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Luke the Magician

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Today, I met a man named Luke. He is a magician. Luke is still in university. He has been performing magic for 3 years. He is 21 years old and he was always playing video games and having fun. He told us that he never really had friends. He performed juggling tricks for 6 years of his life. His hobby was playing video games but now he addicted to magic.

He taught us a card trick. He also made a pen go through a card. He practices for about 2-3 hours, or sometimes even about 8 hours a day!  He usually takes longer time to perfect harder tricks. He still plays games for a living but for a living he also does magic.

 He is definitely good at magic. I think he is awesome at it. He can perform many tricks just by using cards which is really wicked! People call him Magic Mike which is his stage name but his real name is Luke. I thought he could name himself Magic Luke but i think that not memorable enough. 

We all went down stairs and we all went and showed the Hackney Pirates our guest .


Silvia - Partners for Youth Employment

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I met a person named Silvia and she was awesome. She told me about herself what she does for a living. She sounds very nice and she works for a company called Partners for Youth Empowerment. All of us wrote a poem and we all shared it and we made rhymes and we clapped our hands, slapped our legs and stomped our feet. We all enjoyed it very much and we had a break.

She told us about her age that she 37 years old and she is really inspiring and we played a few games and it relaxed us a bit. Then we made a play where Anthony was a baby and some of us narrators and cheerleaders. We all had fun. She told us that her job involves bringing the community together and make them to know each other and build up as a team together we also wrote a poem that I would love to share!

Its starts like this:

The hum of Hackney Pirates sounds

Like a whale swimming in the floor but its happy to feel the dry sand and to see the cheerful people of this very town we call home in the middle of the world floating in the room

Real pirates don't get sea sick from the swaying motion

The whale drifted away.


Her word of the week was facilitator which means someone in a group who helps others to cooperate with each other.

Lexi - Animator

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I met a lady named Lexi and she is an animator – she makes animated things that are not real for example bullets which and things like people that die they aren't really dead they just get shot for animation.

I really liked her friendly features. She is a nice person with a good heart. She told us that she has a 6 years old mixed-breed dog who is very cuddly. She likes dinosaurs, watching movies and she likes eating dim sum (dumplings from Hong Kong). She is 30 years old and she enjoys playing sports. She said she likes to play sports in the Olympics Park and she likes her black but she dyed it green and it stayed like it so she was quite green.  She loves singing and has her own band. Lexi’s favourite movie is a movie that came out when she was born in 1984. She also likes Jurassic Park because the girl in the movie was called Lexi too. She was wearing a dinosaur top that showed she liked dinosaurs.

Gary - Alternative London

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I met a man named Gary. he told us that he is a tour guide and  that he bring people on walking tours around Hackney or different places like Big Ben and the House of Parliament. He first came to London when he was 18 years old. He started to learn about music and he said he had difficulty concentrating at high school.

Gary told us that he was very sad when he saw homeless people. When he stared a businesses called Alternative London he saw a lady who was homeless. He gave her a job and now she can afford to pay for her meals as she has a job. When he was speaking I told him about Save Dalton Lane - the reason why some people in Hackney don't have houses to live in and why they are homeless.

Alternative London offers bikes tours to interested individuals. Gary has some bikes that you use to ride around during the tour. Their office is a bus which they use store their bikes too. He shared with us that he has a company in Germany as well.

Josh & Josh - Cape-Abilities

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We met  Josh and Josh today, they had two completely different kind of lives. Josh number one said he wanted to be a hero as a kid but then he gave up. He met Josh number two at a hip hop club. Josh number two had such positive rap lyrics that they made Josh one believe he could be a hero again!

To be a super hero you just need to believe in yourself and you will succeed in life. No matter what happens you will succeed and never be what you don't want to be.


Alexis Deacon

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Today I met a man named Alexis. He told me and my rest of the Jolly Rogers that he has written a book about a crocodile and a bird. He read it to us and it was so interesting. It was very funny because the crocodile has a bird as his brother and it was just hilarious to hear a  bird trying to act like a crocodile.

You  should check out Alexis on instagram spudfox   

Mussel Men

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I met a man and a woman named Sean and Kirsty today. They cook seafood like prawn, shrimp and squid. The main type of seafood they sell is mussels, that's why the restaurant is called Mussel Men

Mussel Men are really good friends of the Hackney Pirates. The help us by giving us loads of delicious mussels to feed guests at our events.

My favourite seafood is tilapia fish. I love it with hot soup.                                           

PrintME 3D

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Today we met Dan from a 3D printing company. It was so EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3D Printer

3D Printer

Here's what we did :

1. make things with a 3d pen

2. program a robot to dance and wave

3. scan our faces to make a 3D models of them

Stuff they had already printed to show us:

Halloween pumpkin 

A fake hand


My favourite thing was getting to use the 3D pen.

If you would like to have a look at their work go to

If I could make a 3D model of anything I would make a fish. What would you make ?


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Eloise and Clara came in and told us about the bee hive. They said that when the queen is pregnant she turns a different colour. She told me that the put covers on the the bee hive. They said that the queen has a sent. When they come they die because of the smell . Then we said bye then they said bye and we thanked them for coming. That is the end of the evening. 

Bees Michaela.jpg

Ghanaian Food

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In Ghana they all make fufu or any food the want. The Ghanaian  food is the nicest thing you will have ever tasted so I will give the rule for one recipe that is my favourite. Fufu is the most juiciest thing in the world and if I could I will it eat it every day at my grandmama's house. When we come back from church we eat it so let me tell you the recipe .

1 . Pond the plantain  

2. Fill it with water not to much.   

3 . Cook it  

4 . Make the soup with pepper , scotch bonnet, spices and meat  put it in a bowl 

5 . Done and you can eat

Fufu is amazing