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Luke the Magician

The Jolly Rogers1 Comment

Today, I met a man named Luke. He is a magician. Luke is still in university. He has been performing magic for 3 years. He is 21 years old and he was always playing video games and having fun. He told us that he never really had friends. He performed juggling tricks for 6 years of his life. His hobby was playing video games but now he addicted to magic.

He taught us a card trick. He also made a pen go through a card. He practices for about 2-3 hours, or sometimes even about 8 hours a day!  He usually takes longer time to perfect harder tricks. He still plays games for a living but for a living he also does magic.

 He is definitely good at magic. I think he is awesome at it. He can perform many tricks just by using cards which is really wicked! People call him Magic Mike which is his stage name but his real name is Luke. I thought he could name himself Magic Luke but i think that not memorable enough. 

We all went down stairs and we all went and showed the Hackney Pirates our guest .