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Craig and Designing Apps

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we meet a man named Craig. He works for a company named Mind Candy. He is 35 years old. Before he worked for Mind Candy he worked as a writer for a Doctor Who magazine, Girl Talk magazine and Skylanders magazine.

He has designed World of Warriors, Moshi Monster and he worked in the park which is called Pop Jam. He has made websites which I think is cool. They worked on making monsters out of fruit. Mind Candy has been there for 10 years. When you play the games some companies will ask for your personal details like where you live and questions like that but Pop Jam do not do that. You do not have to give any information you do not want to. Craig said that what started him off with wanting to do what he does know is that when he was a kid he liked puzzles and reading.

If I was going to rate the games, I would rate it 5 out 5 and would like he to come back! If you would like to find out about Mind Candy you can go on their website which is called We did some testing on their new games which they have not published yet and are hoping to publish in July.