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Mickey & Poppy from This Is Rubbish

The Jolly RogersComment

Mickey & Poppy are from a company called This Is Rubbish. They are amazing people who really care about saving food form being wasted. They showed us pictures of loads and loads of fruit and veg that supermarkets throw away, just because they don't look perfect. Mickey says that the UK would save 300,000 tones of food every year if the government would stop supermarkets from wasting food like that.

We talked about how families can save food from being wasted in our own homes too. Mickey and Poppy gave us some banana muffins made from brown bananas that were going to be thrown away. Families could save loads of money if we try to stop wasting so much food. Here are the slogans we came up with to help people remember.

·         Grow more, shut the door. No more waste. It should be the case.

·         Freeze it, don’t lose it

·         Waste what? Want what?