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Silvia - Partners for Youth Empowerment

The Jolly RogersComment

Today we met Silvia Giovanni and she works with a company called PYE which stands for Partners for Youth Empowerment. We did a lot of activities with her like games. After that we wrote a poem but not in the usual way! We all wrote about two lines in our own book and then swapped every 15 seconds and added more line at the end we had to choose one poem and act it out. It was really fun and interesting.

My poem was:

The home of Hackney Pirates

Sounds cheerful like a cheerleader

Is as happy as a tickled baby

Giggling with joy

Laughing with joy

Until they wet themselves or want some milk,

They cry.

When a baby cries an ocean appears

As if it rained inside the house while

It's as dry as a summer's day outside.

You can find Silvia's company on