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Silvia - Partners for Youth Employment

The Jolly RogersComment

I met a person named Silvia and she was awesome. She told me about herself what she does for a living. She sounds very nice and she works for a company called Partners for Youth Empowerment. All of us wrote a poem and we all shared it and we made rhymes and we clapped our hands, slapped our legs and stomped our feet. We all enjoyed it very much and we had a break.

She told us about her age that she 37 years old and she is really inspiring and we played a few games and it relaxed us a bit. Then we made a play where Anthony was a baby and some of us narrators and cheerleaders. We all had fun. She told us that her job involves bringing the community together and make them to know each other and build up as a team together we also wrote a poem that I would love to share!

Its starts like this:

The hum of Hackney Pirates sounds

Like a whale swimming in the floor but its happy to feel the dry sand and to see the cheerful people of this very town we call home in the middle of the world floating in the room

Real pirates don't get sea sick from the swaying motion

The whale drifted away.


Her word of the week was facilitator which means someone in a group who helps others to cooperate with each other.