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Luke the Magician

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we met a magician called Luke and he`s 21 yrs old. He used to play a lot of video games and it was kind of like an addiction so he left it when he was 13 yrs old and at 14 yrs old he started juggling and he did that until he was 20. While he was doing that he was practising close-up magic. He had to practice Most of his tricks for about 3 years before getting them properly. Luke practices magic for about 3-8 hrs. That's a lot of time but I can see why because he is so good! Luke started magic as a hobby. He used to travel a lot so that's why he likes cards because it's easy for him to take all of his equipment everywhere he goes. Luke showed us how to make a coin vanish. I can't wait to show my friends at school, but I won't tell them how to do it. Luke says you can learn magic on Youtube so maybe I'll learn some more tricks too.