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Sarah Cowburn

The Jolly Rogers1 Comment

Today Sarah came and talked to us about her rowing, it was really cool.

She was in the rowing team in her school and in university. Olly from the Hackney Pirates was the president of her rowing club. She was one of the best rower on her team and got into the Great Britain team. Until she had a accident. The accident  was bad! It was that she had a slipped disc and her hip was hurting really badly too. So it stopped her career and she was so upset.

When she thought about her accident she was thinking like "why did this happen to me" but then she thought others people who have worse accidents. Thinking like that helped her to get back into training. She is also working to become a journalist.

Sarah is still recovering from the accident. Hopefully if she is okay she can start rowing again soon. We all hope so. If she can't do rowing she will do swimming instead. She is so brave!

Sarah told us what it felt like to represent Britain at events around the world. I thought she was really amazing and cool.