could until I reached the first piece and then another and another. I started to build a raft so I could sail back to the boat. When I finished building, I took the raft and sailed to the Jubilee ship. I couldn’t believe it, the crew made it back just like me! We all sailed back with our Captain to our homeland. While the Captain was steering the ship, the crew and I were talking about our adventures. One of the crew explained, "I got chased by robotic gorillas," whilst another replied, "I was lost in a jungle of wolves, they looked like robots but sounded real." That was how our day continued.


Within my dream, I was dreaming about my crew and I heading for Jersey, the richest land on earth. Suddenly I was woken by one of my shipmates crying "what the … I can see a monster trying to eat Carla, one of the best shipmates ever! Someone help!" Next, all the shipmates took out their swords. Swoosh! One of them tried to cut off the monsters head but what they did not know was that the monster could re-grow. The next night the Captain thought of an idea of how to defeat the monster. He thought to himself "I need to find a way to capture the monster.” 10 hours later after making a potion to capture the monster he made a code to see which one of his shipmates could crack the code, the code was nmaianieotewopI. Now I know what you’re saying, is this even possible? Well, yes! Yes it worked, let me tell you something (promise not to tell anyone?) the code is imadeanewpotion.


I was sleeping in my cabin, when I heard an enormous noise from the dirty sea. When I went to check, there it was the mother of all tsunamis. THE BIG ONE. The sea hit the woodcraft with a massive bump. The ship began to sink to the bottom of the foul sea. A crew member called Captain Childline said "the sea monster threw us to this island!" The whole floor was made out of diamond crystals and there was a skyscraper, which was actually a witch volcano. Every crew member was wayward from each other. Some sea lawyers found some pirates and they started to look for the other pirates but they couldn't find them. However they did see the sea covered in blood. They went to take a look at what was making the water super bloody and the mateys found the lost pirates with body parts missing.    


Tired, exhausted and scared I swam across the dirty cold salted sea. "Heeelp, save me from this helll," I shouted to my crew mates, as I floated away onto the other side of Jersey Island. After an hour or two I woke up and explored the gloomy metallic island. I heard noises in the forest "cukka cukka!" I took a deep breath and went into the noisy forest. I ran through the forest looking for food. Suddenly, I saw a peach, I ran for it, at home I never liked peaches, but here I ate it like an animal. The juice was running down my mouth like water crashing down from a waterfall. Suddenly I slowed down while eating the peach greedily. I saw an animal with shark’s teeth circling me and it was growling at me. Nobody was there to save me! I was going to die and nobody was going know.


As soon as I fell in the water, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. My beating heart was pounding like a drum. I saw my crew, who were trapped by the round colossal waves. I was covered in seaweed. I thought that was it. I thought that my life would come to an end. Suddenly, I thought about my training. I knew I could survive the smashing and swirling current. I thought about my crew and I knew I had to try to fight for my life. I fought the sharks that tried to shred me into pieces. Pinching myself, I hoped that this was all a really bad dream. I found myself washed up on a shore with bruises all over my body. I felt pains all over my spine and knew it was not a dream. I thought about my crew and hoped they were alive. I wished that I was in my cabin, in my hammock with my crew farting and snoring away. I felt like I was dead. Wondering what would happen next I hoped that someone would tell me I was day dreaming. Could I be dead? Could this be my last breath? I could barely walk. I noticed that I was standing on Jersey, the island that my crew and I were heading to. You could smell the sweet, delicious and mouthwatering scent of the island. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was no longer in pain, it didn’t feel like a nightmare anymore, it felt like a dream come true. As I looked around I saw the most wonderful things ever. But then I saw something in the distance. What could it be?


BANG! CRASH! SPLASH! The crew fell off the ship. Every single person fell off their ship. "Where am I?" "Where's my crew? Most of all, where is the Captain? Trapped in the ocean?" All they could see was the ship, fading away. Maybe the Captain is there. They saw a sharp, unsmooth, long log. All of the crew thought of going on the log, which at some point, will take them to land. "Abandoned in the blue Atlantic ocean. Let’s hope that there are no sea monsters in the ocean." Their wish was wrong. Just as they all looked down, they saw a blue thing that had a point on the top. As it was getting closer to them, their hearts were pounding. "Blue ... thing approaching. ALL HANDS ON DECK!" Crack! It was a shark. It ate some of their log. Its teeth were chopping the log. "Jump everyone, jump." As they all jumped, they thought about if all of them could hold the log and launch it at the sea monster, then perhaps it might die. "Everyone hold the log, then launch it at them. I am assuming that is what the captain would do." The mighty crew did as one of their crewmates had told them to do. Each one of them held onto the log and launched it towards the shark. It split the enemy into small slices. TAT TAT TAT TAT. That was the sound the sea monster was making. Out of the blue, the small blue pieces, were coming together. Now, there was no chance of the crew defeating the sea monster. "Maybe, if we could take the brain out, because that is what probably controls the shark, then it might die. Another replied "Yes. That sounds right!" They all held the log and then plunged it down. However, the shark quickly ate some of the log. Now, there was just half of the log left. Still, that is enough to kill a sea monster. Isn't it? "Someone hold the tail, then I will cut the brains out." One person held onto the shark’s tale. "ARRR!" The sea monster made the sound again. "HURRY UP! I can't hold much longer!"

They held onto the log nevertheless, then a rope hooked onto the sea monster which strangled it. Then to finish the powerful, horrid sea monster, the team hit the log onto the sharks head and took the head off. The shark’s body was fading away. Not for long though. "The body is going to come back again, so cut the brain out. Four people will do." Four of the crew members tried to take out the brain of the sea monster. "QUICK!" They all were thinking of Jersey. How much they missed it. Then they saw an island. "Wait a minute. Jersey is an island right, because it's surrounded by water. And there's a boat. In fact, there’s a ship as well as a boat." All that needed to be sorted out with the shark was the big brain. However, it was too late for the shark, and they pulled the brain out. The shark went down to the bottom of the sea.

"Hooray. You see there, there's an island. Jersey is an island, right."


"So, why don't we go and check."

"Ok." So they swam and swam until they made it. They soon arrived and asked someone "What island is this?"

"Jersey." They were shocked. As they looked up, they saw a ship and someone on it. They climbed the ship, and guess who they saw. The Captain.

They were shocked. "Captain!"

"My crew! Ahoy there."

Soon, they were searching for treasure. "Sorry for losing you. As a captain, I will stay with you next time." And they lived happily ever after.


I was thrown overboard by the slashing waves, which were full of salt. I was under deep, deep water with jellyfish waiting to sting their prey. Suddenly I could feel the precious, golden sand. While I was laying down, with water covering half of my body, my double vision stopped and I could figure out what I could see. It was the 50 million tree forest! In the distance, there were ripe mangoes, so I took them with me to eat. Luckily enough, I was able to pet a tiger, who gave me a ride through the longest forest in the world but I was determined to get back to the Jubilee boat. Although I got through the forest, I was covered head to toe with bruises and cuts. My hopes were up. I could hear two of my friends, Marco and Atakan telling me, at the top of their voices, to come on the boat. I began to sprint across the unknown island. Suddenly I tripped over and I was sinking into the sand. Before my eyes, my arms and head were going into the sand until my friends threw a rope.


As I jumped into the salty sea water, I shouted "oh no!" because I saw something that surprised me. It was a repulsive, ancient, vile sea monster. I ran past a jungle and up a mountain. As I ran I saw a creature. I did not know what it was but I called it Whooshy. I lost my grip on the sea creature because it was so slimey. I stopped for a second and decided to head out of the jungle. I saw a different place, it was a sandy place that was covered in sweets. To avoid sinking, I had to be very careful not to stand on the sweets or touch the sand. Next, I went back into the jungle and saw Whooshy, I asked her "what is your name?" She replied "my name is Sander and I am the queen of Jersey Island. She asked "what is your name?" I said "my name is Thara and your monster has been chasing me!" I explained my plan to go to the top of the island to find the diamond crystal. As I left with my crew mates, the sea monster came out again to chase us. We found the diamond crystal on the shiny floor. We picked the diamond up and ran as fast as we could avoiding the monster behind us.

Umaira Alibhai

My heart was pounding, as I jumped into the salty water. Water was gushing around my face and I was surrounded by darkness as I leapt up onto the shore. In the distance I could see the Island of Jersey and the ship, which was broken up into smithereens. There was thunder and lightning everywhere! I could feel the anger of the gushing wind. There was no one around me, only darkness. As I got back to shore I felt relieved. “Yes! I made it back to shore, finally!" I shouted. I could feel the fresh breeze against my face. I came across a huge mountain on the edge of a deep, dark, gloomy forest. I started to climb the mountain but snow quickly began to fall around me and I started to slide down the mountain. I found myself lying on the ground and I picked up a juicy mango. I bit into it, the juice began to dribble down my chin. All the different flavours were going through my mouth. Looking up, I could see my crew in the distance.


As we set sail the island was deserted. I took a step off the sand, it was scorching hot and my feet were burning. I looked around, everywhere was quiet and gloomy. Suddenly a gigantic tsunami wave was coming towards us. Splash! We were thrown from side to side and we became trapped in the sea. An ugly creature appeared out of nowhere, it was called Yushy. Yushy chased me to the dark forest. I ran rapidly up the mountain and escaped from the small creature. I ran back in the direction of the island. I tried to find my crew but I couldn’t and I was all by myself. Then a shiny object caught my eye, it was a crystal. Just beyond the crystal, I could see people, it was my crew! I ran up to them, excited that I was no longer by myself.


"Oh no! I have landed on the Island of Jersey." It was covered in annoying quicksand and I had to run for my life. Then I looked up, I could see a dark, cold, muddy forest and I needed to get there but I didn’t know what was in there. But I thought I might as well go and look as I had no food to survive. As I entered I saw some brown ants scurrying around on the floor. As I was starving, I ate them, they were disgusting. Afterwards, I needed to collect some wood but it was starting to get dark. I built a shelter next to a huge mountain. Then I thought it was a waste of time building a shelter. Suddenly, I saw an animal and it was chasing me as if I was its dinner. I drew out the sword I had made earlier and decided to fight back. Later I made a rope ladder and started to climb the steep mountain. It took me one day to climb the whole mountain. Once I had reached the top, I could see the whole of Jersey and I saw a castle. Then when I looked out across the sea I saw our broken ship. I climbed back down the mountain and cut my way through the forest to the beach. I ran through the sand and swam to the boat. I could see all my other crew stuck on the island trying to make their way. Despite their efforts they couldn't reach the boat and I went back to help them. But then a killer whale started to chase me round and round in circles. The whale became very dizzy and fainted. I headed back to the ship. Lots of time had passed and the sun began to rise. The Captain came out of his cabin. He was so surprised to see me. 


There it was. I was so terrified, my heart was pumping quickly. My feet launched in the air whilst the rest of my body plummeted down in the cold, deep water. I held its slimy legs for safety. This dangerous animal was my only chance. It had fifteen legs. They wiggled around, I felt that I should let it go. Its beady eyes stared at me. Time for my pirate training to come into action. I kicked the creature with my boots and dived deeper. WHOOSH! I shot into the air. Jersey Island was so close that I was able to stand up and walk, I started to sprint. I came to a green, lush forest. Before I went into the forest, I found a big, massive pile of delicious sweets! An animal started to come towards me. It was so cute but it could poison you with one touch. The eyes looked at me with hatred. I turned away and ran through the forest. I came to a mountain. It was towering above me. I stumbled across a staircase and causally walked up the winding stairs to the top. Despite the treacherous things that had happened, I now had a beautiful 360 degree view. I squinted my eyes and in the distance I could see the ship that we thought we had lost in the terrifying storm.