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Arwen the Assistant Producer

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we met Arwen and she works in the TV industry/drama in a company called Tidy Productions. She is 29 years old and she works in the scripts department. Arwen is from Yorkshire. Her favourite colours are green, yellow, blue and white. Her favourite subject is English and that's why she studied and got a degree in English. Her favourite food is burger.

In the drama part of the TV industries there are 7 departments and they are:

  • Costume - they have to design the costumes and make sure they go with that program;
  • Make up & hair - they have to make the make up look real;
  • Location - this leam have to make sure that the location goes with the program;
  • Art - design sets;
  • Camera - focus on what they're doing;
  • Directing - tell the actors what they need to do;
  • Script - this is where all the actors and other departments get the information from.