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Alexis Deacon

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we were visited by Alexis, an author and illustrator. He wanted to talk to us about what he does and what kind of books he writes. 

He writes children's book mostly about animals. So to get us started we played a game where we had to choose 6 different animals so that he can combine them together and draw a weird animal. Hew drew this thing that we have called a Pishongachiky. Can you guess what animals it's mad up of?


Then he read us a book that he wrote and it was called "Croc and Bird". The book is about two animals (crocodile and bird) who thought they were brothers because they hatched out of eggs next to each other. Then one day when they went out hunting they got caught up in a river which took them somewhere where there were other crocodiles and birds. Then they realized that they were not brothers and decided that they should say goodbye to each other  but when they went to their own kinds they did not do any thing right so they decided to go back to being brothers.

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