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Craig and Designing Apps

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Today we meet a man named Craig. He works for a company named Mind Candy. He is 35 years old. Before he worked for Mind Candy he worked as a writer for a Doctor Who magazine, Girl Talk magazine and Skylanders magazine.

He has designed World of Warriors, Moshi Monster and he worked in the park which is called Pop Jam. He has made websites which I think is cool. They worked on making monsters out of fruit. Mind Candy has been there for 10 years. When you play the games some companies will ask for your personal details like where you live and questions like that but Pop Jam do not do that. You do not have to give any information you do not want to. Craig said that what started him off with wanting to do what he does know is that when he was a kid he liked puzzles and reading.

If I was going to rate the games, I would rate it 5 out 5 and would like he to come back! If you would like to find out about Mind Candy you can go on their website which is called We did some testing on their new games which they have not published yet and are hoping to publish in July.

Arwen the Assistant Producer

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Today a woman called Arwen came to visit. She works with the BBC Drama production team. There are 7 departments. She work in the script department. We did a play which was called "Our Girl", which starred Molly who is a paramedic in Afghanistan. When I was the director I had to give feedback on what they did well and what they needed to improve on. I said that they were good but they still needed to practice. 

Tony - Animator

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Today, we met a professional animator. We made our own animation and it was really fun. We learnt that practise makes perfect because he said that when he was younger he wasn't very good at drawing but because he liked it he kept on drawing.

My animation was about a super hero that had shape-changing powers. She changed into a car and the back round was green. We had to draw our characters by ourselves. It was a really fun day because we got to make our own animation and we completed the animation on our own. My favourite part was when we were drawing and thinking about what we were going to do for our animation and how we were going to do that. It was really fun because we don't get to do this loads and today was my first time creating an animation. I hope we get to do this again one day.

Ben Sellers

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Today we met Ben Sellers. We made music on the ipads. We could make it sound how we wanted. There were four round things with different squares on it and we clicked where we wanted to hear the sound and by doing that we made music. I'm not good at music, but this was really easy and fun! 

Some people did their music to a video. They played the video and their music together so we had to keep in time with the video. Anthony rapped for some of the tunes too [he is a really good rapper].

This was the best session that I've ever had at the Hackney Pirates, thank you Ben!

Sarah Cowburn

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Today Sarah came and talked to us about her rowing, it was really cool.

She was in the rowing team in her school and in university. Olly from the Hackney Pirates was the president of her rowing club. She was one of the best rower on her team and got into the Great Britain team. Until she had a accident. The accident  was bad! It was that she had a slipped disc and her hip was hurting really badly too. So it stopped her career and she was so upset.

When she thought about her accident she was thinking like "why did this happen to me" but then she thought others people who have worse accidents. Thinking like that helped her to get back into training. She is also working to become a journalist.

Sarah is still recovering from the accident. Hopefully if she is okay she can start rowing again soon. We all hope so. If she can't do rowing she will do swimming instead. She is so brave!

Sarah told us what it felt like to represent Britain at events around the world. I thought she was really amazing and cool.

Alexis Deacon

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Today Alexis come to visit us. He is a children's story book writer and illustrator.

He wrote a book which is called crocodile and bird. It is about a bird and a crocodile who thought they were brothers. And one day they found out they were not brothers so they went to live with there real family. But they did not  like  so in the end they got back together.

Alexis showed that drawings are just lines on paper and our imaginations make them look like things. When you change the shape of the eyes or mouth it can make a different emotion which is something really cool. If I could get Alexis to draw something I would get him to draw my face. You can contact Alexis through his website

When we were playing slapt whoever won got to choose what they wanted Alexis to draw, my brother Aaron won and he got an awesome picture of Superman. It was even better than this picture he drew of Batman on our wall.

Mussel Men

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Today Sean and Kirsty came to meet us. They work at Mussel Men, which is a seafood place. They sell loads of different seafood, for example, mussels, clam, fish, crab and prawns (which I don’t like).

When people are finished eating or look bored the staff play thumb wars with them and if the customer wins they get a free Mussel Men T­-shirt. It sounds really fun.