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Being Born

Olivia RichardsComment

A long time ago, my mother had a baby which was me. She had me in Homerton hospital.My dad was walking down the hallway frustrated because he thought i wasn't going to come out. Afterwards, I was born hooray!Everyone cheered happily

Lloyd - Pirate's life

Hackney Pirates

Hello everyone my name is Lloyd and I'm here to tell you about my life. Let me tell you all about me, I'm kind and polite also I was born in 2004 on July the 21st. In addition I was born in Homerton hospital and to add more information I have two gold fish and their names are Bruno and Joseph. I'm very creative and some people in my school say that because I take drawings to school like goku. I also like to draw different types of people.

On an average day I wake up, go to breakfast in my school then go to my class. I go to maths then go to break. My favourite subject is science.