Literacy Pirates

a fleet of learning centres in Hackney, Haringey and soon beyond

Millfields Community School


The wave hit the pirate ship. I went under the pirate ship and some pirates fell of the ship, then they went all the way up to the sky. After, I saw an island. The forests were scary. I saw food on the ground. It   tasted bad and sea water came out of my hat.

Suddenly, I heard trees moving in the wind and the branches were scratching me and moving around. The trees were huge. After, there was nothing in the island, just trees and rubbish. But then I saw a mountain. I ran all the way up to it, it was so high, then I saw a pirate ship. When I saw it, I quickly ran through the forest to the beach, but all the ‘mateys’ were alive. Then we drove our ship away from the island.


There was a forest in the distance. I started walking to the forest and I heard a noise. It was a parent in the tree singing. He said doesn’t go on the mountain because it has a monkey on it, and it can kill you. But he was only protecting his baby. So he went to the mountain to move the monkey nest to the forest. It had an egg in it, so he had to carry it. The monkey didn’t mind him moving it, he wanted it to be there. The pirate started climbing the mountain. There were lots of tricky bits to climb but he didn’t mind. Forty-five minutes later, he was half way. Ninety minutes later he was at the top of the mountain. He saw his friend One-legged. He found some treasure so they could live. He saw some bananas and mangos and delicious fruit to eat and they had a massive feast.


In the big scary forest I met a nice Tiger and he said “There is a big mountain in the forest, you can climb it.” I said “thank you, I think you should come with me and climb for days and days until we’re at the top and we find Captain Argh.”  I found the treasure and went back to find my captain and my shipmates.  We found the ship and took the treasure there and went back to sea.


Bang! I hit the water, my dangerous crew was lost. I saw a dark blue mountain. I felt left out. I went up the mountain and I saw Peter Pan, who was flying. I looked some more, I saw the captain’s ship. I ran down the mountain. I saw one of my crew mates and I said “come with me, I will show you where the ship is, ok? I’m not going to hurt you, just come!” We walked to a newer crew mate, but he was EVIL! He had been brain washed from the water in his brain that went into his lungs. Then he found $100. “I command you to give that to the captain, yes?” “Yes sir! Look, the captain sir. We found $100!”  “Give that to me!” “It is fake!” “Oh, I never knew it was fake.” “What do you say for yourself?” “Sorry. Quickly, it’s happening again! Sir, what’s that? A merman...”


I hit the hard beach. It was blurry. I saw food, a pig was running around. I was starving.  I needed my sword to kill the pig. I needed to start a camp fire to cook the pig. I needed wood to make a home for myself. I was going from a forest to find wood. I needed to make an axe to chop the wood. I went back to my base to make my house. Finally, I was finished. I went to get wood to make a pirate ship so I could find my crew. It took 5 hours. I named my ship Killer. I found all the crew in the same place as me...


Once upon a time, Captain and I saw coconut trees and banana trees. They looked nice. I found the captain, then we were safe. We built a pirate ship. We found the rest of the crew and Captain said "let's sail the Seven Seas." Captain said “let’s build a pirate home ...”


I found amagic island. 

I saw a fairy, but we needed food and water.

The fairy made us yummy food.

Then we saw the Captain's ship.

We jumped on the ship and we went home with the treasure.  


I hit the water and I went to the bottom of the sea. I floated up to the top and swam to an island. Then I swam to the bottom of the sea and pulled myself across the seaweed. There was a shark, then I got to the island. There was a mountain. I ran to the mountain. I was half way there, I saw bread. I was so hungry. I took a bite, then ran to the top. There was big bunch of money.