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Josh and Josh - Cape-Abilities

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we met Josh no1 and Josh no2 from Cape-Abilities. Josh no1 wanted to be a supper hero ever since he was a little kid and he liked dressing up. On the other hand Josh no2 liked playing guitars and skate boarding and he even showed us a picture of him doing both at the same time!

We played a game where we had to partner up and hold one willow stick between us. We had to hold it with one finger and while doing that we had to move around. Then we added two pairs together and did the same thing. Then we had all the group together with 8 willow sticks between us. The point of that game was to communicate with each other with out talking. It worked really well with four people, but it was too hard with the whole group.

After that we looked at different maps that were made by different people in different times. There was one in a shape of a heart, inside it there was everything that happened to that person. Looking at that we had to make our own map about Hackney and we had to write things that were important to us.