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Alexis Deacon

The Jolly RogersComment

Today Alexis come to visit us. He is a children's story book writer and illustrator.

He wrote a book which is called crocodile and bird. It is about a bird and a crocodile who thought they were brothers. And one day they found out they were not brothers so they went to live with there real family. But they did not  like  so in the end they got back together.

Alexis showed that drawings are just lines on paper and our imaginations make them look like things. When you change the shape of the eyes or mouth it can make a different emotion which is something really cool. If I could get Alexis to draw something I would get him to draw my face. You can contact Alexis through his website

When we were playing slapt whoever won got to choose what they wanted Alexis to draw, my brother Aaron won and he got an awesome picture of Superman. It was even better than this picture he drew of Batman on our wall.