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Lexi - Animator

The Jolly RogersComment

I met a lady named Lexi and she is an animator – she makes animated things that are not real for example bullets which and things like people that die they aren't really dead they just get shot for animation.

I really liked her friendly features. She is a nice person with a good heart. She told us that she has a 6 years old mixed-breed dog who is very cuddly. She likes dinosaurs, watching movies and she likes eating dim sum (dumplings from Hong Kong). She is 30 years old and she enjoys playing sports. She said she likes to play sports in the Olympics Park and she likes her black but she dyed it green and it stayed like it so she was quite green.  She loves singing and has her own band. Lexi’s favourite movie is a movie that came out when she was born in 1984. She also likes Jurassic Park because the girl in the movie was called Lexi too. She was wearing a dinosaur top that showed she liked dinosaurs.